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Hey everyone, so in today's video I'm going to give a quick review of the Samsung Galaxy A71 and my experiences of using it for almost four months now. This review is not going to be about technical specs or speed comparisons, or anything like that, but rather what this phone feels like on a daily basis when you use it about four months or so. First I want to say that the screen of the phone is absolutely amazing and for this price point, which is a mid to upper range smartphone, I don't think you're going to get a better screen than that. It doesn't really matter because the 120 hertz on a lot of screens nowadays will drain your battery life anyways. In terms of screen, clarity, everything like that, you can just not get better than this phone now real fast.

If you read any of my other videos, I did a comparison between this and the S20+, and both of those are dual sim versions because dual sim is very important to me. So the good thing about fast charging- and this is super fast charging which means it's 25 Watts- is you can charge this phone which has a pretty big 4500 milliamp battery from zero to 100 in just about an hour now. I never even had to use this super fast charger. The battery life on this phone is absolutely amazing. Now 4 500 milliamp hours for a relatively large screen.

If it was a 5, 000 milliamp battery or 5500 milliamp battery would be even better - but no 4, 500 milliamp hours on this snapdragon 730 that basically sips power and the 60 hertz - screen that also sips power lasts. You have been used for the past four months with a good two days now. I've noticed that this is one of the best battery packs on the market. I have ever used the likes of you know iphone pro max. I also remember when the iphone 8 plus came out a lot of the Samsung galaxy notes. I think it's because it does not have a flagship chip in it. Nowadays a lot of people are slamming this phone because it is not glass.

Well, honestly, you can't tell that it is not glass, the back is glass, which means that it's actually plastic, but it has a nice. If you have it in the light and it has a nice checkered pattern so the build quality of this phone is actually one of my favorite, I would say. The main reason why I picked up this phone is because of how thin it is like, look at that It says it's 5.7 millimeters or something like that, but this feels thinner than the s20 plus.

It definitely feels thinner than the S20 ultra and it feels thinner than any new iphone 11 pros so coming from the iPhone 11 Pro is just how thin and light this phone feels in the hand, and because it is not that expensive of a phone, and I have stated this in my other review as well, you aren't afraid to use it without a case. It's nice and thin and it's free, but something about this phone. I'm not going to go into you too much, know the ports and all the sides of the phones. There are so many other videos that you can watch on youtube for that.

I would use it once in a while, but only if it was just a convenient thing for me to just grab and plug in my galaxy buds or airpods most of the time, but you know what having a headphone jack on one of these mid-tier phones is actually really great. So that is kind of one of the cons of this phone is when you are watching any type of content, you get the audio only out of one side and if you've got your finger on that area, you block the audio. So that's you know it's something you have to get used to and if you play audio really loud, the speaker tends to crackle a bit so, like I said, the battery life is amazing. The screen is absolutely beautiful and the battery life is amazing.

The next thing that I would like to talk about is nfc, so this phone does have nfc and nfc is very important for me, because I wear the active2 Galaxy Watch and I'm able to make payments using the watch and also make payments using a phone and I really like how Google Pay works. Also, I know the a51 doesn't have nfc in a lot of places but this does. So with google pay once you set up all your cards and you link everything it's better I would say that even apple pay is better because on apple pay you have to swipe up and then face unlock and then you have to tap it up, but with this as long as it's on any screen. As long as it is unlocked, you can be in a chat program or through the Internet and they will tell you to pay you just tap it and right.

The easiest way that I have ever used for any contactless payment method is Google Pay, and this has that, so the next thing I want to discuss is the price. Now the price is really important, because nowadays you know that with 2020 and Kovaid and everyone is in lockdown and everyone has you you know that we are in a recession. So now we are all looking for ways to save, and now they are out with these flagship phones. Let's be honest, most of us use our phones for youtube and maybe some chat, apps and maybe the occasional photo and maybe Internet browsing, that's about it. The only time it would lag is if you opened youtube and go back to the home screen and the youtube goes down in the picture-in-picture mode.

That process kind of makes it lag just a little bit but it doesn't cause it to lag that much it's noticeable and the other thing that makes it lag just a little bit is if you open the camera and try to take some photos. You know it doesn't work or something so overall, I would say that even on the camera mode it's fine it's acceptable and it's definitely usable the little cutout on top is really small. You're only going to open it once and all the other, the wide angle is nice to have telephoto sometimes, that's fine, but the main camera you know you're going to use it a lot you're going to use it for a lot of video chat selfies and you're going to use it for the face unlock. So it is an optical reader which is not as good as the ultrasonic in the s20, but it works now.

