Samsung Galaxy A71 5G VS LG Velvet 5G | $599 per #5G. - Galaxy User Guide

All right guys here is a comparison that I really wanted to do for you um. Having just talked to the people in my group and I was like the man what processor is in this phone right here, because I initially thought it had the 730 but when I put it in the system it matches the processor in this lg velvet which is 765 g so I thought that was pretty interesting when I put them there, it is spec for spec, it's the same. When I put it in the identifier they pretty much come up the same uh for the processors and everything. I thought this had the 730 uh in it, but that is the um. I guess I think it is the one I have previously reviewed but these these are really equally matched... um.

As far as specs go, they are 6.8 inches 6.7 inches super amoled display beautiful display over here, but I want to go ahead and just kind of put these side by side, because a lot of you guys have been questioning. What do I like better, which do I like better? So I'm going to stay up in the office and I'm going to try to knock this video out for you uh maybe take a couple of photos for the front camera and the rear camera, whatever uh, but let's keep this off. So the first thing I want to start is hardware and I'll start with the challenger I'll say because I had this one after that one uh, even though this one was first uh, this hardware is pretty much a plastic build uh.

On the back you got a four camera setup with the led, right there, you got this nice color shifting going on from Samsung. You have a flat display, which is a huge bonus. You have a type c and a headphone jack down there with a speaker firing from single bottom. Speaker on this phone has six gigs of ram and 120 gigs of storage, uh, it's a beautiful thing. If you switch to velvet you have a completely different setup. The three camera setup right here with one of the leds like a little teardrop thing right here. Tapers off the sides., really curvatured. Here's the problem with liking both these phones um.

I like the screen and the way this phone is built, but I feel the hardware on lg v uh lg velvet, so I'm gonna go ahead and call it a watch uh, even though you know they're internally the same uh and um, but this one has the stereo speakers so I'll give it one up and uh. Let me play some music here real quick. Let me load up some music uh here real fast. You can already tell this one is gonna have a lot more. I wanted to show you that the velvet has much better speakers and really you are not going to really understand by this video how good they really are but the velvet speakers are just bouncing hard. This is incredible, hardware wise I like the screen and the way this phone feels uh.

This feels actually a little bit better in the hand, but is the fact that it has the curve compared to the flat screen. You know it's kind of I'll give it a tie for the hardware, though, because I like something about both of these and you, take notes as I go and then post your thoughts on it down below how you feel about each thing that I'm comparing and you give your thoughts. Based on what you see or if you have both of them, this is now hardware, since these pretty much have the same internals um performance on both of them is going to be. You know because it comes down to optimization um about performance, but I mean I can open a couple of apps uh but they are both over the same wi-fi but they're both pretty much open and everything.

You know that lg already loaded right up there to the top, but you know you can still not see too much difference on these. How fast something is loading and a thing you want to notice about these two applications from Instagram I got. So if you haven't learned about the new Instagram, it'll be you get the update uh, but your likes are now here, and the store is down here, it's kind of strange but they added that if you notice that this is different so look out for the new Instagram uh, but you know performance on these man. This phone also has six gigs of ram uh and um 120 gigs of storage and costs 350 and both are 600 uh. Also keep that in mind, I'll be back later on to stuff like that, but as far as software and performance goes, these do pretty much the same.

I want to talk about something: that's probably what most people will not talk about. Is call quality call Umlg had the stereo speaker set up. It seems like when I put it on speakerphone, it's really loud with the huuuuge with the velvet, but the samsung is really clear. It sounds really good, so, but um. So what do you know – t-mobile speeds are faster overall than att. No matter where I go, there seems to be faster uh, like I will put it on. Um, in this office, it'll be like I'm being really slow, but nonetheless, in my testing I found that t-mobile speeds generally are just faster than AT, no matter what so you know, I guess. Att will probably make me out of a liar when I hit these up, so there you have a tnt.

It's on t-mobile's Austin, so I'll change this to Austin, because I know there is one right now should be one, but it's not an Att Austin right now, so I'll leave it on Atnt, uh plano, but I'll go ahead and hit these and give you a general idea of what it's gonna be like This is actually 5g and this is on lte. See atnt one picks up some things. Sometimes it is 5g Um but most times it is not so both of these speed tests right here are trash compared to my um right, my verizon or my thigh. You know what I'm stating so: that um, that is something to be desired as far as these speed tests go, but generally the t-mobile one is pretty much always faster than the atm t uh and you know that real.

You know the actual speed for day-to-day use - and I spoke in another video about a speed test and it really doesn't happen. So right now I want to show you Um, Google Phi on speed test right now see if I can really quick. This is a dual sim and I have Att and Google. My rising account is somewhere around here, but you know nonetheless that the fi is pretty fast, but my verizon account uh really fast is. So, as you can see the difference here with fine, that's and I'm in an area of my house where it is pretty stupid. Yes, there is no service at all, but look at how well fi does compared to you know, and it's on lte compared to the other two carriers t-mobile and at t so uh. You know it network is going to depend on a whole bunch man and that is just what I'll leave it there.

