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Andthen [Music] Maybe this drone landing here in front of the Galaxy a50 two has nothing to do with it and after I finish watching the video on Tech channel. Don't forget there is a challenge about fire at risk, to test lethal dude fire challenge, so don't forget to watch it at this moment. Now Back here with the normal programming, the channel has Bora there talking to the jctech Channel people first thing: it's just. So if you miss the video, come back and watch. It is pretty cool that a lot came in his kit, and according to that when we started the video, so I prove Wow. It has a lot of expectation with the launch of cool things.

Then popular technology like this, but this Galaxy a50, two that is here I would say that it is an excellent and cell phone that is really dull and not flashy like a thing that fly that blinks that dances and that said, see here we are talking about a cell phone that probably serves the vast majority of people because it intermediates in everything more visible. The panel is advanced more advanced compared to the current things. There is no trick Crazy and back from it and the cell phone that should please more people who have a good intermediate for the normal of the day. This takes a look at the wonderful images that I have made what she even made for you.

Yes, it has a flashy face and it looks like ice cream a cellulite boys, but as we don't unbox, we talked a lot about the appearance of the footprint in the video and everything else. In this video can't process foundation of other things that really do not abandon boxing first thing: this cell phone, despite being big, it is not heavy and there are two versions of a 52, a version like 5g and a version without changing the processor between them, because processor together with the antennas and the modem that has up to 45 g there, and in this case, of the things that are here, you see who does not have any 5g information marked on the box. These would not put a very large 5g because it is a great seal of sale for you to sell the cell phone, but premium anyway.

This is Cpu-z - people v. Show then that you aida64, Eduarda, 64 He explains better. You must see the Samsung website and see if the bizarre programs, what I mean by that here, the 5g version uses a higher processor than the 4G version, the next a little simpler. My work here is just to say: There are two versions of this phone, so I don't know one and look for information about it, also in which store you are seeing if the person purchases abroad, no After, all you are watching video Portuguese maximum You can go to Canada. Next week your family in Canada will buy a cell phone.

Finally, the version with 720g processor this one here and there There is another one with a 750g processor that has five people It has been a while since we talked about this on the channel until it's important because these programs show confusing information and in the case of the Galaxy A50 two you are watching this video. You wanted to know everything about it: the right device is honestly the 4 and 5 G version a little difference but in price you notice that it is a little more expensive. Don't have the courage to talk to my cell phone in Brazil, it's cheaper! It is one of the best things that Samsung has made a screen that has nothing too much does not have a camera on it and on the other a mess.

It's not a screen that makes good use of the cell phone leaves the edges very small and the camera only when necessary there. What are you going to do because the 700 platform and screen are also excellent for qualcomm. Intermediate Amoled with the screen refresh rate higher than usual but lower than the top of the line? Is six points: 5 inches full HD just to let you know and amolated thus i meant in the 5g version theoretically. There are no hello nerds that this screen can reach has to do with processing, also because it requires more cell phone use more battery normal. What you prefer is a more fluid image, a battery that lasts longer and in its settings, you can go back to see this update if you don't want to spend a little more battery to have a more fluid image.

And if you look at its internal storage you can see that this device tested without 256 GB of internal storage stopped with 8 giga of RAM memory, 8 GB of Ram, inclusive that you can see on this screen.... naturally keeping an eye out to see the version that you are going to get because you may find I don't know where you would get the 128gb version that I stopped with 6Gb of Ram or still a 128gb version that I stopped with 8Gb of Ram Once I started many versions of this cell phone around the world I don't know where it will come from. Import is the tip that there are several versions of this mobile phone. Ssoa has a galaxy and takes a 10 at 20 to 30 years and other things turned on.

1 M 31m something a Galaxy S is a Galaxy Note, so these cell phones make sense to meet most of a person's needs and also deliver something within normal day-to-day expectations, and this a52 with this amount of memory and with this internal storage I say it is even above what you expect with an intermediary. That's cool because when I look at this cell phone, there is necessarily one see a device that will last a little longer on one of the people.

