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Hallo, my dear friends, I have a samsung galaxy, a 12 on the table, a new phone from samsung. It came out for sale just today and I want to talk about it in general today. Samsung is now very much untwisted and is going very much forward. Many more are buying and it is already coming from 12 Samsung now rivets them just not with some incredible power pot don’t cook samsung, calm down, it seems to me they are too fast. You will not have time to buy, and 12 is no longer available and 13 will be released. It is now moving at such a speed that I don’t even have time to follow. It costs 11 thousand 990 rubles in Russia This is its official price - that is, it has risen in price compared to the 11th - compare to the tenth - in general.

This one is already 12, that is, the prices with the basis of the model constantly go up. The characteristics are improving and prices are rising. It is so dark, well, it’s not, quite cheerful or something else, but the red one just looks bombastic, let’s unpack the phone. We have such a film on with the Samsung branded a and three key characteristics are written. The screen is 6 half inches is very large main camera 48 5 2 + 2. If there are, there are already as many as four rear cameras in the kit, not like a state worker, like a full-fledged cool phone and a battery for 5000+ fast charging. Since this is a budget model, it. The lower part is simply of matte plastic and top in such a grid, but in a strip in a diagonal stripe, such an interesting coating.

I like the non-slip surface, pleasant for hands on the right side. We also have a power button and this is a fingerprint scanner, by the way. Protection films are also glued on the sides. They are just needed to keep the phone from getting scratched in them, and it is not worth it, of course. It used to be located where it is at the back of a 11 now on the side, there is also a very thin button. By the way the volume control is inconvenient and it is thin and somehow awkwardly pressed on the left SIM tray on the top of the microphone. The camera protrudes from the case to the bottom, the Headphone Jack, is a Type-C charging, speaker microphone. In the envelope we take out what comes with the twelfth classic box. It is only documentation.

Unfortunately, SAMSUNG still doesn't put cases on her phone. There is a white lightning cable, like the USB type Ingrid, C, white and a violinist from this type. Yes, indeed, the sim tray matches the color of the phone also red 2, + 1, that is you can in general install two sims plus another flash drive, This is how the phone looks in principle modern by today's standards, 12000 rubles, I think it is not bad, especially in red. If you want at least some kind of bright, something memorable vodka, take, red, i would still make a red camera in their place, This is not a black color, it would still be super or whatever I would make a cool combination of gold, but the front panel will be completely black here.

The screen you will have to buy it separately, if you want to protect it according to impressions to the eleventh forest 10, of course the phone has grown larger and it has become heavier it’s - just such a light little phone - and all due to the fact that here the diagonal screen is first, If in the eleventh they refused the droplet and made a hole in the screen then again in the twelfth they returned to this droplet samsung. Comment on how it looks to you guys, em, with droplet or with a small hole. I have a phone similar now, I will show you this background a time 11. I will show you how the camera is located on it, and disputes do not also subside, where it is better to reimburse the scanner on the back cover, like here or on the side or even on the screen.

It seems to me this is the most inconvenient method of displaying the screen, well sho lads are dashing,. This is even a step back well that is, as a result, we won't find fault. It turned out here and a multiple of 6, half inches of HD resolution. This is not a super amoled screen, and here we have a standard refresh rate of only 60 hertz. The screen can be said, redmi, 9th, st realme c11. Half of the screen will have to reach the top curtain. You must shift the phone, it's really very long, very large phablet. A real phablet is heavy for consuming content for consuming video games, it is a huge hefty phone, and also imagine it without protection.

The battery, not the battery, I say the processor for this phone is mediatek helio 535, an eight-core processor from all the cortex a-53, cores, everything - weak cores of cortex a- 53, not a single, powerful cortex - core, 7375 a-76. All the cores are weak, a53, I can generally learn this, well, such a processor. Yesterday, I did a test on the Opaa 12 phone. It cost 8 thousand rubles yesterday. The same was : realme c11 processor costs 8000 rubles. There is such a processor, honor 8 and it has also cost 8 for almost two years now. This is a very weak processor for such a price, well, what to say, a 10, even a galaxy a 10 which has not passed yet and the generation before last even installed exynos, and it is more powerful than this one 535 ate.

