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This is the Samsung Galaxy A12 um I paid 180 for it at the best buy for some reason they didn't charge tax, or maybe the tax was already included. I don't know, but it was 180 on this label and I actually paid 180. So one thing you need to know about Best Buy is that they do have a 40 restocking fee. So if you're going to buy something from them, make sure that's what you want because if you have to return it, if you have to return it, you're gonna have to pay that restocking fee, so that's from best buy anyway. It's mostly for making calls and a little bit of web surfing, but absolutely no high power gaming or anything like that. A few apps, maybe checking your bank account and making calls and that kind of thing.

So this little box which probably has papers in there a warranty - I don't know so it does have a fingerprint sensor. I was not even sure about that and unlike the nokia it does not have a case. So nokia is unique in that sense that they give you a free case. Gonna have to get a case. I'm assuming these are four cameras and uh the flash over there, so I'm not very proficient at and as far as phone photography. If you want to know what all these cameras are for, but it's certainly not for 3d 3d images, so you're not going to be recording in 3d in the box, you get the usual Samsung branded wall adapter [Music], the cable is, let's see what kind of cable you get. It is reversible type c, that's good news and whether this has wireless charging we'll find out.

I seriously doubt it for 180 dollars, I don't think so. Any carrier like t-mobile att, whatever you want, the lock ones, um only work for that company so and amazingly um. I was going to get a locked one from t-mobile and they were going to charge me over 200 for this, for the locked one that only works with t-mobile, so it was the one, the 180 dollars for the device plus 30 dollars for the kit. This one does not have the kit that I can tell and the kit is just the sim card and then there is no sim card here. I did not need to pay that extra 30 dollars for the sim card. It is rather an adaptive fast charging charger. Okay, so we are gonna set it up, okay, so that was fairly fast. I would say that took about two minutes I was passing the camera just to get a little fast.

You would not think this is a 180 dollar phone and, as you can see, it is just an android interface there is nothing unusual about it. So, like I said I'm here to review the phone, I'm not here to review Android, so it's kind of hard to do that and try to separate one thing from the other, but let's go into the phone and see the apps. So that's some google chrome, gmail maps, youtube drive, google play movies and tv duo and photos. So you have to notice that there is no music player. You do get google play movies and tv, but no music player. So that's a bad thing, but that's on Android's fault. Now microsoft, that's kind of weird to have that in here you get one drive which I do use you get office.

Let's see if you get the real thing and not just the 30-day free trial and oh yeah, you got to download that if you want to use that I can guarantee you. So I'm not going to get into that because I guess that's a separate video. If you want to know what that is and you get a calculator, you get a calendar, camera clock contacts. This is a special gallery game launcher. I don't think so yeah and there's never mind that some. That seems like a time consuming internet. So let's agree, let's see what's special about this and remind me later I want to. It has 500 videos, whoa yeah. There we go so as you can see: [Music] [Applause], okay, so the internet works.

We got messages: netflix sea phone: oh no! No phone, uh play store, samsung, free samsung, global goals, samsung notes, samsung notes and um settings spotify and youtube music. So there's definitely no music player here and I'm sure most people don't care about that because they'll be listening through youtube and if that's the case, that's good, but in my case I did like it and it's not here. I don't see it so let's go into settings and see what kind of phone we're holding here so connections, we want to see what kind of connections are fairly universal these days and we do have ends near field, communications, nfc and contactless payments.

Let's see if we can go there to make mobile payments and read or write in nfc tags place the area of your phone in the blue circle against the nfc, the nfc reader and then contactless payments. So let's go to [Music] more connection settings you get vpn virtual private network. You do get um android auto. If you need that it's kind of a bad thing, I'm not going to get into that because that's another video, but it's good to know that it's there. So I guess that face recognition is just uh. Let me see yeah so fake face recognition is all it does. Is to take a look at your face using the camera. It does not have that infrared mapping technology that other phones use.

So I like the fingerprint only, the fingerprint sensor is over here and that's a good thing that it does have that and it's a good thing that it is here and not back here, so there's not much else to look at other than maybe storage. Let's see where storage is, I don't see it okay, so this version of Android deleted the storage section. So now you have to go to battery and device care and that's going to tell you the storage, so they moved it to a separate place and if you can see it is already using 12.7 gigabytes out of 32, so half of the memory has been used up.

So that's not good, so this phone is not for heavy users or if you're going to be making a lot of videos, you might want to stay away from this phone and as far as the flash memory goes, it uses 1.8 out of 3 so I'm not even running any apps. So it already uses more than half its memory capacity, so that's not good, but for 180 dollar phone. That's, I guess, that's what you would expect, let's optimize it and see what that does, yeah that helped a little now it's 1.5, but of course the storage is not going to change at all, so you might want to add a sd card and we're going to find out if that's even an option, because some phones don't allow you to add an sd card or tf card.

