SAMSUNG GALAXY A20 Get the fruit out of it with these TIPS and TRICKS #Samsung - Galaxy User Guide

Hello and welcome to counselor with its and tricks and recommended applications for the samsung galaxy, a 20s [Applause] good to get quickly into the matter what we are going to find in the upper part of the equipment. We are going to touch here and add button grid or status bar here. This grid of buttons allows me to say, a little bigger or a little smaller. What I do is accept and when I add to that I suddenly do not know how to make any changes. Lets say change the location, because what I do is simply clicking the buttons here and I can say, add the applications which are most commonly used from there example.

All I do is simply enable what is also the yellow light filter? We can do it on this side and that's what the enable configuration would be and here we're going to go a little bit into the subject of the quick functions that this equipment handles because, as you recently observed, you're going to find two that are different in the night mode and the filter of blue light. What is new is enabled and places, let's say the black screen when it usually comes white and the light filter blue. What it allows is how to generate a kind of yellow light on the screen that serves for visual relaxation and some functions such as the protection of the eyes so that they can enable it in this way outside to perform the screen capture process.

The settings you will find on this computer It is in the lower part which allows me to do some additional functions, for example, I can get everything from here. Also, if I want, I can touch here and that is how some advanced functions are enabled to change, for example, the appearance of information. In short, also remember that this does what is double screen? I touch here: I look for the factory applications because it generally works with the factory applications and I stand on the icon or it stays there. . Example, if you want to have 12 youtube, any application that you manage can handle it very easily. Remember that to get out of the double screen, what I just touch here and I can pull this way or stop here and I can take this bar up or down and I exit automatically the screen.

Also for people who want to have a triple screen haha, that s a trick that the mobil guidance team will give please. The recommended is to download mozilla firefox, which is this browser that you will find here and l or what we are going to do is go directly to YouTube. But before that please ignore the page we are going to touch here and we will enable what is to request desktop sites. We are going to a little improve the volume so we do not have any problems, and here what we do is a full screen. Application example can you use gesture here and there I would have my triple screen so that you can use it in this. Other functions that you will find directly in this team are when they enter after they go to the app drawers.

This and vam We will first find some special functions here where it says that in the three points we are going to touch them here and we are going to where it says, adjust this home screen then what we do is stop, and here it shows us some additional configurations. Look here, the smallest particles come more than you win smaller, bigger ones as you want to handle it, but you can also do it for the applications inside the application drawer. It is one of the great adjustments that come to this team allowing itself to be customized in a very good way and I think that the most important thing about all of this configuration n is to be able to enable what is hide applications remember that to hide applications I simply select the one that I need to hide.

It will not appear here directly in the menu, but there is a way that suddenly if you mark it, this search engine is made. That appears here if I had a word gallery here, it directly gives me a mark so that they take into account the hidden search, the applications from there generally. But let's not say when we do the direct search so that they are very clear about how this configuration works. It works very similar to the menu that we are working on this side. This then allows me to make some additional configurations also allows me to search for configure example. It will not have any type of inconvenience because to be able to do it by entering a little part of the screen. This team handles quite complete functions on screen and here is what is Size and font style.

What is this, that is, the text that a little more black marked, but also in the sensitivity part. If we enter a bit here to the part of Cecilia we go where it says here, visual improvement. Let's say where it marks us bad, bold, I don't know why it is not on the screen where it says: high contrast font. If we can call it here, we can also enable it and in this way it would also look bolder so we have a better view of our letters and our configurations will also the size and font style that you are going to find here. One of the applications we recommend that is part of the team. It is like an exclusive Android store for Samsung equipment, which, well... They will find exclusive content here, let's say, and there among them here.

What is the featured content to find a lot of a featured content and one of that is to look for a lot of sources, these sources they can be free. If you want to do it in the form of gestures which is from here, then you can do it here because the application shows how to use it or if they want to leave by buttons, they can generally make some kind of glasses for the location of buttons in their preference outside. Leaders and one of them is the galaxy systems application which you will find a number of themes. Remember that you can download directly what is Google wallpapers.

This Google Wallpaper allows you to generate a much more marked customization that we are going to allow and which, I can choose an example theme that I can come to and choose, I don't know, landscapes and one of v - The advantages of this app is that I can touch here every day, without the need to do anything and saving time, and it will automatically change an image every day that I have since. If you want to personalize the equipment even more, there is this application I know 6, which allows us to download what are ringtones, all new backgrounds, notification of what you want to imagine look at all the screen with video, wallpapers and ringtones.

