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[Music] and Friends...It's Bart I hope you are doing well. I'm great today I'll meet you for a new video test today, if the Galaxy Test at 12 from Samsung a low cost good, here's the Cos, among others, so who comes out at the end of 2020, so there and we are still relevant, of course do not hesitate to like the video share it on social networks also get a thumbs up. If the instrumental video at my level and my channel you also activate the bell at the bottom of the description to receive the construction of the channel, you can also make a donation to the channel you, but nothing. We go in the description to enrich the popu of the channel.

When what I propose suits you of course, the first part a specification sees the look of the device, all that all design, all in plastic, a pretty pretty done with a part so matt and with one by tie relief here Here it is, which is quite discreet, in fact quadruple rear camera which is given for 48 million pixels, so the 48 with 2.0 wide-angle aperture, 5 million ultra-pixels wide-angle 1, 2 million pixels, then the 5 6, an aperture of 2.2 and 1.2 for the mackerel apertures of points 4 and 1 2 for the depth of the frame for the aperture of 2.4. The phone can film on full HD with, of course. Oh yes, there are no four cases for this model, 30 fps, it's not terrible. He tries on android of 10 with overlay-night 2.5.

He has a cinch processor attacks, the yop and 35 1 October adam agreement lapses, 128 or 4.64, the European versions after we have others, of course, for asia, where other countries and the Adult 5.0 Duel Wi-Fi a/b/g/n to these names of the g. There is no ac, so it's pretty good. A battery of 5000 milan loses hakim and will provide in very easy terms the autonomy for a day and a half. It's going to be two days where I collected a power, vr ge, 83 20, so the front camera is given for 2 8 million pixels with an aperture of 2.2, which can film full hd 30fps. Also so the screen a 6.5 - screen pushing a drop of water, HD resolution +, so not sick at this price. It's now ok; it's not too heavy in terms of dimensions yet.

Here, in terms of length we will find 75.8 and a thickness of 8.9 mm which is quite good and holds well in the hand. Therefore, the front camera here are their actions for sim card. It takes anoci mhz and a micro sd, which is rather good gray speakers here, usbc to charge it to transfer the main microphone, jack, 3.5 right side. Here we have the button ignition which also served as a fingerprint reader volume. + me and s on the autistic part room microphone It is well in hand, so the fingerprint reader works well. So yes a phone was made for making calls so I will show you lessons from the loudspeaker.

What we are on a smartphone that does not do 4g, of course, so overlay or a fairly fluid night 1, with 6 4 gigs of Canadian ram, no notification pane. On the other hand, here we have the shortcuts here, so we are sure a Samsung overlay. They also equip nfc and the dole blissfully small ball so that I'm not too much but you'll want to judge yourself later on. We'll get the parameters below, so the connection without vibration. We will listen to the sound here without it [music] if you find Chara, Dolby Stereo and it's to have Mono, of course, [music]. It's not terrible with mono speakers so it is unbalanced a little without vibration. Here quality sound effects are Dolby here so discover the notifications, the screen here.

Is not necessarily the navigation bar can choose the keys here virtual or if you want, by gestures, it's more pleasant. Almost more practical for me, I find the wallpaper that state that you have a shop to dye. It serves samsung doc there good it's, not the face of idy with a little farther equipped or maybe it's not even equipped with data buckets. Advanced privacy features are available here. Screenshot display... I'm not going to give you the art test in me night. While it is interesting that the storage has 128, these are 1 with what I installed on it. Well you have the updates there, of course autun the last quarter early.

Therefore it seems inevitably to me that Low costs and every three months he played about the phone here so here we know software training instead of use or harmed 2.5 Android 10 with a Patch of February 1, 2021. Also we see it immediately configured. He asked me to'remove the glasses now so it's quite fast at this level. I think I've done something, but we're going to live live it immediately so that we must face off here. He doesn't recognize me so here it is done good, it is p as terrible. It's not for that that you have not been able to do your daily tasks with this smartphone, the color bar good, the screen good. You have to tell him it is not a very good quality lcd. We are not on tanks or me, but here it is a little dull in terms of colours.

Now the smartphone range is fairly balanced. The multi touch is bored out of five so the screen is not a problem. No problem at the level of responsiveness of the screen and me the device, so suddenly we are on the Galaxy at 12. Here is the resolution of the screen, the graphics chip, larrabee brom, the octa core clocked at 2 gigas, three refresh rate 60 hertz. It is a standard screen, the camera at the level of the sensors. You also have the location where all else you have, but not compensate on that watch out for those who played Poké My Go.