But I will tell you that if you have never used google fi before you may want to try it because bars are not. You can hear me sneezing at it though, but you probably want to give google fires a try, man, as their network is way better than what they get credit for. You know that you don't have to decide whether or not to switch to fi, but I'm telling you that phi is the truth. My network calls speed up. It's kind of a wash t-mobile is always faster than atnt and that's just what it is in here and what these phones are offering. These two cost 5.99 the difference that the lg has if you can get it on promo right now. You can get an actual case and get this for 300 bucks through Att - and that's the bad part about velvet. This is a more functional phone, but this also adds on 200 bucks.

Also, that's why I took it off because it brings the price of the phone up and you guys are going to say whoa. Once the case is added, the velvet wins but if you use a velvet like this, this is just another android device. Now let's talk about battery. The velvet gets stomped uh. I don't know any way to say that the velvet is a nice phone for battery, but samsung's standby time is beast mode. This has a 4 500 milliamp battery inside, and this has a 4300mah battery inside and you know when you compare them it's kind of like they get real decent screen on time but the Samsung is getting a lot more um, and that is just what it's going to be. This battery is 200 milliamps more, but the software is probably a little bit better than the velvet uh.

This is one ui 2.1 by the way and they are both running android, 10 and they are both on the joom security patch. Eight, maybe top eight, maybe on a great day, seven, 6 and a half seven for sure, but on the samsung I can pull close to nine or ten. Sometimes that is important and battery life is really good on this. This has a higher resolution, but just a tad bit of you know the pixel count, but other than that, man. That's how fast the you know the speeds are so for transferring data with memory or things with the memory they're, both right there. So with all that said, let's get into the 32-megapixel front for photos and the 16 and the rear and the 48. This has a 64 megapixel camera on the rear, as the main shooter and a 12 ultra wide and a 5 and a 5 for a macro on it.

So this does not have a macro, obviously this recording in 4k on the front and the velvet. Let me just verify because I shot video on the velvet, um yeah we go. I can't remember the man. Now where the velvet wins? As far as cameras go it is audio for video. The pro mode of velvet or Lg's Promo is unmatched when it comes to camera, camera software and recording and the velvet has everything the v60 has. It's got the bokeh voice that stuff is msr or whatever it is called like. Know, you can also enhance the microphones um. Ummm. You know not to laugh. It all got that and the um samsung is not so perfect. I'm getting my floss up with a two hour video vlogs going in man for us.

But sometimes I love long videos if I am not doing that and I can just pop that bad boy to chill and watch me. Some people don't like long videos, they don't have the patience to watch through them. But I do I love long videos so let's get some camera samples and get this thing going, some more [Music] right guys. So here is the uh camera of the rear camera on samsung galaxy a71, 5g uh. Now here is the Lg velvet with a quick sample. And now in this study let’s get clear here: I've done a camera sample video review on the lg velvet but I always say: you have to be able to perform in any situation and ultimately folks I have one led in a completely dark room. It's just a really powerful led It's like 200, leds or 150, something like I don't know but it shines right down here.

The room is entirely dark, so that's enough to give a great Vlogging set situation or whatever, and I took photos and quick video samples right here and the velvet's front camera just blah. I just did not stand up to the camera of Samsung. I mean that the rear was obviously better on samsung 2 in this situation, but it's strange because velvet does really good like in a bright, a well-lit situation, but most smartphones can do that. Only based on what I can see through the seefinder of each one and looking at the photos, Samsung surprised me with this one, and now I have loaded them up. It is a shock that the Samsung cameras are a bit better in stills in this low light situation. The Lg has a little bit more of a crop on it, Uh for 4k, but I think that is still good.

So here's the skinny just kidding the velvet is a phone. This is great however when you take away this, the velvet becomes just another android phone and how does it perform? It runs great, but these phones cost identical in price and they are equally matched in specs. Then which one would you buy for 5.99, because it's a tough one because I'm at a toss-up if you like good hardware. This is a tough one me I gotta leave you hanging on this one, because the fact is I own them both. So if I can switch if I need to, I get to use them both but reality is You know it's going to come down to which software you like better, which hardware you like better performance, to every people equally matching which cameras you like better.

The battery is definitely better on the Samsung and when you add this case for the velvet, you get even less battery uh at that. So these are both really good and it's actually really hard for me to choose like a winner?, but so you go through everything that you want to do with me with this video and decide which one you want to get better hardware, speakers, you know. So you know that's who sponsors, probably at this point almost everyone on youtube for music you can buy, beats from him as low as two dollars. You can get a beat that you own and he will not file a copyright against you for using it on youtube. A lot of youtubers have switched to Tana and other pleas, at least to the people.

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