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Hi guys welcome to another video here on the channel. For those who don't know me, I am now, Teodoro and if you are not here, don't forget to subscribe on the channel and leave your like good people on today's video another follow a cell phone customization that I received for my birthday thanks to God and its function of one and in the previous video right that I showed my cell phone I made a box of it. If you haven't watched this video, I'll leave it here in the description of this video, ok and a follower, right a writing, a person commented that I saw this one bring a personalization Leave. The cell phone here We are reminding you that it is my first personalization of a cell phone.

Well, so it was very simple: Ok, people! It was not elaborate, but I really liked this simple one. It was more beautiful than I thought and I hope you like it, because in addition to the personalization I did something else,. This change is in the cell phone configuration that the treatment there made a big difference and I loved so much comes out and that's it. Thank you very much is here watching a kiss for you and then let's go to video and hi guys. So, let's start using the numbering for you, your cell phone not my dead cell. I'm going to customize this one here, it's the one like 42 from Samsung, it's launched Samsung. It's in violet, colour, beautiful, full grass for him wow, it's very beautiful. You know in the original Samsung Standard Interface.

The only thing I did was to change the size of the icons right of each application, because it is right standardized. Show that, just do it not weigh home screen settings and then how about the home screen grid right, four by 54, 65, 5 or 5 percent, I placed 5, p or 6 on the home screen and the applications screen in the patient grid doesn't move ok, at least I won't move and that's it folks. Look and you press to home screen theme works. Ok, seeing it was fourteen Reais of three cents now it's grid. It will not be that I will also be relying on your choice. Only paid or just the grade is good, and that's how I have downloaded my theme already I go here. Here's the lists on the left side and I. I.

don't know tomorrow, there's already a term and I will just go I downloaded! That is what I downloaded and I was in doubt in two in this case after life in this one for you and it will be so pretty 'cause this one here. OK guys this one, they are all free, ok, I never pay any. Ok we've applied the theme, but let's put the wallpaper in here. I have positioned several images that can be used as Right: material as pictured on the Lock screen and I'll leave this folder here in the description for you also want to finish. I'm going to use this beautiful one so much, not that a Dorama that I am calling it in the direction of love it still has no mystery. So Lindo I'm going to use this I'm going to use this, and this was the ones I selected and my palette it will be purple.

But this one that I downloaded is also odd when the g So-That's it - I'll leave it here in the description of the video for you who also want it. If you want it, then we are going to go back to the little pot on the lock screen to come here, you could see it. That touch is right ; I turned it on the home screen. We are here to wallpaper and here in the middle gallery but let's go to our page. And if we choose some image done, this first one will go on the lock screen, here is it. We are on the lock screen, as you can see it's the same. It's not a cell phone. You can make this adjustment here. So I'm going to choose one here until it's better. A lot I don't know, leave it here.

This way, ready like this, it's very centralized, I think it was cool, I'll define and look it's already changed, but it's very beautiful and now we're going to change our home screen. This image finished the home screen, and here you can do that one even when I want to adjust them, I'll, let one centralized here. What are you able to say and the Flamengo? Ah, ok, OK - It's really cool o! Always the home screen is set How beautiful our home screen is Hi and our unlock look.

This will only be used if it is a maker that this application is Zinho here, I'll leave it in the description, the name and the link if I managed to put it here for you and that's it here, o shortcut maker, it's this you can see but for us to do that you can't directly come into the application and put it here in the application to be able to change that we have to do. Gerson Nadir initial screen, I pressed- and it comes here in the object today- and let's look for here application here, where we are o shortcuts, maker, but let's go here it will appear this.

Let's come here in the application and it's worth we'll choose the application to decide that Chrome is already here closer and here in the application right, Chrome we will be up here, pain and flutter of Chrome and we will go here or select the image from the gallery to change. And yes, we are connected Chrome So, we're going to click here. Gallery, right, people are going to come in our folder and it's Chrome. So we're going to go here and select the Chrome icon today to put Wow, you can see it's very square, I prefer round. It is also very masculine, small and square also we liked round which I particularly prefer round, and you can adjust the size here. Ok, then we will do this in the direction we go after we finish customizing create shortcut and.

You see from the home screen and see where you want color Hello, all right, And I'm just going to do this with the apps and I'll be right back with you, so we've already organized it. Those things like that, you know, if you have it there, I've already chosen that this is the event in Camargo from Kia and just to be able to increase the size and you want color I'm going to save you and it's going to be Kids size, let's increase it again. Yes, it's a lot of videos with business, and we will the letter a if you want to go back there at first. Stop was the check-in and the page was viola, and that's it now, right after I'm going to delete my piece, the link was fine, little princess. Ok, it was like this Rian screen of the initial block, and here are some apps that I use a lot.

It's simply people here, you on Samsung news at least What's left, that is right, that we apply, ok, I have it here, I'm not going to do what I want to do anymore. I have my cell phone on the screen fully, so I'm going to show you how to do it, but I warn you in settings the Zac Ferraz display riggle, and here is the Navigation bar in the Bar Navigation, apply good, and that has sliding access, right, this one below, and then we are going to put it in the gesture of and this verse in two options, right what.

You can see there so you go up in each n, it is a little place and never have I liked the iPhone and I'm going to put this one here that doesn't have anything, and here you can also give an option that we already know each other who made a gesture is what this base on the fifth, right, appeared down here in the bar. You can 't leave that out, but you go back to the navigation bar version and you can take it back if the thing I took it, I already took it, but it is already to you. You know already it's showing you how to do it, look, now it's much cleaner everything else, and now I want to do what to place in this navigation bar. Let's enable this part here you saw the control July in ci. One of the notifications is displayed and completed.

We already removed that Barrinha everything else and it became the son of the cell phone I have placed it like this, right? It's a beautiful, lock and not here then. The first screen is this o, and here this secondary screen that those news screen really evil spirit and I took the one that he already buttons are is far below I took it that is good, so we got to the end of the video and this is the video today ok people It was a very simple, quick basic thing. I'll also leave in the description of this video here. I will also leave my part of the pin on Pinterest, because basically I took all the images from there and I'll leave everything I used in the description of the video in order to customize my new cell phone,. Don't forget to leave a like.

Use this site to subscribe and if you want to share with your friends that you like too much to customize her cell phone. Leave it just the way she likes her face. Okay guys and this video is totally inspired by the channel and I am going to leave it here, it's here in this channel that I used these tools that the person from the channel used and I'm going to leave all the video I saw also that today there's a lot for you too. You will also go and watch it on that person's channel, and that is it. Okay, that you let go sis, make the video - that's enough, who knows I don't do it for you - They fulfill wishes and they know they're losing doing what videos you want.

I want to see you here on the channel but you're not writing so I want to watch it a lot, comment us and subscribe to the channel next time..

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