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It's good for video games, hello, my name is rom the technology journalist and we already have the Samsung Galaxy at 50 and 35 g. The mid-range cell phone with a large screen and good battery level will be enough. For example, it has a 6.5-inch super amoled screen with 120 hertz refresh rate in the same way as its exynos 1280 processor. That it is accompanied by a 6 gigabyte ram memory that can be extended up to 6 gigabytes more, obtaining 12 more, while in the storage section we have 128 gigabytes in total, it also has Android 12 and a friendly customization layer of wang, yu ay. Well, the first game that we will open will be for night and something that I realized is that the Samsung Galaxy at 50 and 35 g is stereo, that is.

It has speakers on both sides r. What the massiveness of sound is at 360 degrees. After leaving the bus in the first place, you will notice some lag and product of the background download of the graphics in HD, but as you progress in the video game these are moderated until more or less. The graphics are only found at 30 frames per second and in medium quality, so it does not take advantage of those 120 hertz, but it is more than enough because the video game feels quite good despite the fact that we have 4 gb of ram memory and well, we have extended the 6 gb of memory excel with to be able to play all the games with peace of mind and for having in this Samsung galaxy at 50 and 35 g.

There we are running, and what I did realize is that the texture of Very characteristic of Samsung Amoled screens because that is a mass and then the device practically does not burn too much either. As I said, we have a 6.5-inch screen protected by Corning Gorilla, glass, 5. We also have a with Mali g 68 and as I had mentioned, the 128 gigabytes of internal storage. But as we have already advanced in the video game, it has been losing around 55 percent and it is quite a lot, in short. It was quite well calibrated and there is no longer too much slowness in the character as at the beginning. If you saw the first game, the product of that download in the background of the textures in HD, he also lost.

To lose is that the Samsung Galaxy comes with 50 and 35 g with quite specific dimensions such as 159.6 x, 3 of 4.8 x, 8.1 millimeters and weighs around 189 grams. It can be easily held in the hand and does not affect performance or anything for style. There are no ghost touches or those untimely touches that usually happen on curved screens or well on some screens that are too big or narrow and that sometimes annoys, four nine or some other strategy game is played, such as free fire or puff, which often ends up shooting elsewhere and not the specific character, eliminating here, we're going to the sea. It's very cool, it is doing well in the 53, but if you feel it's true, some heat in the back, it should be around 36 degrees or so around.

It looks blue, it's like a sunset over there, someone isn't throwing something so we're going to face each other. The thing is to finish: eliminating some characters with the purpose to be able to continue in the game, not like the first time. The paraglider hasn't even descended and it was already a strange thing. There is the other per sona who is launching a blast of fire and me with my simple hand, armor that this man will be launching and in the end we are going to find out.

Think we are going to have We just have to go down to be able to get closer to that person and thus finish him off because I don 't think that power is not going to end up damaging so we are going down, but if we already have it and that's it, let's see what armor had quite a blast in jazz but, as you have seen form in jazz, it is already practically like this running at full speed in the 50 and 35 g of samsung galaxy I mean that It is already seen in our country and at least in the case of Ford Night it is cool, that is, the graphics load quite fast. Yes, there are 30 frames per second if medium quality, but it is more than enough for you to develop this strategy video game. The good thing is that for nine is compatible with Samsung devices.

I remember that there are some devices that also have 4 gigabytes of ram memory and a certain processor and they are not compatible, and that seems quite strange to me at least the devices samsung tested during the last few weeks, especially mid-range.

They have worked with for night, that is forlán's test, and now we are going with gaming impact the video game just like it does, and it also generally gives us a kind of 30 frames per second in quality media gaming packs tend to provide a large amount of graphics for the development of the story, both to swim to run, to attack and even to throw ice or spells usually well in impact, as he commented several times well, it continues to impact me for the humanization that the characters have, for example At the same time, they seem like the blows pokemon shots wow, how strong? It seems that I don't do it because my characters also have very little level and I need a statue for the purpose to revive all the characters and thus get all the energy of any degree.

I never had such a powerful character and the big monster with the shield defeated so quickly. Pa I pray that this yes, at least mbar has the possibility of shooting arrows from afar, We throw the stuffed animals at her to protect ourselves, but look at the graphics and the detail in the forests, the branches, the fire are not lost. Pixels do not come out and two in the Samsung Galaxy at 50 and 35 g does a very, very good job. Remember that we have increased the RAM memory to 6 gigabytes more when it comes to obtaining 10 from the 118. It has 6 gigabytes in total and we have 122 gigabytes of internal storage, but I don't think it's a problem because the cell phone accepts what would be a hand without and also a tape to be able to extend the internal memory.