Then here you will find an impressive amount of information which, because it comes completely free, you can download it and you can use it without any problem, but to other functions that you are going to find. We are going to enter the page, lock screen and we are going to enable some kind of password in this case. I am going to enable the pattern, I am going to make it super short, and one of the functions when you lock your computer here seems very good to me. It will tell me with the icon that I have a new message, but if I already want it to say with the screen locked, it will mark us, let's say the structure of the message or the recipient or whatever for it style.

Then this allow me a level of security, but not the functions that make the process look complete to me that I can get there and customize application shortcuts. That is when I lock the computer here because these little icons to me are quite good and useful, but if I want to personalize the examples, select others that are more interesting to me that I want to handle them because I can do it directly, then we are going to enter I want it to be I, don't know, google chrome, it appears to me that it is, and the camera is going to replace it by email. Then when I block the equipment, i will simply have these shortcuts.

You are entering a bit of the security part in the security part because this equipment allows you to do two additional types of blocking that the registry of face and add footprint then remember that the function will simply be left in the back, so that you can do it, but another part of the security that they enable that we are going to go directly to cap and we are going to enable something called anchor windows. I think it is one of the most complete functions the Android OS has practically removed. That n or it is exclusive to all the new versions of android, and it is in clear windows.

I simply need to do the gesture or hold the two buttons here, but when I hold it the device automatically locks, then it is something extremely good, since I can exit without any problem now and it is one of the security levels that can be enabled on this device. If you want to have even more security and privacy then we will recommend an application. The advantage of this application is that it is hidden from the naked eye. We are then going to put the word and here I say: Add files, local files, and I can select an example, a screenshot when to import. The advantage of this is that it removes it for me directly where I have it like that from the direct destination, and the advantage is even more that this calculator is hidden from the naked eye.

If I do a mathematical operation I hope I will enable everything [music] which is wanted, but if I want my password to be able to enter the application directly, then I will enter all my information there privately. In this case we will leave an m as a password without trying to re-enable an m. We confirm that m and I automatically have to accept some types of system conditions to enable security, so for example if I want to block whatsapp or in this case YouTube is going to block, YouTube asks for some system permissions that are mandatory here we enable Pepelu we are going to accept here I know that I can block a type of application simply. I think it is something extremely important, and when I enter my gallery, simply here we are going to look here for it.

Remember that if you have your fingerprint configured it will work the same way and that you will not have any good project behind the configurations which you will be able to find directly in the settings part. This device care that allows me here if I want, you can add some type of shortcuts or do some additional functions and what allows me, I don't know why it is enabled, is to optimize the equipment,. What I do is in the security part the enable route and automatically the security part enabled, I don't know why it comes by default, if it is a security part in everything, I, optimize and automatically the equipment.

I will have its cleaning and maintenance as such good in the advanced functions that we are going to find this management team, the quite complete functions among them is the screenshot where it is going to generate some kind of, let's say, show some additional functions immediately. Also when we are in advanced settings we will be able to manage some applications, such as dual messenger. In this case, the double whatsapp you can enable it there without any kind of problem and they can handle it very easily and here, but what we do is to simply enable whatsapp facebook messenger. What you want if you enable it as a joke is just install it.

In my happiness it was directly and when you are going to notice it in the menu, you can see what is whatsapp and l normal and whatsapp 2 and that's how it occurs for the Messenger as well already a bit entrant here to the subject of applications, because this is what you are going to find in the place thor. We do not say to update the app automatically, but to do it that asks for permission, not that we do it in a way that does not authorize us, because then we can have memory problems. The other thing is here: we go to delete histories, download preferences that are done only through Wi-Fi or ask whenever you want to do it in this much easier and simpler way and the theme of hahah. Let's say the theme of supports is something that the bears squares are adding.

You can have one guide and technical support from your team to see how the state is, they can do some kind of test and they can do many more things, well... Another of those that apply and practically finish, this is called mega which allows me to store more than 50 gigabytes of information, if only by doing a traditional registration with an email, a password and that's all then I can have any amount. And last and finally, remember that this equipment supports a microsd memory preferably class 10 and in its additional versions. Good friends, we hope you liked this video tutorial do not forget to subscribe to our channel as we continue to use our social networks that appear on the screen not being left until a next video bye, [Music]..

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