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This year, salsón expanded its proposal in its gallery series without lame and in knowing that we have had one of them tested. It is the Samsung Galaxy at 50 and 35 g, a device that brings many premium features closer to the mid-range I. Give you all the details in this video [Music] in terms of legal design at 50 and 35 g. It is very similar to the galaxy at 52 s 5g that I had to test in a few months. It has a premium appearance, especially the use of a black, which is the one that I had proof that the device is made of plastic. Although this time the sensation when touching the 3rd panel of the 53 has been different, Samson calls this material glass-like plastic that the text has not felt so.

When touching the edges of the camera module that, although it is not separated but emerges very well from the panel when touching these edges, they feel very high. We will also find and after the mark that it is impregnated and it has a white tone that is very good without being flashy. The entire rear panel has a matte finish that prevents fingerprints from being marked, and its edges are metallic with rounded corners, which makes it an elegant device with a sober style that fits very well in the hand and is easy to hold in terms of size. It also has an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner at the bottom compared to the physical buttons. The left side is totally clean and above we have a microphone and speaker in the lower part.

We will find the hybrid slot for the sim card and the micro SD memory, that is to say we will be able to expand the internal memory. We will also find another microphone, a usb type c input and the main speaker. Yes, we are going to have a 3.5 millimeter jack connector and if we live in the 52 s 5g, the good thing is that it works like this at 50 and 35 g and has ips certification. It is 17, that is to say that it is resistant to water and dust, a noticeable difference compared to its competitors. Its screen is also protected by Corning Gorilla glass 5, which will not be resistant to scratches and bumps the galaxy that 53 5 g has a good quality panel. It is a flat panel with a screen ratio of 20 90 with thin and uniform bezels.

Only the bottom one is slightly wider, so we are going to be able to take advantage of 85.4 percent of the panel at like the galaxy, a 52s 5g. We have a refresh rate of 120 years that ensures fluidity at all times. I have used the equipment with this update frequency, but if you want, you can also adjust it up to 60 hertz the difference you will notice when scrolling in the applications and in the autonomy of the terminal. Samson assures us that the brightness reaches 800 mix is a good uality d is an acceptable level and it has had problems with me outdoors. I have adjusted the white balance to have a less saturated hue. The galaxy at 50 and 35 g offers us a large immersive screen.

We have a good level of color is shown with a perfect contrast, especially the color black looks very good with a characteristic of the oled panels. The fluidity has also been good when we activate 220 hertz and the tactile sensation is also good, although when it comes to detecting the camera, some delays have been felt when I touch the shutter to take a photo, but it is not that the application freezes since the rest of the options have worked well for me. Another of the functions that we will have to interact with the screen of the asseco is the dark mode and the vision protector that will establish the warmest colors and will reduce the blue light. According to our tastes, the galaxy 53 5g includes a fingerprint reader under the screen.

It will quickly detect our fingerprint by pressing the panel, but it will take a few extra seconds for the screen to look unlocked. It also has facial recognition that uses the 2d image to detect our face works well, but it will take time to recognize them and light is a bit different from when you registered it. The lighting to detect our face is also important and the good thing is that sanzo allows us to choose if the eyes must be open to unlock the equipment, thus giving it greater security. It is powered by the processor of the brand in the sign 2280 built at 5 nanometers with 8 cores that arrives at a maximum of 2.4. Efe is internal memory expandable up to a terabyte through the micro SD card.

The run plus improves the performance of the equipment and allows more applications to remain open. In the background, during the time of use, I had a good experience with the galaxy from a 50 and 35 g with typical applications such as social networks, google, app or streaming applications. The performance has been good, the sense cuts or certain unforeseen h. There is a bit of when we want to return to background applications, but in general they have worked well when using poor applications.

I have also had a good performance, but if I have experienced some bumps, such as high temperature or which one unexpectedly works, the galaxy da 50 and 35 g does not overheat excessively, but the temperature has increased slightly and it will be more noticeable on the edges of the equipment and next to the camera module. Perhaps this can be resolved with a next update in terms of legal software 53 arrives, with Android 12 with the customization layer one week 4.1 and the patch of security of April 1, 2022 from the factory. The system occupies 26 points per gigabyte of the 128 gb of storage. That includes some s, applications of the brand and some of third parties, but it generates, we have a fairly clean device.

The color palette for the entire equipment will also be configured source or a theme manager to download complete themes that include from wallpapers to icon design. The lock screen chooses the backgrounds, the clock style, the widgets and we will have the option to activate the shortcuts for the camera. We can activate the age panels and customize them to our liking. Open split, screen, apps and see pop-up, and although it does not have decks, we do have the connection to windows function that allows us to connect the terminal with our computer. Ajes work simultaneously on other devices until we establish the effects of our video calls, including actions to perform with gestures and movements.