The last statue we opened, but we are going to have to look for a map here to continue our way in the game in impact, because it is the opposite. It seems that only the little egg is used to be able to revive but not to feed the characters. Yes, you like carne asada, but I don't but at least out there it's attacking it didn't seem like it was attacking I'm looking for a place to be able to revive all my characters or at least have that advantage of filling his energies again. We have to look especially for the statue that dublin on the map, but look at the effects of the swim are quite perfect.

There is no lag despite the fact that we are with 30 frames per second and the manipulation of the video game and both of the cell phone lends itself well to the character going from one place to another without making a mistake, because sometimes the screens are too hard either because of the plastic material or because they simply use another type of gorilla, glass and many times. The precision between the keystrokes and the animations is not synchronized and even the sound goes on one side and the character goes on the other.

We have seen a chest, but anyway, the samsung galaxy 53 has defended itself, it is burning and that I can assure you that we have around 38 degrees plus or less in the back only in the back because the bezels are also plastic, that is the frames, because they do not have to be altered in temperature. It is what always happens in the terminals when you start playing, well, they did not pay attention to us.

Let's see if it's here or there, I don't know until now how much the issue of performance of games in impact is appearing to you, but for this I always recommend that you leave at least gaming bucks for a little while until all the graphics are loaded or downloaded, and for having so that there is not that presence of lag that usually annoys a lot, not so much to the player, but also to the view, especially pixelated, and all this that we have to defeat this super It's a big lettuce anyway, while I finish defeating this monster. Well let's play at half, we have practically 60 frames per second in a more or less average quality, but the performance is correct.

Look at the amount of download on the maps will also depend a lot on your internet connection and the subject because of the development of the movement of the character. That is much faster than devices that generally offer 30 frames per second and a display of 60 does not offer 120, but they read the elevation of the graphic because it makes there a little more speed in the call of duty, accuracy in shooting, without [ _, ] armor, but I'm dying faster than the others. Although it has some bezels that are too large, such as at the top or bottom, they do not have night.

One thing that I failed to tell you is that it enters the game of force night and call of duty, leave the mobile device resting for at least 44 minutes so that its temperature decreases, which was already burning too much in the back. And now we have the cell phone again, cold but satisfied progress is also made in the call of duty. It is heating up again and let's remember because it is the same engine of the gpu and the processor that are taking effect in all the graphics there have been, and in the most normal of the hot world, in cell phones, no cell phone is going to stay cold unless you put them in an ice bucket and the 6.

But it's not just exaggerate bleu, and it's not that you finish it by saying or the memory that before the devices told you that the maximum temperature had been reached and you had to let it rest and it appeared to you as a kind of alert, but now that doesn't happen with current cell phones. It's a lot simpler, more practical and well I can play for as many hours and as many times as you want without having to worry about what is such a high temperature or what is going to hurt your fingers, etc. Although what I have realized is that sometimes the plastic chassis I benefit a lot, especially if I want to play, because it doesn't burn like metal or aluminum, a strange thing, but it shouldn't be the other way around, but at least in the call of duty.

We are still in Colombo, I hope we don't give up. I'm going to leave half the game because I usually play these games to carry out and eliminate 50 characters at the same time. The truth is that it takes a long time, especially for me who I am a neophyte still on duty, but I am already getting the rhythm on the cell phones I am testing in Osaka. Sometimes if there is a certain delay between the movement of the character say it does not rotate 360 degrees, not that it takes and moore and delay, and in that little pulsation that it makes to turn, because that is where they attack and end up, eliminating and overdoing it. Here I am going to use our fire bazooka I don't know how you think, with the useful ones, but for me the theme of the graphics caught me well.

There is not, that is the impossible, unbearable many times, but as I repeat this movement of the character of moore a little more than n ormal, it seems as if the other attacker was much faster than his own finally marked here. Finally, ready that is the performance test of the Samsung Galaxy at 50 and 35 g and we hope you liked it and if you liked it, give it a thumbs up and if you didn't like it, subscribe to my youtube channel and activate the bell to receive all the news from the world of technology until next time..

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