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Is the Samsung Galaxy, a 24 Metro from t-mobile, a good phone to buy in this video well? Follow me on instagram on Kevin Blessings TV. Please join the Kevin breeze tech community on facebook to chat about Budget Smartphones, ask questions, and help others Hi everyone. This is Kevin here with my Samsung Galaxy coming at u with a 20 review for Metro by t-mobile. So this is the metro by t-mobile variant of the phone it only came out about a week ago and is already one of the best devices you could find in a metro by t-mobile retail store.

The factory unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy, a 20 available, can be found on Amazon, and I will link that to this in the video description, but I wanted to specifically get the Metro t-mobile version of the phone because I know that a lot of people who are subscribed to this channel that are metro by t-mobile customers might want to go this route, because they are loyal to Metro by t-mobile and they want to take advantage of the really sweet promotions offered by the carrier. The only reason to buy a carrier-branded phone over a factory unlocked phone is due to the amount of money that you are able to save. In addition, there is a summer - promo going on at Metro by t-mobile.

So this phone has a retail price of $39.99 and you can buy the factory unlock version of the device on Amazon for the same amount of money. So you definitely should never pay the full $39.99 at your local Metro store because you're sort of playing yourself, because you could just go out and buy the factory unlocked version of the phone which will hold its value better and we'll give you the ability, if you choose to, to switch to other carriers without any problem at all. The good news is that with the promotion on, if you are a current Metro customers of t-mobile and want to upgrade your current device to the Samsung Galaxy, a 20, all you have to pay is 170 $9.99.

You can actually get this phone for free, so I recently had this with a friend of mine who is a Verizon customer and he's considering switching to Metro by t-mobile and I told him that he should definitely do it and in addition he'll be able to receive a free Samsung Galaxy, a 20, so whether you are upgrading a new line or porting from another carrier. Besides that, you can save a lot of money by using the Metro variant of the Samsung Galaxy, a 20. Four inch display comes in 720p with the 19 and a half by nine aspect ratio. So of course the design of this phone features the teardrop notch at the top. So this is a very new design that Samsung is offering, but personally I'm a big fan of it.

I feel like it's the perfect compromise between having no knottch and having one because of how small it is, because you can see all of your different notifications icons and your battery meter. I really would have liked to see it at 1080p, because not to me it's a good display and I could certainly live and, like I already said, I recommended that my friend go get this phone. Also if I recommend it to my own friends, then I recommending it to you guys as well, but you can see a little bit of pixelation on the display if you look very closely but still, it's gonna be absolutely fine for 99% of the people out there, and I can definitely live with this. Another cool thing is the aspect ratio, so it does 19 and a half by 9.

So it gives you a taller design here, but that's really the way things are heading because you can get a larger display, but still be small enough to hold it in your hand, because if it still has a 16 by 9 display and it was 6.4 inches in size, then it would be the size of a small tablet. So going this route has a great 19 1/2 x 9 aspect ratio. Here's an 8 megapixel front camera and later in the video we're talking about the photo and video quality from this phone, but spoiler alert. I am very impressed with the quality of the photo and video from this phone.

The device features 32 gigabytes of internal storage, with microSD card expansion, and up to 512 gigabytes of storage, so 32 gigs of storage is not too bad, and I have installed several applications on here so that some space has been taken up. After doing that and taking some test photos and videos, I have 13.6 and gigabytes left over space so the operating system and the Samsung skin, which I know all of you love, takes up quite a bit of space here. So of course you can expand the storage of the microSD card but nothing beats good old-fashioned internal storage, so I feel like that is still a decent amount and for most people that will work, but it would have been nice to see that this phone have 64 gigabytes of internal storage.

Now that there is no wireless charging with this phone and on the back we have a fingerprint sensor now, I feel that the fingerprint sensor is just a little too high because naturally my finger wants to rest on the samsung logo. It would be nice if that was a little easier to access, but the good news is that the fingerprint sensor is super quick and I was able to unlock the device now with no problems at all. So you can take really amazing and really good looking wide-angle photos. Of course you won't be able to take these pictures in the full 13 megapixels since it is 5 megapixels, but it still is great to see that we at least have a wide-angle option and you'll see that the photos taken with this camera are actually great.

The device has 3 gigabytes of RAM, definitely would have been nice to see 4 gigs, but it runs very well even with 3, so I'm pretty happy with that, and it features the Exynos 7 9 Zero 4 processor at 1.8 gigahertz. That's shown on the factory unlocked version of the phone I, don't remember from top of my head. What is that processor but it's like the 79 and then like two other numbers that are a little bit different at the end. Not even gonna, set it up because I do not like Bigsby at all I'm not a fan. Personally, video recording on this phone maxes out at 1080p with 30 frames per second.

The device features a four thousand milliamp hour internal battery, which is great you're going to get really good battery life with this phone, especially considering we have a 720p display. That's one of the positives of having a 720p display is that it does save quite a bit of battery. So if you like Samsung software where you get the Galaxy store and Sam a lot of notes and wearable stuff and all that stuff then I think you like this I personally more like stock Android. The software at least is very well optimised here, so you are going to get a good experience. I had someone comment on my unboxing video that I am being too biased by saying that I don't like Samsung software - maybe that's the case - but I'm just saying my personal thoughts about it.

