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Said hello again and welcome to the punctuality and full of joy, I can today show to you the Samsung Galaxy 5 in the version of 2017. The whole thing is, of course, eagerly awaited and possibly also one of the phones that will know who is healed and who is strong expected in the beginning of the year. We noticed ourselves and there it's finally free technology going on at any time over 390 euros. I'm leaning more towards 400 to 430 euros depending on which hands of the King of Pop are. Of course it was briefly around the town in the packing and now that came, you probably don't need all the guarantee card. This grace to open the sim card slot, no instructions song with the phone.

You have to read a manual if you don’t find this me, then we always have here, as with collection, actually wanting Head for Work. Yes also but ever in operation, the charging cable in white is also typical for Samsung, and then we have an adaptive charging adapter almost started. That means a fast charger and yes, I had a good 30 milliampere battery and we have a charger of 2 amperes at 5 volts, that's good because the phone should be charged with it quite quickly and that was it I, like the motto of the army, the a5 2017. Welcome to a 16 megapixel camera installed with a focus of 1.9. As quite bright, an led flash here, the back is obviously made of glass. The frame itself is made of metal directly, direct , power button.

I do it sounds the same, and the speakers for microphone and palladium on the top can I really expand the memory with an art shot with a plastic slider, and you have to really get into there, so that the volume with my side and here again, a slot that is actually responsible for the nanogram SIM card,. The underside also has the USB Type c microphone and the 3.5 mm jack input who still installs it, and we are already positioned around the device on the front. We can already see the 5 inch, I.e. 5.2 Payment Child to be precise, amoled display with 1000 euros, 1080 pixel resolution and the fingerprint typical of Samsung, of course here in the front Home button integrated and the front camera here has a pretty good resolution with 16 megapixels.

I'm curious to see what he wants for it came out, and yes, ip68 splash water, water and nutrients. It's not only dustproof and waterproof, and maybe later I would have it again I think so come on without samsung to promise? Yes, even if we already have a system, we have the corners, 78, 80, built-in battery, with 1 8 ghz clock and three gigabytes of RAM nff, a right-click storage space and we had a lot in the last year. I n the settings purely device information status Where reformation is also more interesting, 6.01 the android software. There was a makeover on the way was not cloud content security as usual. I then can choose which one I want to take swipe pattern film, password or finger food fingerprint sensor already prepared and it works to accompany it.

Grandiose, wrong and... because of course, you first customer meal, then wonderful, very good. Then battery backup saves device maintenance. The 49 is written consistently, but the battery needs almost 3000 milliamps. Look at that and finally, again from the main memory, I find it uninteresting what was used: galactically available memory, space with 1 gigabyte of 3, i.e. 1.9, and a bit what hurts in use games one-handed operation. I took a while to find it because the normal buttons are over volume is down and hold power There is nothing in the system other than dramatic and nothing wild except if you press it here and hold it, you come individually, which I can actually look at real 2, f and down here.

Now he has a clearer understanding and yes, of course, I think that is very cool, because you can then run facebook or instagram or youtube in parallel and both of those then runs back and forth to one screen and me. Everything turned out a bit different, but yeah. First measurement was somehow at my home vdsl 50 at three meters, then at eight meters he gave the club 50 open air line and back in the bathroom with 12, 13 meters and use, I am always very well gaining at 35 4 3 np. He then sees through galaxy a3 that I cut faster. Maybe it was just the phone that had news, but he even if it isn't so that it is stable, it works and uploads. Is your line now with over 10 mb, even more than what I normally have had? Dismiss that then I obviously tested the most diverse gps signals.

One program looks like that, but 14 by 18 and 4 meters, accuracy and here again the compass view. It also works very well so when I had the phone I reacted immediately, I really liked the country, and then we can talk about this topic right away. Analyze forms, namely what the X te 830 with the exile to 78 80 and unite 60,000 One of the sticking points for a 400 Euro phone is not enough for me personally. If I compare it with the peter jaks and seven with over 440 euros, not much different than the galaxy on 5 catholics. That makes me the snapdragon that easily has the eyes of 129,000 points.

The speaker is functioning right away, so good performance for my purposes without doubt, but I anticipate a little more with a 400 Euro phone, then we would have the epic citadel benchmark in 3q 2009 1080 pixels. There are with 54 15 a very good value - definitely runs smoothly with 3D - marks. You have to first do something, but that was still so nice in that area, I can't show you more here. As I already said, let's take a look in the browser : if the thing runs fast and smoothly, then we also look at it immediately. He was noticed where I was last on the page, so it runs very quickly. It reports quickly and I can also release slow things and that doesn't work that feels incredibly good.

It's again a little masterpiece what samsung has installed here The a3 also feels good but does not achieve this quality. Yes, that people that works, then look a quick look at what I say on youtube. So let's see that the speakers are here, sound also OK, now not only which ones work. Full HD is, of course, not so nice that works splendidly. As I said, a work is empty, the man is very strong. It also uses less energy and also works in this phone so it looks very, very cool. That might not be noticeable with the background, but at the latest when you have ugly different colors in the Oboist menus, that looks very cool, I would say. Geo tagging activates how much I can't set the image size to 16 megapixels at me selbst.

