This one can be seen from the naming of the series and the specifications offered in the price category which is 4 million. The price is also the initial price of the Samsung Galaxy A50 one and the presence of the Samsung Galaxy A50 two makes the price of this cellphone experience a price drop with a price of 4 million Samsung Galaxy A50 two, especially in Indonesia Samsung Galaxy A50 2 comes with a variant of 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory, yes, 256 GB.

That is worth buying to answer Let's, look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy A50 The Please have a look at one good, camera from Samsung Galaxy A50 Two with 4 rear camera, The interesting thing is of course the presence of a macro camera with 5 megapixels, considering that typically only two megapixels are macro cameras. The presence of these four cameras also deserves praise. What are the results of the Samsung Galaxy A50 rear camera? Let's check out some examples of Samsung Galaxy A50 rear camera captures, These two [Music] images were quite sharp from this cellphone. The dynamic range is quite good and also the camera's ability to produce fine details and little noise.

Besides that, the 64 megapixel camera on this phone is able to capture pictures with good detail while the quality of the Ultra White camera capture on this cellphone is experienced and significant, from that one Samsung Galaxy A50 and does not miss the macro camera on this phone it turns out. Mem have pictures that are superior to most other smartphone macro cameras on the market. The same thing I also said was that the macro camera on this phone quite good in the right. The lighting, video recording supports key and the super steady feature of the Samsung Galaxy A50 Dua has a very good video recording feature. This camera has a feature to record video with a resolution up to forkey. Video recording with 4K resolution is also quite good.

Video recording for key and 1080 pixels is quite good for this phone class. The video has sufficient detail and has dynamic range. The contrast and color of the video are also quite good. This phone has a super constant feature. It's just that this feature can be activated only for 1080 pixel video recording. Amazingly, Samsung Galaxy A50 two is equipped with a 4000 500mah battery. Our team says that the battery life of this phone can last more than a day. This cellphone battery can last a day with light use. The battery life of this cellphone is estimated to last up to two days where the ip67 water and dust resistance rating is the Samsung Galaxy A50 2 equipped with IP67 certification, which means that the device is water resistant for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter.

Samsung is trying to provide them with a device that allows them to still work when they are doing outdoor activities. , Samsung's Galaxy A50 two is equipped with a 6.5-inch screen. Man is used to watch videos, especially this cellphone screen uses a Super AMOLED panel and a Super AMOLED panel is already known as one of the good screen panels. So it's not an exaggeration to say that this cellphone screen has a good contrast and color level. The thing that may be a bit lacking is the problem of HDr10 This Samsung Galaxy A50 two does not have an HDR10 certification that makes this phone unable to enjoy HDr10 content on well-known streaming services, but you can still enjoy YouTube music content. The features tend to be identical to Wahyi in high-end Samsung phones.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy A50 supports NFC. The Galaxy A50 has a clear NFC feature. This makes mobile phones with NFC features more and more present on the market, The absence of the Samsung Galaxy A50 two, even though it comes with various advanced features such as a chipset that is powered by a large camera and the presence of a large battery, Apparently, this Samsung Galaxy A50 has several shortcomings that you should know. Five G smartphones with VJ technology are starting to circulate in the market. Even though 5g networks are not yet available in Indonesia, smartphone devices that support VCD or fade have begun to be sold in the country, but unfortunately the Galaxy A50 two will not provide a VJ network for the territory of Indonesia.

2Ps charging is not OK in this era which increasingly demands speed. Fast battery charging is now more often sought after by the people in any case. The Samsung Galaxy A50 20 offers face-free charging capabilities, but unfortunately this feature relies only on 25 watts of power which is somewhat less capable of charging the battery quickly. ai Samsung Galaxy A50 two takes an hour to charge from empty to full for the size of a smartphone that has a fast charging feature, This charging duration is still quite long, so for those of you who expect fast charging, you may be a little disappointed with this lack of 3, less powerful processors.

The use of the Snapdragon 720g chipset makes the performance of this phone quite simple, Use for playing games is also good, but it's clear the chips are not a reliable mid-range phone. The presence of this chipset in the two-screen Samsung Galaxy A50 series makes this phone feel that it has not improved in terms of performance, especially since this phone is sold at 4G prices. This phone is fairly superior in camera, bright screen, good battery life and good design. The presence of the NFC feature ip67 rating and want you I 3.0 Android 11 makes this phone quite interesting. Not only the Samsung Galaxy A50, but it may feel less than optimal when used to play. This phone is not the fastest in its class with the shortcomings..

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