It is go over the specs or eight. I mean you kind of want me to go into my personal opinion about software, and things like that. So I can't really complain with that, but I do wish that this had Android stock. We have also installed Metro by T-Mobile Software and that's normal you're gonna find that with any Metro phone and we have obviously all the Google essential applications pre-installed also so that overall not too much bloatware, especially for a Samsung phone. As soon as they connected to Wi-Fi and started installing a bunch of junk, it's not like that did happen. So I am very grateful that it is about all the blow air that we do get with the phone because it could be worse on the phone in fact. These are the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy, a 24 metro by t-mobile.

So let's take the hardware of the phone now I've talked about front quite a bit. On the bottom, we do have a little bit of a chin, but overall I can see if the screen to body ratio with this 6.4 inch display looks really great on the left side. There is no dedicated Bigsby button on this phone, which is bittersweet. It's sweet because I don't like Bigsby, but it's bitter because I know that on some of the other Samsung phone models such as the Galaxy S ten, you can activate the big speed button to activate any application that you would like on the phone. In that sense, I kind of wish that there was a Bixby button just that I would have this capability, but not here. We have the noise canceling microphone and on the bottom we have the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack.

It is a nice polished material here in the backside, I'm not aware of any other colors for the Metro variant of the Galaxy, a20 I'm pretty sure it's only available in black. It's super smooth and that's a good thing because on budget phones sometimes the best typing experience isn't available but you definitely do on here how many videos I have made about the LG style before fairly crazy right? You can now place the videos up to 720p here, thus no 1080p, which makes sense, because the display is only 720p. So you can also crop in if you want to get the full effect fill the entire screen with the video and overall, this is a great phone for watching video content. Definitely that you liked a lot now.

If you are big into Instagram, then you definitely like Samsung Galaxy A 20 because it works really well. Instagram runs really smooth and you're gonna have a great experience there. You can also go up to the top and watch your stories so you can run through that definitely very smooth there. Since this is the Metro by t-mobile variant of the device, it wanted to give you a look at the sort of speeds you might expect to get. Another great thing is that Multitasking is super smooth. You might have too much, but still you'll have a good experience with most of the games out there like Candy, Crush and Temple Run so you'll have a great experience with most of your favorite games.

But if you're like some kind of really intense mobile gamer, then you may want to get instead a flagship phone, but you can see that things really work here very well. Your droid, you not only get that big display, but also a very nice and smooth experience. The experience here isn't as smooth as you might get with the Galaxy S10 for example, but you still get the able use of web browsing experience on the phone. Here is the box that you're gonna get with the Metro bytes mobile Samsung Galaxy h20. It looks pretty stock on the front, but on the back you'll see that it does say Metro by T-Mobile here.

So if you need some reading materials and there you go: you get the USB - type c, cable for charging and data transfer and you get an adaptable fast charging wall - adapter with Samsung branding. Now this device takes really good looking photos and videos. I was able to go to a local park and I really took some great photos that look really good, so I am super happy with the quality of this gadget. The selfies are even good here and it's able to focus on different objects.

So I'm really happy with the photos of course because having that wide-angle lens is definitely useful and what's funny about that is that it's one of those things that you don't really appreciate until you actually get a phone that has wide angle photo taking abilities because it really takes your photos to the next level. So I'm really happy with that on the galaxy 820. I'm glad they decided to include that feature with the phone and I think it is definitely worth it, because it looks really good and works really well. This is Kevin here, a test video from Samsung Galaxy A 20 for you to watch. This is the Metro by T-Mobile variant of the phone and I'm taking this video in 1080p at 30 frames per second.

This is a main lens with the Y angle, not the Y angle, but I'm going to do a test with wide angle, no manual autofocus, and video mode following this. This is Kevin here, taking a front-facing video with the new Samsung Galaxy, a 24 metro made by t-mobile. So let me know what you think of the quality and I'm sure you'll certainly like the front camera if you're big into Vlogging, but this phone is pretty affordable - I paid 70 $9.99 with the new line - and that is on a promo discount - but I'm sure. Whatever way you end up with this phone, you'll probably get a good deal, but without further ado, let me know what you think of the front-facing quality.

So overall I recommend the Samsung Galaxy a 24 metro by t-mobile and the truth is that this device is an A+ and, of course there is room for improvement, just like any smartphone out there, but for the price, this device is a major win and especially with those promos, because you can save some major cash and normally I recommend going with factory unlocked phones, like I have previously mentioned in the video. But with these promos, you can get this device for super cheap and it will save a lot of money over the factory unlocked version. So I definitely recommend going this route if you are a loyal Metro by t-mobile customer.

I would like to give a shout out to my local Metro by t-mobile store as they did a great job of taking care of me and making sure that this is all sorted and ready to go with this phone. Generally speaking I'll continue to recommend the location to my friends and family and anyone else for that matter. Let me know as well and if you would like me to compare it to any specific phones I would love to know that too, but thanks so much for watching this video, make sure to follow me on instagram and Twitter at kevin breeze TV, because kevin breeze was taken, and I will see you in the next video..

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