Hello, hello guys, back on my YouTube channel May. This time our gadget review was shaken, I'm going to talk about the Samsung Galaxy Ace, which is happening right now. My friend already knows that the 5 network here has already started to enter Indonesia, right and the professor is the first when I introduced the network. Telkomsel, the devil of the soul, Telkomsel, introduced the Vibe Indonesia network and even though the 4G network is not evenly distributed in Indonesia, I really appreciate this provider because with this we will feel how good it is or how fast it is when we use it. The fighting network will mainly be for downloading streaming and other things. Here it is enough to talk about the fb network and here I will introduce the Samsung smartphone.

It is the Samsung Galaxy A3 25, G. Previously the one that was released in Indonesia was the A32, which is 4G, so it is networked That. Definitely a big difference: for those of you who don't know what the difference is between the Samsung Galaxy A3 Duos GT and the Samsung Galaxy A3 five, I was excited yesterday at shopee and So coincidentally, the promo was really good., said: kalempe It got a live, Galaxy bass and cash back of Rp. So let's unbox the Samsung Galaxy A3 [Music] Hi Hi, guys Sorry, [Music], Hi, babet, smile. The screen size is a little bigger than the Samsung Galaxy A3 24 G.

What are the other features that make the difference? Please keep the video symmetrical from beginning to end and here I will review the total Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 from the Samsung Galaxy A3 2vd and as free at the beginning of the video. There is no difference: Also yes, the Samsung Galaxy A3 Duos is the same as a whole. Here I will find out the difference between the Samsung Galaxy A3 25G and the Samsung Galaxy A3 2fort from the previous one, I. There is volume up and down, Sai, fingerprint version, right,, Kang, there's a speaker here and there's a 3.5mm audio jack and here's a sim card. Does this 32 GB use a triple sim card and it turned out great, friends, yes. This is one sim card, one memory or two sim cards and no memory.

I am ready for the Telkomsel profile, here I will try to install it on sim1. It used to be okay here and the network is out for this type of Samsung, yes. It's okay, we take turns You queue, first, right, but here for the connection problem, the Samsung Galaxy A3 2vd is ready for the fade. My friends already support Fauziah Five Vi lte3, so it's automatically connected, right? This also brought the latest OS, friends, OK. Okay and now I will discuss the Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 in terms of layers, yes, with a screen size larger than the Samsung Galaxy A3 4G. Now on the Samsung Galaxy A3 2vb it is equipped with a 6.5-inch screen, inspire solution. 720 times 1600 pixels fluently 20 to 9 with a density the next day, saying hello to e270 Yes, for the Samsung Galaxy A3 2vd.

This is for the screen: It's still not super AMOLED, but yes using the pls LCD. In my opinion, the screen of the Samsung a320y is still okay. And one more thing, for the screen made at Samsung. It's really different from the pls or water LCD screen in general, and here it is very clear. It is 10 times brighter and automatically saves battery. What is different on the Samsung Galaxy A3 2vd? It turns out that after I checked, I haven't used 90s yet, but on the Galaxy A3 2010 it is already using 90oc, which actually illustrates each other's needs. If you really like to play games, do you prefer extreme pairs? It is used for people who, in my opinion, chat to social media, watch videos and others like that.

Yes here and this is the camera view of the Samsung Galaxy A3 2vd yes here for the front camera Yes as usual. Here is an Ultra White camera. Yes, here yes, Hi for 10 this time using an optical zoom lens. This portrait camera is actually more of a bokeh camera, so the Samsung Galaxy A3 2vd is equipped with a defensor camera for taking bokeh photos, and there is also an exciting logo here. are effects that are supported by Snapchat, friends. This is fun. There are cockroaches and then there are photo effects like this. This fruit can make a lot of entertainment. Yes, here is full HD, 3000 second, friends, check it out and the 30 frames per second hadith for the front video. The selfie video here is fully supported too hd 30 frames per second, now like this.

It reproduces the panorama of food, night photos, friends, slow motion, slow motion is the same or this Labs is for features. Camera features of the Samsung Galaxy A3 2vd and for photos and videos.

Let's see together the photos and videos of the Samsung Galaxy A3 25 [Music], Hi Najwa, okay friends, here I'll check how Mama 11 is here Well, here in terms of speed, he uses 2 GHz, yes, for the face itself, the Samsung Galaxy A3 2i is equipped with a MediaTek mt6572 processor, The dimensions of the T720 fygg are different, my friends, so in terms of the processor compared to the Samsung Galaxy A3 2gi it is very different, especially here, already supports 3G networks, now I want to know what is the difference between the dimensions of tideman, doesn't it? Earlier, the Android version was 11 and it is here. I'll continue to check what sensors are used on the Samsung Galaxy A3 2G, yes, friends, hi, hi, okay. It does not have an orientation sensor, it is here for maps.