Unfortunately, only from the b4 is not enough, the main but does so that the front camera here in front is also 16 megapixels and also offers recording, that's very cool, and then we have such tiny things that don't really change the function. But if I move from left to right here to the right then switch to pro mode comes then different settings that I can test for myself is nothing I, always run the automatic market and does the name. The pictures on the right-hand side can then be drawn in such beautification modes, it doesn't work, because Switzerland doesn't have to be left on camera. You just make it in hdr mode again, if you play with it a bit is of course also bad, so I have to say.

That I made really good the water with pictures to connect even with flash is relatively quick to install the normal small photo series in work there and also and sword. It unfortunately no longer survived without flash with a view that is extremely fast on the field that even shoots 16 megabits as I am curiously, then it goes on course, also a test: full HD video And as usual, the recordings are, of course, earlier than the open air tour. As far as the camera is concerned, the rest stare at me all marco delphi, who directly recognize razor sharpness of every single nuclear power plant is, of course very, very cool good. The focus was actually on my forehead and not on the face down here roots were a bit blurred but also recognize the part wonderfully.

So when you have no camera then, but the image recording is, of course, very sharp that you can see here. You can really have a look at the small one, but recognizes all the details is now in my opinion in the bright studio but the focus was then on it here in the rest, around it I personally don't like black that much without a flash, I like it that way and I like that better. Focus was everything here too sharp, there is nothing to complain about.

The TÜV structure can even be identified, so extremely chic then the shelf without flash right sharp picture in the back, builds down the whole thing a bit In the background too bad fc squad, I can read the monitor only a limited extent, the slightly blurred at least I can, but the mixing consoles in my little cheat sheet with technical data and weight fights. The lamps are also relatively small that they look great in the background. You can no longer see the white of the small cell in the background,.

We want to take a quick look at the sharpness and it looks very good, particularly since the outdoor shots are there at this short distance can definitely be seen without coming, but sometimes shaky pictures are also out and a little blurry with you can also see the color rendering is much higher. The picture is much sharper in the recordings and looks similar to the one on the table. The flash, I think, is a bit too much even in bright lighting, but it really makes pretty good ones. U date display the heels are awesome and h. Re I have the Samsung galaxy 5 2017 nd.

There is nothing to complain about but with it you can shoot a short video clip, often for months or something similar that works exactly that you should have been of the camera, so that it is also convincing at a price range of over 100 euros expected. Of course, we want to have a quick look at the system performance and in detail only if so, what and installed. They have asked for the Berlin fdp at 9 50, hertz topics, memory, camera, advertising, thermal battery sensors- yes, because samsung is again fully booked have every imaginable sensor in it. How you can use searches, I don’t know individually, but really it’s for whom it is important now, otherwise let’s look at what the games say. The rest of the system has already been tested properly.

Here again, this game is ready, I can make screenshot I make no exception en I can change the lock screen the screen lock so to speak. You can let off steam a little and the samsung is typical, so that the leader team is loaded by law. You know that about spring already and naturally right away you got back on it, so that poverty is of course always an eye-catcher. I would actually see what we'd do right away when he finishes all, then let's see what extreme had loaded in the rules of the game. That's always a bit who is now, definitely not in full detail, but it is working. Also you must set the controls a bit and reproach them under for people. If it shouldn't run, you can still screw up a resolution. If you say okay we don't look good and the word Perm is required in the systems.

It works definitely flat speakers bust size sounds okay, isn ’t earth-shattering either, but at the train station it ’ s completely sufficient and away with it occasionally, and then you’re finished we're almost at the end. I haven't seen yet how much the device is and how thick we want to make it, and therefore 159 grams for a 5.2 handset with a metal frame and glass back is not much at all in thickness of foam, sometimes 80 mm and well, as I push a bit. 7.9 I tend to have eight art that shouldn't make war. The camera itself is now not flush in the housing. When I make mistakes the camera lens does not sell, but because it goes out optically like a load, the galaxy 3 takes Barrick off.

They also don't say 5 at all and willow really like it was carved on an egg and there are no differences outside the size, 47 25, 22 victory already in difference and in both cases very well made. So you are not complaining at all, but she says for the price. You should also expect that I forgot something, I would say : Let's take a look at the battery again and then I'm done and the display itself turns on for an hour and three minutes. That's a pretty good value v before the lighting full display, brightness, benchmark, download short. This trends on each bank raised, the ninja runs brilliantly and with the 15 percent Can these lows still some with the war very well, as I think now I have to if so, for a present time wide from the year around 420 euros you get.

The phone is a lot of wood that will certainly fall back significantly in the first half of the year, but still consistently very cool phone, solid technology, good camera, great performance, even if the benchmark now not so much, but everything runs smoothly. What you can play it and what more could you want and in this sense I think I just didn't do anything wrong so, while samsung wants to buy either the artist a3 or the somewhat expensive a5 model if you would like to upgrade or haven't had one for 12 years and would love a middle excellent phone with great workmanship, beautiful technology and so beautiful exterior, I would not work with the send would like to have exactly in this sense. How long I watched, but I hope you liked the subscribe button.

You can find above like to visit to nature facebook on youtube on Instagram appearance on youtube when gaming live means together, quasi parallel and just close by, and then you have to know exactly where we are and in this sense I'm out makes good are then Euro incl..

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