Samsung gives us the option of configuring samsung pass to protect our passwords and activate the secure folder to store documents that only we can access. We will also be able to easily review what applications we have given permission to access our confidential data, such as the camera or our location, and if we consider it necessary we can record our medical data on the device so that they can be accessed in the event of an emergency. We have game data in a more direct way which allows us to optimize them, giving us a better performance experience. It should be noted that samsung guarantees us four years of Android updates and five of security patches in terms of connectivity.

Those are galaxy, 50 and 35 g is compatible with wifi asset in bands of 2.4 and five supportable levels: 5.1 nfc and gps geolocation systems, galileo, glonass and 20. In addition to it, its main feature is connectivity with the 5g network, then used with Claro and Movistar chips in the coverage. Areas and both have been detected automatically with the speak test. We see that Movistar's 5G network reached download speeds of 158 megabytes per second.

It has a quad camera with a 64 megapixel main sensor with.8 aperture pda e e autofocus and optical stabilizer, also a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle sensor with aperture of 2.2, with a viewing angle of 123 degrees, a 5 megapixel macro lens with a 2.4 aperture as well as a 5 megapixel depth lens with a 2.4 aperture on the front. We have a 32 megapixel HD camera with a 2.2 aperture on the front as for video. The main sensor obtains good quality photographs, The colors are vivid with a good level of detail compared to another wide angle. The camera allows us to take screenshots with a 2x zoom level, where the results are also quite good.

The main lens also allows us to capture 64 megapixel images, an option that we have to choose these photographs, giving us greater detail of the image and greater sharpness, but if we take them closely it achieves a blur effect around the lens. We can also zoom 10x, where the quality of the image and the appearance of noise will depend on the distance from the lens and the lighting at night. The camera that will suffer the most is the ultra wide angle, where we will notice a little noise and the sharpness will be lost. The good thing is that the 53 shrinks has a night mode that improves the shots. I provide a little light, it improves sharpness and reduces noise. That is, if you are going to need a good hand because they move you to process the image for a few seconds.

The colors are vivid and with good lighting is achieved greater detail. We will be able to bring the camera closer, but up to a certain point, because if we get too close, it will also lose sharpness. What they have noticed is that we are not going to have as much detail as that achieved by 64 megapixel photography. The depth lens achieves quite good images compared to the cement in which they compete. We can vary the depth of field even after taking the capture on your part, the front camera sells good results. It will also affect them, but with the night mode the shot is improved in addition. The lens can detect more than one face in terms of video, I liked the results.

We will be able to interact between all the lenses, both with the rear camera and with the front lens, a feature that not all its competitors have. We also have the super stable option that reduces a configuration of 1080 frames per second to 30, and we can also interact between cameras. There will be a little noise inside, but relying on the lighting, we will have better results. The same thing happens at night, where the video quality will depend on the light with which we have. The wide angle lens is where we will notice, plus the lack of light.

We will also be able to make recordings with slow motion super slow motion as well as videos or hyper the version other available modes that we will have are the food mode to take artistic photographs of our dinners and the fun mode. That allows us to add snap track filters to photos and videos that we capture the role of entertaining, but we will need an internet connection to use it. Add a portrait effect use the object eraser to remove what we want from the image, use the option Selective to only color a part and leave the rest in black and white and style to put an effect on it. It has two speakers, one on the upper edge next to the call headphone jack and the second on the bottom offering good audio quality.

We will feel distortion when we turn the volume up to the maximum, although if we are in a very noisy area, if we need to use headphones, the Samsung Galaxy is compatible at 50 and 35 g. When we forget, we can customize the audio quality with the equalizer and improve our experience with the hq optimizer that is activated by connecting the headphones. It also has the bluetooth functionality, dual audio, that allows music to be played on two bluetooth devices or at the same time it also has uptown to improve the sound quality of a star. Winning at 50 and 35 g does not work for us to give no problem with an average use. This thanks to its battery of 5 thousand milliamps and even using the terminal with the refresh rate of 120 active with a demanding use.

Combining social networks, photography and gaming I have reached up to 23 hours and 19 minutes with the screen on for 12 hours and 19 minutes compared to the legal charging time at 100, 53 5 g It is compatible with 25-watt fast charging. The device arrives without a charger, so the time will vary depending on the one you have at home. I have charged it with the galaxy charger, not espls, which is 25 watts, and it has taken me an hour. It 100% comes the Samsung Galaxy at 50 and 35 g as a commitment by the brand to bring users many functions that we have only seen in the high range. We have 5g connectivity, a rate of refreshment of 120 years that ensures fluidity without affecting autonomy.

We have functionalities in the camera that are only available in the high range ip67 certification for water and dust resistance. In addition that we can expand the storage memory, even more is that Samson guarantees us four years of Android updates and five years of authorization of security patches. Although we have also noticed some weaknesses in terms of performance that I think can be optimized with future updates. Just when I finish this review the term received an update, announcing improvements and corrections of errors in the performance and in the photographic section. This device is available in the country you can find it through samsung physical destinations, through sanction, dotcom and through the main operators.

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