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Hi OK, we meet again on this channel and this time I will be floating on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2s cellphone image file OK. Let's just go straight to those who want to buy it through the online shop. I saved the purchase link in the description. You could say the best for now in 2002, this one until the time this video was made here is the Samsung Galaxy A5 2s, faigk, the room is 256 GB and 8GB, This is the cellphone in the purchase package. We get specials, hi, here he said 15watt, even though he actually supports this Samsung cellphone up to 25watt. If I'm not mistaken, he can be seen yo, Come OK and of course there is a chat cable that is already type C, e-cash, OK, Google and in the purchase package you don't get cash, yes and no.

So we only get this at a price which is quite expensive in my opinion, but this has its advantages where Samsung This Galaxy A5 2sv. The advantage is ip67, so it is waterproof and, of course, for the camera yes. It's a strong camera or 4 y64, megapixel cameras, hopeyes money, so it already has the OS or basically for the stabilizer Okay. There is a shortage of this cellphone at the top like this. Here it is for sim card storage ok. This section is here: Hi Hada Erp, This is at the same time as a stereo speaker, yes, for the speakers, because it is here, it is here, Hi, and this has a camera, here, camera selfie, 32 megapixels have 2.2 and, of course, fixed focus, okay, and here there is a headphone jack here.

Of course, a- and here is a speaker okay- here is an Android cellphone button and also for the power button Okay. We will try to open the SIM tray. It can be 2sim, but we have to choose whether we put the SIM card or memory sd-card here, but I don't think it's necessary for SD memory because it already has 256 GB of memory. So it's big enough Ok. Let's try to turn it on Hi Ho Genius, it's on and if we look at this, it's pretty good for Oh, yes and of course many like it Ok. Let's look at the inside like this, hey, Hi. The Android version is Android 11, Hey, leader, 256 GB and 33 point 8 GB. This is an accident photo okay, this one we can choose, want full tekno60 tip Ok, Google Hi, or this one. The camera is pretty good.

What kind of thing is this Hong, you have to download it? There is a Pro mode, it is full. The night mode is also bad. The main thing is that it's free, hi, hey, Hey Keh and what's more, Hey, there's a pro motion, video portrait mode like slow motion and no hyperlive. If the video mode is Hi like this Oh, yes Hi and this Hi can we see Hi, it can arrive for G30S vs. This hadith is there for super stable. Now this is the white balance mode. This is normal, and this is some Hi nah Let's co, ba Is it possible Hi. My Gaby Hi, while recording hi eh, can- and this is when it comes to video. If it goes in the settings for video stabilization, the track can be active for default, G30S vs. as well as full HD 60fps.

This can only be active on hd-30, vs and also Hi at full hd 30fps and this is super stable. It is active only for fhd or full-hd 30fps Hi from this. It's active for full HD 30fps and it can be like this. Yes, it can be for standard and ultra modes, it's good and for Ultra white it can only be for 30th vs or HD-30 vs and also these 2 Hi for Kaif HD 60fps. It can't be ok and we will try for the camera. The front camera program is full HD 30fps with the stable mode activated, it's a bit dark. So for the stable mode Hi, it is recommended to Oh in the morning yes. During the day, if you like it, it's a bit dark but quite stable, Ok e. This is a front camera for 60 FPS Hedi at night this beach.

Okay This is a front camera forkey 30fps now a front camera eh eh Hi, full HD 30fps like this, we are deeper hehe. Okay, now at full HD 60fps, still the front camera. Okay, now on forkey 30fps Let's go for a walk this way: okay, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, recording Um, hd-30 vs. Now on the front camera full HD, 30fps, hi, Hi, front camera, full HD, x30, SPS, front camera, Um, hadeh or forkey 30, vs. We are also white and the normal model is now the front. Why is the front full HD 30fps? And this is a separate portrait and can some already be for this time? Super stable is active and can only be pulled. Hd-30, vs, hi, hi, friends, stable, is active.

Knuckle vs Fulham [Music] do2oad 30fps super stable of [Music], hi, hi, Hi, front camera, full HD, 60fps, [Music], front camera for key G30S vs hai hai, Hai, [Music], Super, Ball, soundtrack, [Musik], Indonesia, [Music], Indonesia, Indonesia, [Music], Indonesia, [Music], Hi Auntie. Ah, it's possible to be afraid of Windows. It has a screen recorder and there is Smart View here. There is a dark mode and here we can add it and it already supports NFC. There is always a Halo on display too, and this one OK, additional information that HP it has a battery capacity of IDR, 4,500, MH and also this has the advantage that I mentioned earlier, that the IP67 is waterproof. Yes and of course the screen is Super AMOLED with red reflex, it's 120 horses.

This is ready for five in Indonesia, the camera is for sure pretty good to have a stabilizer with the OS earlier. Even though the performance is not yet the best in its class, for HP, I. The steering wheel is often the most important. This is definitely quite suitable for your long term use because it is already fygg ready for Telkomsel, Indosat and XL. It saves power than IPS and also the body is thin and there are 4 color choices. It's a stereo speaker for the speakers. We'll try [music]. The speaker here is given that Hi, but OK, Soraya looks good. In this section we can choose a light or dark look. Hi and also in the boredom section, we can choose high or standard. But of course, if we choose the standard one, it will save more battery power, yes.

Here we can choose natural or live, but it is recommended that only natural or natural and this cellphone is equipped with a fingerprint Hi for the sound. Here we can play this, and here it is dolmie atmos. We can customize a lot Hi So it's pretty good, hi, OK. Apart from that, of course, for this advantage. This is also NFC has WiFi version 6, yes and yes. It is highly recommended for those of you who are looking for the best myTrans cellphone for 2021, maybe until next year and next year, okay, more or less. Sorry, we'll see you in another video, don't forget to subscribe and activate notifications. The bell like and share, we'll meet in another video Hi, great Indonesia, Hi Ho..

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