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If you are new to the crew, make sure you subscribe to get notified, but if you are already a part of the crew [Music] salute now, today we're going to take a look at the Samsung Galaxy 8 30. On my ray and on my left we have the Samsung galaxy a32. Now let's talk about the displays, the storage, the batteries, the performance, the weight of these devices, the cameras, everything of this nature. I want to also touch on the performance things of this nature. So we could cover these devices and see how much improvement we got from the original Samsung Galaxy a30 to the Samsung Galaxy a32 over the last two years. When it comes to performance, they both have four gigabytes of ram and they and what happens is that we get 128 on the uh, a32 and 64 gigabytes of internal storage on the a30.

So that's the biggest difference when it comes to storage, but the memory, the performance, everything is pretty much the same. I do have a film over it to protect its amulet display and we do have an amoled display on this one with 90 hertz. So that's the biggest difference, but you will notice that we do have no fingerprint sensor on the back of the a32 um they are both going to be 6.4 inches. Full HD displays as well as um. Now when it comes to the processing chips, we are uh. The exynos 7904 on the Samsung Galaxy 830 which to me runs like a champ in 2021, we do have an older version of the Samsung Ui with uh Android 10 on here. So if you go to stor info, you can see that we have 2.0 uh ui, I'm running on this one with the uh, the first security patch of february.

Now it's a lot easier to unlock the Samsung Galaxy A30 with that rear fingerprint sensor versus the one that is embedded inside the display, but they both offer facial recognition, which is actually pretty cool as well. So I really like that I don't have a screen protector on this one, so I should actually put one on hold. Let me just show you the uh software that we are running on this guy. We have 3.1 on here versus uh and it's an android 11 so the biggest difference is that you gonna get a newer software with uh the Samsung Galaxy A32. I believe that the a30 will be upgraded to Android 11 but that's gonna be um. You know, I'm not sure when they're gonna officially announce that, but as you can see, they both run pretty good software on these devices.

We also have touch to wake on both of these devices and you can see that they both have that you display infinity, which is actually pretty cool with facial recognition inside of it as well. If you put this in direct sunlight, I don't have my lights in the studio, they aren't bright enough to capture that, but you could only see the scratches in the sunlight, which is cool, because even if you scratch it, you can only see it in broad daylight. I can't see it right now unless I put it at an angle and really show you but they are micro scratches, you barely see those gorilla glass 3 on this guy. I've had a case on this thing the entire time I've used it. We do get identical button placement on this guys.

So we have the power button under the volume rockers on both of these they are, both plastic edges, but we, with the exception of that gorilla glass. Now they both have the uh 3.5 millimeter headphone jack as well as the type c and speakers and noise cancellation mics below um. On the left side of these guys, you're gonna see the exact placement of the Sim ejector tool. We do get two nanos and one SD card slot and at the top we do get noise cancellation mics on both of these guys, which is kind of cool. Now when it comes to the feel in the hand the a30 is going to be a lot lighter, it is 165 grams of weight on this one versus 184 grams of weight on the a32, so you will feel a weight difference as well as a battery difference.

So we have a 5 000 milliamp hour battery on the a32 versus on the Samsung Galaxy um, a30, so uh I have glasses on. These are all the way up on full brightness and you can see that they are amoled displays so they're going to look super saturated super punchy, super colorful and when it comes to the screens at the exact same size, 6.4 inches, we do have a super amoled display on the Samsung Galaxy a30 and an amoled display on these a32. They look almost identical when I look at them to make it out, but the a30 is going to have 403 pixels per inch right here and 411 on the 832 uh we're going to get a very high density display on both of these guys um. They both have really high pixels per inch as well, like I said before 211 I'm sorry 411 on the uh, a32 and um.

You know it's going to be 403 on the uh a30 um, the original one so uh they both have really good performance when it comes to displays and things of that. But one thing you want to note is that you know that you're going to get that 90 hertz on the Samsung Galaxy a32, whereas you won't get. We do have adaptive screen brightness it's the same, but they do give us motion smoothness on this guy um. You know a way you can change the color tones on the 830 here, which is on the right um, but just to keep. Let us know that we have that 60 hertz and 90 hertz um on the a32 to make it a lot smoother when scrolling. Now the um feel in the hand of the Samsung galaxy a30 will be a 19 by 5 9 aspect ratio versus the newer 20 by 9 aspect ratio on the Samsung galaxy a32.

So it's a little bit narrower when you hold it in your hand. I could still wrap my fingers around both of these things but, like I said, the aspect ratio was going to be a little bit narrower on the a32 um. For some reason I did notice zippier performance. Um, you know advanced, so you get flash notifications on the back of this guy. Even though it's a more powerful processing chip, we have the g85 mediatek processing chip on the a32, which is actually an upgrade from the exynos one that we are rocking on the a um 30. So keep that in mind as well, so essentially what they did was they put a 12 um. They put a 12 nanometer processing chip on this one, which is the Samsung Galaxy a32.

So you could check those out, but they do have a way you could launch all your games now they did update the storage on the a32 as well. So if I go into storage and I go into like a device manager here below um right here - I could go into storage and I could show you that we do have 128 gigabytes um to use on the uh Samsung Galaxy a32 on the a32. It tells you everything that you have here, so 128 gigabytes of internal storage on this one, and you could always manage that. But I really like the fact that these both have at least 64 gigabytes of internal storage, so this is uh double what the a32 has, but both of these displays looked absolutely gorgeous.

