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This is the most in-depth comparison between these phones and, first of all, I am shooting this video in 4k at 30 frames per second from the front camera. I'll show you the images and videos in all the common modes on both phones, but right now this video is recorded in the highest resolution available on both phones. So this is uh going to be a comparison of each and everything between these phones, I mean to say I am going to compare the specs, the design uh, the build uh, the features uh, the software, everything that you need to know so make sure that you hit the subscribe button and hit the like button. If you find this video at some point good enough, this video will give you an idea about the stability, the voice, recording quality and all aspects of the camera.

This video is going to be more fluid and you might feel a difference between the voice recording quality compared to the 30 frames per second mode, because I have noticed that a difference comes in when we switch the resolution. I don't know how that works, but let me know if you can find any difference. This one is now full HD at 30 frames per second on both phones, just a quick clip uh. How is the stability and overall look of the video in this particular mode on both the phones now I'll? Take you into the camera specifications of these phones and then the camera app and then the rest of the video will follow so stay tuned and let's check these phones out now. Other details of these cameras are quickly on your screen.

Both phones offer snapchat fun mode. Both phones offer a dedicated 64 megapixel mode and both phones offer 60 frames per second video recording from the front and rear cameras in 1080p resolution. Other options of both camera applications are on your screen. Color tone is the same on both phones edge direction on both sides is equally good. A52 selfies have a slightly soft look [Music] in some instances the a72 can blow off the highlights in the background of the selfies. As you can see here the highlights are controlled on the a72 but on the front we have better details and saturation on the galaxy a72. The a52 has a slightly pinkish tone on the face. These differences remain the same in normal mode.

Images too [Music] in ultra white images, the a72 takes the lead with high details and better color management. In this high-rise image the dynamic range on the a72 is superb now. It's a very good image on both sides, so you guys have to be super picky here. The normal mode image again retains the same uh differences. So far the ultra white image looks at the sky. Those highlights on the top left a very good image on both sides. The details and dynamic range on the a72 is just too damn good in high-res mode. You can literally see those clouds that are blown off on the a52. I can't tell what makes these phones different, colors and details. Samsung probably used different image processing algorithms on both phones.

In these images keep your eyes on the sky in the background and also on the orange colors and let me know if you can spot any difference here. In these images check out the color of the sky. The sky is more bluish on the a72 and the grass has higher details on the a72 check out the details around the ferris [Music] wheel, [Music]. Here are the images shot from the telephoto camera of the a72, and on the other side I zoom in on a 64 megapixel image shot on the a52, so you can see if cropping an image is a better idea or having a dedicated telephoto. After seeing this, you will definitely go towards the a72, but remember that the a52 is outputting, the colors are close to reality. The depth effect on both handsets is super good.

Both phones keep the shadows somewhat appropriate, but I find them slightly better. The same image in the portrait mode has improved a lot on both phones and the depth effect looks now stunning. In the comment section below and I'll catch you in a bit with the macro camera images [Music], I don't understand that the macro camera on both phones is the same. A greenish trend can be seen at times on the images of the galaxy a52, but how often do you use a macro camera? What is the practical use of this camera when the macro images you take are going to have a poor resolution? I am not a macro camera fan and so I really don't stress on its quality either. The night mode images are now on your screen. A72 can still not take ultrawide night mode images.

I wish someone from samsung sees my video and brings the ultrawide mode to this. The night mode of the phone on both phones performs equally well. I can't find any real differences here. Free details are high and with this we approach the videos. You can switch from ultra white to wide camera while recording a video - and you can see me doing just that right here in this 4k video clip at 30 frames per second [Music]. There is optical image stabilization in both phones, which works in the 1080p mode, but optical image stabilization doesn't seem very good at the moment. Samsung needs to work on the stabilization and improve it further. These are very new phones and I am sure improvements will happen over time.

A72 has a slightly better ultra white camera and a dedicated telephoto lens too, but if you found the ultrawide performance of the a52 as good as the a72 and you can live without that telephoto lens, I think the a52 camera can definitely suffice. I started this test with 100 battery on both phones. Same Wi-Fi same settings, same high, 90, hertz, refresh rate all updates were performed on both phones prior to this test. I started this throttle test with Antutu. Samsung says it is using the snapdragon 720g chipset, none of the cpu or the specs apps show 720g in this phone. Some apps show only the qualcomm snapdragon chipset and some apps show snapdragon 732g chipset primary difference between the 720g and 732g graphics processing.

A52 has 128 gigs of internal storage after the first and two to cycle. Quite similar cpu temperature on both sides is also the same 36 degrees. The temperature of both phones ranges from 33 to 35 degrees, isn't it quite surprising that the stats for the first one are? Are the same I'll now run the second cycle to see what happens. [Music] a72 is now down to 272k and a52 down to 276k battery on the a52 is down to 99 down to 97 on the a72 temperature ranges between 34 and 38 degrees. Now the phone uh doesn't feel very hot in the hand, either [Music] and wow. Cpu temperature on both phones is 37 degrees. Now let's launch the third and final and two two benchmark cycles.

The temperature of the 872 has hit 39 degrees for the upper limit, otherwise its temperature keeps wearing and its 33 degrees on the lower side. Once again, this time [Music], the cpu temperature of the a52 is 37 degrees and a72 is 38 degrees, it's time to run two cycles of the geekbench benchmark application. At this time, the temperature of the a52 has hit 39 degrees. It is a 20 minute test and it can make these phones go completely. Both phones maintain a good temperature around 37 degrees. The phones do not feel hot again in the hands. The 3d mark score is on your screen and once again you can see that the a52 maintains a lead when it comes to battery percentage. I did a small speed test between these phones.

This time I just edited some photos and videos to see which phones perform better and, to my surprise, the f52 performed faster for video editing, the phones tired for photo editing and, in the end [Music] the a52 performed faster in the vivo video application for the same video clip. As you can see, both phones share the same design. Both phones have a headphone jack underneath, there is a dual stereo speaker setup on both sides. The hybrid sim card slot is also the same on both sides and both phones support microsd cards up to one terabyte. A52 has a 6.5 inches super emoted, full HD screen with 90 hertz refresh weight. I don't know why the a52 screen flickers in front of my camera. This one makes it really hard to record the front on my camera.

As a result, you might not get the best video quality when I show you the screens of these phones. I did find a difference between the feel of both phones, but that's going to be a subjective choice. White a52 has a soft matte finish that feels premium. The white a72 might also have the same soft finish, which is why I am not going to declare this phone's feel bad so I feel more comfortable and confident while holding the f52 as its size is more practical for average sized hands. The big size of the a72 also accommodates a bigger battery of 5000 mah and extra 500. Mh is a lot of battery juice, but it also has a bigger screen. A72 also brings out of the box a 25 watt charger.

So be the judge here and let me know which phone do you think will last longer in a day, and this brings us to the conclusion now. So I will just explain the clear differences to make it easy for you. A52 is about 70 to 100 US dollars cheaper than the a72 depending on the region. The extra few dollars for the a72 give you a bigger screen: bigger battery 25 watt charger out of the box, an extra telephoto camera and a better ultra wide lens, slightly more colorful or vibrant images for about 100 us dollars less.

You get the a52 with super practical size that offers the same design, same build and almost the same feel a decent battery with a slightly less powerful 15 watt charger out of the box, the phone that produces impressive images if not so great, and that has a performance equivalent to its elongated variant. So when it comes to choosing one between these two go with the one that meets all of your needs and falls right within your budget. If you have any questions, ask in the comments below and hit the Like button. If you found this video useful and subscribed if you haven't yet with that said, I will sign off and see you all in the next one..

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