Usually there is a close-up sensor, So if you play Papji or games that have bigger graphics, it's already very stable. So, according to the existing market sensor and no pressure, sensor, OK Here I think I'm complete enough for me to sensor and it's a very mandatory thing to use in the main Samsung Galaxy Ace restore, right, friends. While waiting for the results of the case of Lies, Let me explain again for this Samsung Galaxy A3 2vd. Coincidentally, here Ify's outside is black, so take the same as my previous review on the Galaxy A3 2fort G No for memory capacity What is available on the Samsung 32 VCD in Indonesia. At this time is 128 GB of internal 8 RAM. Now for the retail price, when it is ready in Indonesia, it's the Samsung Galaxy A3 2vb.

It's priced at a retail price of 3999, which is slightly more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy A3 2fort G. Okay friends, here I recap: first, the difference that really stands out from the first Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 is on the screen, friends. Al is clearly different in terms of resolution only 6.4. While this version of the CH3 2 driver uses a screen and for the processor it's more or less the same, yes, but the difference is in the Samsung Galaxy A3 2gn, yes, what I explained earlier was that he was using MediaTek 6577 T720 VJ dimensions with 700 meter fabrication, While he has 2 4G faith, he still uses MediaTek Helio g80 with 12 nanometer fabrication. This, I will try to play the game, friends. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy A3 2vd uses 8 megapixels.

There is no difference for and for the first time here too. The Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 can already use 30 frames per second, while on the Galaxy A3 2fort he can't. Now for the bigger front camera on the Galaxy A3 2G at 20 megapixels. While the Samsung Galaxy A3 is 2GB times with a 13 megapixel camera here. As long as I try it here, Samsung Galaxy A3 28-11, it's, I guess it depends on what I need here if that's the advantage, in my opinion, in terms of the screen, it's okay, and because he can already vaugirard in my opinion. This is really worth it, but the rest is for other comparisons, friends, just adjust it with your respective Khan, but no, I. Think the Samsung Galaxy A3 2vd is already very good.

I recommend this one for 2002, hopefully later in the next generation, Samsung Galaxy A5, dual and even Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy A3 2vb is for single cast at 418 and for multico the score is at 1564. It's pretty good for the midtrans class, especially here. The single comparison here is the Galaxy S2, one Putra, s21 vip on and not 20 Ultra, yes, for multi Koreans. Here I compare the same with the types of ultrasound, ufj dangdut I'm here for the price of 3 million, yes, or rather it's 039, 99., Nanut, I'm. Here for the scores produced by the benchmark, Resort. It's really worth it, it's really good and for performance it's definitely better and okay. This is pubg's favorite game. It still doesn't work for the ants, he is now on Ultra.

The combination of ants with Ultra Hi Gebok, try it first. Let's look for weapons here, as usual, victory can be seen here, friends. If the performance isn't good, it usually has a frame drop or routing, but in my opinion this is pretty good. It is already running smoothly, even if the graphics are also very following. The advantages of the MediaTek mt6572 processor, with dimensions, T720 Fauziah with a 7 nanometer processor, so here I can really feel it. The difference is that the game is also good and smooth, or this is really ant too. Ah friends, the showcasing for the pubg game should be smooth for other games, because here too the effect is really smooth, isn't.

So here I will type again the default Samsung application which is really cool, that is it is a Samsung member, my friends, actually for Samsung members, I've reviewed SHINee. Since five months ago, I will only dry here. Play again because what is because Samsung is a SHINee member. There are so many benefits, friends, including that you can also get event notifications every day, there is a calendar event, Oops, maybe a voucher. Wow, increase yrt3 and use the hop feature by winning vouchers. Here there is a lot for the promo, well besides that, here you can also browse Galaxy galleries from various communities that use a Samsung member here. The posts are cool, I think yes, don't forget, here for the help form, here. There are questions, Canada, feedback of all kinds - like that.

There is a remote support text, chat or contact customers directly or visit us. Is everything OK, that's just a glimpse of my Samsung member. Ask directly you guys can what it's called sharing experiences, or maybe it's a problem a-obstacles when you use the Samsung Galaxy. This hadith will be answered by all Samsung customer service, members, okay, friends,. That was a brief review of the Samsung Galaxy A3 2vd. In fact, not too much has been discussed because in terms of the model it is exactly the same as Samsung Galaxy A3 2fort G, now I can conclude that on the Samsung Galaxy A3 2G. We really can't expect too much for its features, but the advantage of this Samsung Galaxy A3 2vd is that it already offers five networks that you can automatically use in the next two or three years.

So the point is that the Samsung Galaxy A3 2vd is really good for you in my opinion, because we think for the long term, yes, and in terms of design. My gadget review, don't forget to like comment and subscribe so that this channel is always active, mbang and always brings updated information about smartphones, especially Samsung, waiting for the next hands-on video, and that's also for updating video updates from my next YouTube channel..

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