It will last for me, Oi Ina, but with the price that the cell phone and has been shown in 2021 a cell phone to have to change it in a year is absurd and unacceptable and this cell phone fulfils this proposal of being an intermediary that will last longer if it's good, it's cool, you have competition for the little x, 3 NFC, do not buy Pocophone cancel poop phone phone fone is a great device, but I want options, including After that it drops by half in a few months and there are crazy promotions Until what offers our channeltech offers group has always existed precisely monitoring when something cool such as this drops in price and stays at a fair price. Thus click on the link below in the description or the QR Code will appear when the type of electronic is paid for.

We know that every time we talk about an intermediary camera and put a lot of data that are photos eaten that the same things are repeated, and that is again. The case is here a competent cell phone with normal intermediary photos. The only thing I have to mention is that this device has optical stabilization on the main camera. When taking a picture, it's easier comes out simpler, not simple. Today, simply simple to produce people help are 64 Megapixels of aperture 1.8 in the main one and that, with optical stabilization, as I said, 12 Megapixels in the Ultra Wide camera for wide photos, 5 Megapixels in the macro camera normal close and a the mega pixels to blur the background for the cell phone to do its calculations and in front of this Zinho cutout of nothing.

Naturally, this amoled screen this chip of the 700 line is already a great sign for energy savings, and it really is what you have here with 4,500 battery Honestly, this cell phone size I have always seen 5,000 milliamps per hour of battery, but we know that Samsung has other devices with a proposal of 100 reis of battery. Even that is coming out recently has a cell phone that has been around for four months for us to have the battery, which is economical. But honestly, it would be an even more incredible factor to fight for it in the case of incredible, also very wrong entry with it, you Galaxy a50 two ends up being the normal cell phone, including the charger that comes in the box, is not a fast charger.

It supports up to 25 watts of charge, which gives 50 percent and a half hour more than normal for the highest speed charging. It's just a little bit faster and nothing new is new in the sun about the cell phone. It is the model that gives not only ok, it is also updated and it is consistent with the year 2001. It is not the highest level it has, but among the screens, you expect with a cell phone. It is quite advanced, so I would say that this model is only conditioned to the price and entirely a very nice phone.

I honestly look with much more desire for the cell phones of the Samsung Miranda amendment line in seven billion several hours of battery and more or less everything it offers Not exactly, but it is okay close to what it offers, but if you see a Galaxy a50, two, a much more affordable price with a much bigger discount, it is not the weakest intermediary. It is a normal intermediary to press high level cell phones. So when it is out of salt, the ones it has differentials that buying good things with good things, becomes complicated, right man, even an [ __ ] talks about it, and it's not so interesting thinking about the universe of good cell phones that already exist is in the common cell phone It is top of line for you.

You won't even understand the more you can get a Galaxy S II. The os-21 Ultra has an absurdity of 10x optical stabilized forget. It forgets about a cell phone that in comparison to Samsung itself is the lowest. Amoled No question battery could more sincerely, but already it has a very theoretically. It has ip67, so it has liquid resistance, but I would not play too much with it, because you can see er that not even in the box. Sansung doesn't put a lot of soft stuff, not because it has resistance, dust won't get in. However, if you wipe things with a cloth, Samsung doesn't put it in the box. That's it Safe Translated to be correct now and this guy is that if you want a North of Cell Phones that are around him processing and performance, let's think about Galaxy m51.

That is this device here and the me Note 10 Lite, that this motorcycle g9, that the price has a little lowered. You stay there more or less around the proposal for this cell phone and it already gives you guidance. There I sincerely recommend the M line, but the price changes everything, including Just. Remembering the similarities of Maria's Galaxy MM with this one are here seven billion 10 hours of battery against 4,500 of this, and there has also the natural 730 as a processor and from there. It is also between 6 and 8 GB of Ram and until then a super-amoled of 6.7 inches that 6.5 finally full HD, for sure my preference Galaxy M51, but it may be that 52 suits you better and in which we have a fart with more gas, a little more affection on the rooster.

You want people who help people kiss the smaller battery and optical stabilization on this camera compared to the m51. So for me that celular is cooler than if my opinion has only one source. This one is a galaxy 52 that has the color ice cream, a beautiful color of ice cream, your network guys, but that you will leave it there in the comments if it makes sense in name of one the m51 exists or if the Galaxy a50 two is better till next time,.

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