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[Music] and friends, let's go, we're back today for a new video to pass the galaxy test before the samsung, the darkest suit in the range from samsung. Coming back to you, of course, don't hesitate to like the video share it on social networks, but also a thumbs up. It's the video you liked it gives me my channel everything mixed with the room in the description. The bell to receive the notification of the channel can also make a donation to the channel will be able to succeed the content. It will please everyone good, so the foot, the cost first part presentation to the specifications at the level.

The look, so everything is necessarily plastic at this price of a fight on a smartphone which is 40 euros for you, so the cheapest Samsung button, with the desired image more or less on the right side here on the left side here, the microphone atmosphere here. Here we have the rac for the sim card so that who takes here nano sim and a micro sd which is rather good. We are sure of the usbc, which is rather a very good point, main microphone gray speakers on apathy, nothing in the same plastic yet. So it takes fingerprints a lot with the dual camera fingerprint reader here, so that is given for nine million pixels 13 million, by which 13 million good after number of pixels doesn't mean anything LED flash and that's all so no screen protection or glue shells.

So it's necessarily here that you buy that, so it holds well to the mask. In fact, it is quite compact, high level here is high level we mean from prison, so the moncla screen of dimensions. It's not a language at all, so it's pretty good there, we're not sure about oled or amoled. We are on a tft screen, so I don 't have any more, so a 5.8 pushes so the front of the screen takes, let's say 80 2.6 percent of the surface first two fronts, so the resolution at density, 296 of the countries here we are still on samsung. The vision is pretty good, and also the brightness level. Also it's the same so due to the camera, nothing that can film in full HD, 30fps front camera of 8 with an aperture of 2.0, so I'm pretty good too.

We are on a nikci wedding 78-84, a small in case of agreement clocked at 1, giga 6. So here it is a small oct agreement must not dream either. With an engraving and fineness of engraving of 14 nanometers gpu, a mali I have 71 1, p 2 framework projects to 32 giga storage expandable by microsd, which takes anoci a micro sd sas could all very well a 3000 mile battery and in pair eur which is rather good, also and the wi fi, b g l, so no ac and usb 2.0, so usb fatigue it is a zero point by It's pretty good here at the level of fluidity. So now two thieves have paradoxically well listen, it's rather satisfactory. So that's a pretty good follow-up, also from samsung. One wii from Samsung and 2.0 did not happen in my opinion, will never pass on eleven.

It's clear and clean and the shortcuts precise. So for those who know the overlay of samsung I don't have it for you present, o n is going to put the wi fi. So guy who are here gives you access to wallpapers of the mounjettes and the settings here are connections are a vibration, so his instincts samsung, so pretty good I'm all the way. You have adapted its round and a few small settings in terms of meaning so a wallpaper file. Here you have a sport from samsung, we are necessarily on the samsung lock screen, so the d player's fingerprints work. Well, so nothing to say here so it works pretty well, nothing to say the lock screen in biometric privacy see position when your backups advanced options here.

Screenshot in smart display of pop ups reduction of animations movements and gestures here on the go. Lyncheurs would be about double maintenance of the device. The applications, the global management here date and time so entered software update so last patches I had it had quite a lot. So it's pretty recent so see there I'm doing this video in late April, so early April I have some security pages is agent, please. Precisely we knew the 20th information so one we 2.0 and Android 10. So the screen is well optimized me I, found in relation to the price range. Frankly, the viewing angles we are not sure of the lcd, but satisfactory inside and even outside the screen is very bright. So it's pretty good, so I found it pretty good after being outdoors in full sun.

Yes, there are a few small problems, but that's basically the brightness is pretty good, so it's quite a decent screen by compared to the price range. It has natively, so wifi calls is pretty good. You will last the day largely contr Apparently, from what we think of Huy. 3000 million talks a lot, but if it's going to last all the same, we'll say the day so easily: there you go listen, so that was the first part. Mark then says of course that low cost smartphone is a first price. A low cost range ready score, so 116 1658, so it's not necessarily the most famous there but we'll say it's still enough fluid and it does not bug compared to the others, we're going to say low cost, 1.2 ghz or things like that.

Despite the obscure all that means nothing, you will still be able to do all the tasks you can do with a smartphone grid test, see the screen. Yes, the screen is well optimized at the level of the bombs are not very wide, which is rather very well. The job touches so every time I can't do it. So it's quite boring stuck on this thing because there in my game I'm normally sure it's only one. I don't know, but here is the screen ready and Assyrians who pretends so I had no problem on that.

So therefore knew the samsung galaxy at 20 sailboats, therefore 78 84, who agrees of which he says 64 bits, but I could have a mali I, ai 71, 1, p 2, the hd screen, +, the rear, 13 and 5 l ddr4 here is the frequency of the giga ram project that a drama forgiveness and 32 gigs of storage architecture, 64 bits oct accord to canon crj cassis So this time the data is not erroneous and high level. You don't have heart rate, you don't have a nancy light sensor either and it's kinda messing around with pressure. Yes, so even if we're on a smartphone we're going to say entry level from samsung and well here they are so they took good care of them and the sensors are not what is missing.