There is going to be a problem because you don't have a compass on this smartphone, so the place p, 35 c at smara face and a processor that came out a few years ago already here it's clocked at 2, gigas 3, that's the job, but it's not a bike. A super fast see so conditioned to 12 samsung. The year is still on Android 10, so they could have released it together on Android 11 Ap, the 29 the battery which it heats up is a bit stupid. You push it so all the sensors that the smartphone I are doing the real photos. It was honestly okay for those who don't have too much tune like Samsung. They want to have samsung here they will be quite happy despite the fact that, on the other hand, be careful, you cannot come from a samsung flagship killer with an amoled screen.

Otherwise you will hate your smartphone, because q ue here I tell you at the level of the screen. We are going to take the screen shots, so multi touch 5 big man, single-core micky body and 3D MC didn't want the pcmark market. Don't want to work on this phone so you will see that in all or pc mac, nothing, 3dmark, nothing, big ben and business touches here. Also again the sound is powerful but [ Applause], [Music] bongo says, here is the chord [Applause] we know means [Music], [Applause] and here's hepatic and Rio doesn't have that. But here at this average rate, it isn't much better than that [Music] I'm all the way, we have our midrange commissions, but are not too much bass, that's medium.

Here's what it looks like in terms of full-screen video like that, a large 6-point, 2-5-inch screen, so see outside it has a little bit of difficulty in the middle of summer. If you are looking at your screen on the beach, otherwise it is rather acceptable, let's say: the phone heats up. But here we are going to say that the multimedia experience is still quite satisfactory on this phone. It will send the game part without any worries to your inbox. On this you will be able to play without problems, so the games will pass after the event. On the other hand, here all the little games will then be able to pass on without any problem. It is not here that agglo observed or anything so old fashioned with subway surfers, which is in Houston.

As they say all games call of duty could, but I have that passes apart at maximum resolution, but chord blocks 4 gigabytes of ram will be enough to play at ease, let's say without it, slowing down after forgotten a fortnight and everything else. Poor Anne also works very well, nothing to say that lags not also. This is rather a good point for those who are looking for a little bit of a smartphone which accomplishes all the tasks. Well, listen, see it goes the same largely no lag and it gives the gyroscope, no problem, so I'm rather on a good point. There you have a portrait mode here, photo video and more Pro panorama macro and food there. The settings of the photo of the video would have to my hearing of the 30 on full HD no more.

It is a pity and of the full hd 30 on the 8 million pixels, which will also have to have to otherwise, so high time. You have the same wide-angle here that you have so 4/3, knowing that in case third daddy in full-screen you can take 48 million pixels and just switch here. Lake and you take here-48 million pixels on no problem, then the front camera, that it is the same third-party dfk is here. You have video portrait mode, the most so the little marmoset shadow with wide angle. Don't dream it's only average j I've seen smartphones do much better in this price range but it's up to you to decide for yourself tell me I'm, also waiting for you to participate in discussions.

Tell me what you think about the photos that I took and the videos and this general smartphone for the front and a back. This is the video test of a quadruple camera to nothing of this Samsung galaxy at 12. What I see there I don't know if it beats stabilization, but it works quite well like that, want to come from the open air what it gives when the brightness of the outdoor screen at the level in full sun, like that. It's also very autofocus but on condition as his dignity I, like his way of the body, is automatic rent. It is not terrible a buddy bart test of the Samsung galaxy at 12 and his camera before he films in full HD. It seems you will confirm well to serve as tests It looks to me as a high level of the screen during the samsung vast floods.

The problem that this will pose for them is the price at the level of their models compared to competition which is much better. Here is the 10 minute hunt with a much more powerful amoled screen than this one. Let me know in comments what you think of it, but me if this model will eventually satisfy you, then to conclude for yourself, listen to me: what do we ask from a phone, a beautiful screen of autonomy, power of storage and a little bit of everything on the screen? It's not the average, honestly with what is done nowadays, we will say that it is a smartphone that has the same price as its enemies, no 10 with an alarm screen. If you are a fan of symptoms, you do not have to have too much money so it is a tft lcd screen. Photos are average lessons and means the battery holds well.

It is up to you to judge me what I think is actually the price of the smartphone, so that this smartphone is not worth more than 150 euros has clearly, despite that it has 4 gigabytes of RAM good. At this version it ensures May 28 in view of the quality of the screen, and here it is have the means everywhere what we are average everywhere, the screen and the photo it does not. You have all the conclusions and the outcomes from this at 12 and from my feedback here is well listened to as usual, but if we weren't there who is the video share it on social networks also put in blue shoots if he had said you liked subscriber see thing, I put OPA purchase links in the description.

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