You want to call it, however, so we're going to add that and we're going to see if that even does anything if it allows it or not, because this in that way I'll explain it later. If you want that- and I don't think there is anything else to talk about is a basic intro phone. As you saw, it's not a whole lot of memory that they put in these phones these days. I don't know why, but we're gonna add that sd card. Okay, so here is our SD card and um, as you can probably tell it's a 34 gigabyte card, so the idea is to expand the memory by 32. So let me turn off the phone and it's pop open that tray power off. So let me open the tray which is over here. Okay, so let's push and let's pull as you can see, you do get two slots for a phone, so you get um.

Here is your sim chip, one sim chip, two and here goes the sd card, the memory. We're probably gonna have to format this card, that's to be expected, but the question is: will it allow it at all and that is not universal? Samsung is notorious for not allowing it. That means that you cannot expand your memory, so we put that like that. Okay, now we know how long it takes to load and I'm going to display the number of seconds on the screen. So let's go to battery and device care and let's go to storage, so we're gonna look for sd card or memory and it shows me nothing about sd card. So this is the internal storage and here is the sd card.

So right away it is not asking me if I want to merge the internal memory with the sd card, see if there is any other way of doing this sd card [Music] format, let's format it so you do. So the sd card is set up, let's go back and they are still separate. This is a very bad thing because you might think that while it is installed well that is true and you can save videos and files on the sd card, but it's a separate memory. So the apps, for example, this is internal storage and the apps they are all going to be installed in the internal storage, not on the sd card. So if you want to expand the memory on the phone you'll have to get a nokia and like I said you see most of the memory gets used by video a lot.

Gonna have to tell the camera right here: change, storage, location to sd card, say yes, and now you're set up so whatever video or pictures you take they're all going to go to the sd card and that's going to save a lot of memory to your phone and by the way I can already tell that this is a very good camera, I'm impressed. Take a look at that camera and see how good it is, but I'm a little disappointed about the memory issue that you cannot expand the internal memory, so you, but you are allowed to add the sd card and record the videos on that card. But if you're going to load a ton of apps onto the internal memory, once you run out, you run out and you have about 15 gigabytes left.

So once you run out you run out and if you're going to load up video games and 3d apps that all goes into the internal memory is not going to go into the sd card. Okay, so I think we've talked about everything except the camera. So let's start recording with the camera and see what kind of videos it takes and we'll take one or two pictures. I don't care about pictures, but the videos will tell us what kind of camera this has. So now we have the lights on, so we have full moon today. Let's try to look at the full moon, I'm trying to zoom in [music], okay, so that wasn't that great! Okay, so we are inside the garage and I'm gonna turn on the flash.

Let's see how the flash helps all right, so let's open the door okay, so we are on the streets well, almost on the street fairly dark over here. So we're gonna work, we're gonna wait until the daytime so we can examine what it can do during the daytime. Okay guys, it is now daytime, so we're going for a walk and see what this camera can do [Music]. It is a beautiful day out here today and you have to be careful around the water areas because there are crocs in this area, small crocs but they do some damage. Let's see if we can read this right here, that's pretty good. You can read small print, okay folks, so this is the front camera. Let's go up, okay, so the next thing I want to do is test the audio.

Let's see if there is something special, something remarkable about the speakers on this phone. Of course it's going to have your earphone plug over here, which is a good thing. If you want to add a speaker such as this, I'm not going to test that because that's fairly standard- and you also have the ability to connect a speaker with a wire on the usb connection, which I'm also not going to test because that's standard these days, 2022 year 2022. Okay, so you may or may not be able to hear that, but it was not impressive at all, so it was basic. In any phone you hear nothing special about it. It's just a regular speaker and for 180 dollars. That's sadly what you would expect from a 180 dollar phone, you'll get regular speakers and the screen is very good.

It doesn't have any angle issues not that I can tell you like you that you do that. So anyway, I want to know if this phone has any kind of wireless charging. So let's set it to the let's set it on top of this wireless charger and see what happens and you do get a flashing light right there and that means that it does not have wireless charging. Let's try that again, just to make sure that yes, you get that flashing light, which means that there is no wireless charging. Just so you know okay, so I know that this isn't going to prove a whole lot, but I am going to demonstrate the bluetooth connection. So I have a bluetooth speaker right here and I already set up my fingerprint reader so it should automatically do that and let's play a song.

So that let me turn this off and now I'm going to demonstrate the earphone hole. So these are the earphones right here and we're going to plug them in, and I know that this doesn't prove a whole lot. If you want to buy those really expensive wireless earphones or ear plugs, whatever they are called, and that does work. Another thing I want to demonstrate is the shortcut you do get a get this option. I decided to use the flashlight for the shortcut so let's turn off the phone and I want to turn on the flashlight. I just double click on the power button like that and it turns on, and if you double click again it turns off and it doesn't have to be the flashlight. It could be anything else I like to use the flashlight shortcut, but you can assign it to anything else.

So that's pretty cool and we're gonna measure now can't recognize my there. Oh, when you restart, you have to do the pin [Music]. I just want to focus on the phone and the hardware and how it performs. Overall I give this phone 5 stars out of 5 given the price. I know it is not the best phone in the world, but for a hundred and eighty dollars I think that's the most you can get for a hundred and eighty dollars. You can't get much more than that, it's a great phone and it does a lot. So thank you for watching, subscribe and thumbs up [Music]..

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