So here is the exynos, so architects, so samsung original processor here is the system in puy-l'evêque 29, no security, February 2021. So it normally receives on the security page every three months. Here it is as much as I am critical of samsung, but here it is already nothing that the prison sent me. It is quite pleasant to have a small smartphone. We tend to forget, but it holds very, very well in hand for those who, like small smartphones, so sir, that it will suit them very, very well so here at the level of the immediate 8 the screen. We are not on a high contrast, but it does the job a lot after those who are used to top of the range from samsung honestly I do not recommend this phone to them.

It's not even worth it so I think you'll have to go your way, so the albums here, screenshots 3d mark and its brands in all or the multi touch. You see the video, so it's quite nice on this small screen when it passes largely clearly. So we are a resolution on HD solutions, but on this small screen it is more than enough. Yes, near the colors are not ugly as I was explaining it to you, despite the fact that we are on a tft screen, so samsung wanted to reduce costs as well inevitably, but it is rather successful in clearly it works well images. So colors are beautiful and should be able to enjoy multimedia content in a fairly efficient way, so satisfying the sound, but is not ugly, its island and not powerful, but they saturate port [Applause].

Here it is so it is rather satisfying on arrival, not powerful, so there I am flat out [Applause] that you don't want to watch on a mono paris, but this price, my speaker, but which does the job [Applause], will be more than enough [Music]. Nothing necessarily, then the patients, a processor or a lot of drama, but it will make the games work, I'm sure, Jetpack, joyride think you he needs resources when but see your function very, very well, so it's rather satisfying an Indian and to be able to play almost, maybe not the big games but games of this type. It goes largely in the old way, with the subway on strong, but rather satisfactory.

Also frankly, at the output processor- okay, it's quite paradoxical with Samsung because you can have 4 gigas g, the phone rowed, the go on 1.32 a little teacher, but it's all smooth. That's what kinda freaked me out too, and it really works really well [ Music] [ Applause ] so end in a pretty satisfying way: soul, surfer, who is in oxford, oxford, [ Applause ]! Also super fluid average indians kollas. Despite his little confide, the smartphone runs quite easily 3d games Asphalt. Ubg will also pass call of duty, but not with a high enough graphic design, but it will pass like a strong m. It's not even worth it, of course I'm not even talking hop, hop rather satisfactory earnings, then the camera, so I found that they weren't that bad.

Frankly, it is OK in outdoor light conditions. Portrait photo video, so we can take video here in 16/9 with full HD resolution. O ui, rather good camara, also have full HD. You have here the automatic flash, so here it is if it is bare minimum union, but which works rather well so May 13th, which makes here the quick take, is so earlier, but I found that it was not bad honestly, it was not bad and on the front face so the 8 wide-angle marmoset here is rather successful. Also katia- or here hop here is 16/9 marmoset here I have found that it was not so bad a year clearly so video in full HD also so of course, as usual to judge for yourself, the quality of the camera I made you full full full outside I wanted subject.

Tell me also if it is a phone that can thrill you, then from what you have seen the characteristics if it is something that can be interesting to go. I'll meet you for the last part to conclude to test yourself [Music]. Will it always be on top despite the fact that it is a small model? The opposite result seems to be quite satisfactory from what we may say, the big brands. I recently tested the iphone 8 that remains a safe bet for years, and it's really here's something or we can't do much. It's big brands and it works pretty. For this galaxy 1 20 s, video of Samsung small low cost, a wine s is good, my faith. Despite that, it is the first price it is low cost, but the Samsung os look not so bad in terms of rendering on the screen at least we'll see it on the computer.

But here's the advantage of the big brands is that from a quality, rendering point of view it is still above we can say the mythical who kicks all that. It's peanuts voice compared to samsung, iphone and stone the big brands we may say, but it remains incomparable from my observations and my tests. Listen to me for people who are fans of samsung here is the overlay of the reliability mark of 500. It can be not bad to have a small smartphone like that intended for daily use. Frankly, here you will be able to do almost all the tasks that I can make a phone. So despite this small processor and 20 it works pretty well, nothing to say now. For me, people actually have a high-end, samsung flagship that their little bit of our wine or s21 stuff like that latest generation and pia and broke down.

You didn't like it's sure, given the quality of the screen for me, which honestly isn't bad for duyet tft, which is not ugly it passes, but for these players no, it will pass time now the phone. It is true that you were quite surprised by the fluidity to an Indian, the 3000 battery lasted a long day. The performance of the le petit oct accord does the job well despite these gadrat projects. It's a product is a very reliable brand, exemplary software monitoring. It's people here so I think for the people who like to have a phone in the 11th grade, although it fits well in the hand, so a little effort it will largely suit them.

Everyone can also see what they want, but I see there I haven't found it disgusting and I can only advise it for small budgets for those who, like samsung, do not like smartphones, which is worth 140 euros. Do not hesitate well on a lake and the video to share it on social networks m also thumbs up if the life you liked subscribe to macha I, put you purchase. Also activate the bell to receive notification from the channel can also make a donation to the channel, the sure ones, to help and improve the content..

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