I definitely like the Gorilla Glass 3 though, on the Samsung Galaxy a30 versus the a32, not really having a certification for Gorilla Glass, but uh. Honestly, they both are going to perform pretty nice for the price. Both of these devices are pretty snappy when it comes to opening up apps and things of that nature. So, like I said before, you get a better processing chip with the a32 right. It's going to give you the armali g52 for graphics and on the Samsung galaxy a32 we get the armali g71, but um. It has a better clock speed when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy a32. So right here, let me just show you that we do get live focus right here, but on this one they call it the portrait mode, which is kind of cool. So I like how they did that you get wide angle, one on both of these guys uh.

The camera does actually look a little bit better on the a um 32. It's a lot more detailed, so we get video um. We can show you all the modes right here that we get uh slow motion, pro mode panorama as well, where they added a night mode and a macro mode in addition to the wide angle that they had on the Samsung Galaxy A30, we do get ar emoji as well and you can switch to the ar zone. They also let you customize your ar um emojis on both of these things. I went to the uh what I went right here, where I can actually customize my own ar emoji and what they did is. I just took a picture from my phone and it automatically made this guy right here, which is cool, so you could share that with friends, friends and family and things of that nature.

So I kind of like both of these devices when it comes to that um. They got these little um cool emojis that you could definitely check out to your own personal preference to your own press, personal liking, um. So yeah they do have the ar emojis on both of these things, which is pretty cool, so I definitely like using those both of these devices. Now when it comes to the cameras they're both pretty good, we are getting gyroscopes on both of these devices, there is actually nfc on board on the a 32 as well, so we do get dolby atmos on both of these things, and it does tell you that you have to be connected to your earphones via bluetooth or um, the anything or the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack.

So I definitely like that as well, but if you go into uh your more uh, more options right here in settings, you can see that we do have nfc for the connections when we go up here, so you do see that we get the mobile payments and things of that nature on the 832. They don't have that on the 830, but we do get hot spot things of this nature. So I definitely like both of these devices when it comes to you know that mobile payments will be um. You will get that on the 832, but you won't get that with the nfc feature on the a30. So just to show you what that looks like I'm going to go back and flip it around.

They both look pretty sharp just to be completely 100, honest, which you get that wide angle for rooting for group selfies, which will actually make it a lot easier than you get that live focus to adjust the bokeh intensity in the back and everything of that nature. So I think it's a little bit more user friendly on the a32 because you don't have to go into settings to do that, but you get that night mode on the a32, like I said before, but as far as performance they're they're, there's a little bit of stutter. Um lie on both of these devices, but nothing that's gonna make you go crazy or anything like that. We definitely have some good um games that we can launch on both of these devices.

I really like the performance on both of these things, but when it comes to the rear cameras we get a 64 megapixel main camera on the a32 as well as an 8 megapixel for wide angle, a 5 megapixel for portraits and another five for macro shots on here on the uh samsung galaxy a30 we get a 16 megapixel standard and a 5 megapixel secondary camera. So if you go here, you can see that if you were going to photos, you get this secondary lens for bokeh and things of that nature and it actually turns into a wider angle. So you know that's a wide angle camera right there and I like how they did that, because now you can um. You also get the scene optimizer mode which allows you to get that ai on this thing as well, so they both have that ai um scene optimizer.

The fingerprint is now a lot faster on the a30 um, but it does have better technology, newer technology um. I will notice that this thing starts wigging out, so we get that scene optimizer on the 832 and um. Both of these devices are really nice when it comes to the price. Now when it comes to performance on the uh samsung galaxy a32 we're getting that g85 um which is definitely gonna be pretty good for gaming on it's, coupled with that four gigabytes of ram with the g85, so the performance when you come to gaming is gonna be super smooth I'll. Definitely do a gaming test very soon on this thing, but you're gonna notice very smooth performance.

No matter what you do, it's going to be super smooth on the g85 processing chip, a pair with the four gigabytes and 128 gigabytes of external storage as well. That was one of the upsides of this device uh overall, it just performed a really good wow for the price and I was really a big fan of it and um. Is it gonna be the best one I've ever used in the entire world? No, that's not going to be the truth, uh or any stretch of imagination, but it will definitely get you through. You will be able to play um game on here with the four gigabytes coupled with the 64 gigabytes of um external storage, I'm sorry internal storage and you can expand um external storage with an SD card slot.

Both of these devices are going to be good for performance in 2021, but they definitely upgraded it a little bit more on the a32. But I like the fact that they added nfc on this guy. You know scratches on the back of it uh on the a32, but this one has gorilla glass three, so it's just. It seems a little bit stronger um. We do have a bigger battery cell on the a32 versus the a30. We also have the 3.0 samsung ui versus this, the 2.0, which will make for a better experience. But you know, like I said before, they're gonna be both really good. So I had no issues with the GPS when either of these guys came out really good for both of these things so I was able to get some really beautiful sunsets at night on the 830 and I was able to get some beautiful sunsets on the 832 as well.

You can see that they both do a really good job of capturing um detail when it comes to taking pictures. I like that they included the wide angle on the 830 as well uh, but both of these devices are still a lot of people still have them the a30 sold um. I believe 9 million units total 9.2 million units, so I think the 832 will do just as well, but let me know what you guys think down below and I'll get right back with you later: crew peace [Music]..

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