But if your hands are kind of nice and moisturized- and I was -- I was sure to moisturize my hands before doing this video because it didn't really work in the last video, then it works quite often and I would say on a daily basis. It works a least fifty percent of the time, if not more so it's not awful. The speed is pretty fast and it gets the job done now. When you raise it to your face it will unlock to the home screen and you have an option where you can swipe up to go to the home screen or it will always simply unlock to the home screen. I have and it uses the front camera but it does not use any 3d technology. So if you have a picture of your face- and you do that- it locks also, so it's not as secure, but it's good enough for most of us.

I would say that you can also set some trusted devices and trusted areas on this phone, and I think that's just a feature of android and the Samsung Ui on here, where you can keep the phone unlocked if it is in the proximity of your watch or the proximity of your home. So those both of these unlock features and then you have pin and stuff pretty well working pretty well. You can have both of them at the same time for all payments methods. It is not like iPhone where you can pay with your face unlock because that's safe enough to do so, but for this you have to pay using your fingerprint and you can set up three fingerprints in this and as long as you set up all three, so I have my left thumb uh my right thumb and then my index finger.

So as long as you have at least three fingers you should be okay, one of them must work. It's not perfect, not like the iPhone, but it is not a big problem. Do you do this? Let me know in the comment section below, since I am very curious as to whether or not you think that this phone is slow for daily use. I think this phone is really zippy, but there are two things that I did to make it. This phone feel a little bit faster and I think it made it feel substantially faster. So as you can see now, I turned these off just for the sake of this video, but it has the animations right. So I turned off all animations first and then you go into the settings and on the search bar up here you just search and remove animations and you do this now actually.

You see it highlighted and then push that little toggle and then removes animations. Now everything feels a lot faster, so you press something and just pops up now. If you have a really fast processor, so it doesn't lag at all, but sometimes if you're switching between a lot of apps- and this is another feature I use a lot- it goes back to the last app you use. So if you do this with animations it lags a little bit without animations, it's actually really nice and the next feature that makes it feel faster. So that you turn this on now, every time you touch something, it makes a ticking sound, and that ticking sound makes the phone feel a lot quicker.

) Or it will make you feel something like a click to a website link or whatever before it loads and that tick tells you that it knows that you made that input. I think I can there we go, so here I will try to let you listen to it so that when you press something it ticks, and that makes it feel a lot faster. I have used this phone for about a month without the tick and it felt slow. But then I used the phone with the tick for about a month, and I was like wow. My phone feels a lot faster now, so I highly recommend that we turn the tick off now. I've used it for about four months and I would probably continue using it if I was not a tech nerd.

So if I was going about my life without thinking of the newest tech and everything that was sufficient in a smartphone for me so the dual sim great battery life, the great display speed is enough. The cameras are great, it's enough, so this is probably one of the best phones for me, and for 500 dollars. I can break three of them before I feel like I have spent money on a You Know No 20 ultra, so I really think that smartphones have plateaued a little and it's hard to make phones exponentially better, and this phone is good enough.

So the edges, unlike a lot of the flagships out there, are not curved so there is a tiny bezel, but it would virtually you know you would not be able to realize that it's even there, but the good thing about that tiny little bezel is, if you kind of have like fat hands like me and- and you do this and some of your hand goes over the screen that part right. It really knows, no matter how I hold it, that you don't know it has palm rejection.

At least not as an option because it is not supposed to have this issue - it doesn't have the curved screen - and that's a huge thing like yes, maybe waterfall affinity display is a nice feature but they don't have enough palm rejection that it won't reject it, and if I take my s20 plus out real quickly - you'll see that the screen goes a little over the edges, and because of that - if I have my palm on the screen like this But I realise that it does not like to register a lot of times. So that's another good thing about this phone now, as I said, I use this for four months, but I'm switching to the s20 plus for about the last few weeks.

Also I'm not going to go into that in this video but I started using these side by side so one day and one the other day and the only reason I would want to switch to the s20 plus- and this is the dual sim international exynos version- is because I want to experience how fast flagships can be and it the phone is faster. You can't compare the latest snapdragon chip to a mid-range snapdragon chip, but this one is fast enough that you won't notice a difference and the 120hz display on this, which is nice but I never turn it on so right now. This is at 60hz and it's on quad hd which means I can watch YouTube in 1440p which is nice but I haven't turned the 120 hertz on because of the battery life and the xenos chip.

If I keep the 120 shetz s20 plus on then the battery overheats, it kills the battery life by about 20 to 30 percent and overall the phone doesn't feel as nice. The 120hz display turn on quad HD, and I've used it as it is. Compared to this are noticeably different, so that any phone I would say below a71- and this is pretty much the flagship now they are, not making the ones higher than this. It just feels nicer in the hands uh. You can make a reasonable argument for the oneplus nord that I haven't played with that phone. I just checked that in the us, you can also download the dual sim international version on Amazon. If you enjoyed this content, please consider subscribing and giving a like to this video.

I'm very curious as to what phone you are using and if you are watching a video like this and are not using one of the boring flagships out there..

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