They do somehow not pay enough attention to the processor at all and he put quince 11. Before that, they put it in Odessa, and there was their own normal Exynos processor. If you don’t want your own, we’ll buy it processor snapdragon, but buy at least 460 snapdragon, not the cheapest mediatek. On the Pi 35 phones there are 8 to 9 thousand to take. This has grown in Odessa and there if it was a phone for 12000 memory here, 3 gigabytes. In the eleventh there in 2 1 giga was added three giga RAM. Okay, of course, damn thanks for this at least 32 gigs of internal memory, that is they didn’t change the internal memory. Other brands give it for this money of 12,000 rubles, I can already buy a Chinese with a memory of 364 or in general 464.

Yes, of course, you can install a flash drive but damn it I want to have a lot of memory without a flash drive not to spend money on a flash drive scanner, how the scanner works. The scanner works very well, that is I can say that it works well, but with a slight delay, that is, I put it here once it feels like it thinks for half a second, then it appears stably, not immediately. This phone does not show so many points because the processor is not very powerful. It only scores 103 thousand points, but for 12000 I can find a much more powerful phone.

I won’t list some of the other models I can buy so that it does not sound like an advertisement, Obviously if you think so for 12000, I don’t know what else you can buy even weaker than that, it s really wildness for me, some sort of samsung, doesn’t think about performance . Here is the site: 90 seventh place even readme 8 at forty-sixteenth. Why they hammer the performance, I think they will scare a lot of people with this approach, I set such a schedule for throttling for 15 minutes, For some reason, wild drawdowns are also observed at the beginning, not a standard picture. Usually it goes 100 percent to the beginning of the phone to the maximum, Then the frequency resets up, but here at the beginning rather than on the contrary.

For some reason, it works badly at 60 percent of its power, that is, So the processor is weak, it works another 60 % and then performance improves. You look at some very unstable one, perhaps because it’s a new house, maybe there’s some kind of raw firmware here because yesterday the phone started selling and bought it yesterday,. It does not come, that is, I have the latest security software from 5 November 1, well in general, for now, This phone is even worse than the Galaxy, a decade ago 10. You know how to do well if, for example, Toyota showed new cars and would not make them quicker and more dynamic, safer, but on the contrary. They would be beautiful, large and spacious, but they would put more and more weak Tolmachev engines there, the cheapest ones, some Chinese ones.

Like this here it seems to me that the situation is similar. Yes, they have a bunch of their own processors on their budget models for some reason they save wildly saves okay. Naturally, this is not all the presence of Samsung who understood the lesson. Now almost all the Samsung phones produced are already sold at prices. All cheap, expensive, mid-budget jand exe will be done everywhere and it's cool it's good. They will get android 11g I think this is the reason for increasing the RAM here to 3 gigabytes This is laid down for future updates to the Android 11 version of Wong Yuai 2.5, and it is also in the future.

I thought it would support well, at least two years, at least samsung should also support what is here, but the classic wang yao and the interface like all Samsungs, that is, standard icons, standard features, I like nothing so complicated, here, no, it’s not overloaded, it does not lag. The truth is already installed applications in Russia. This is zen doublegs, that is, all this has already littered your phone, a little out of the box, but without problems, all this can be removed fortunately. This is probably the first budget phone that has a 40, 8-megapixel camera cool because now we can probably get good quality, let's check it, but here it is only 5 megapixel wide. By the way, you put 5 exactly the same, I think it wasn’t even changed to the eleventh one.

Other cameras here are generally funny at 2 megapixels, that is. In fact, they don’t even need you and the world. You won’t even use a macro lens and a 2 megapixel portrait lens, but this is a laugh - yes - of course - The front camera is also a simple 8 megapixel, let’s start with it front camera, but it has two modes, that is, it's normal and wide-angle, but it’s not because they did this soapy programmatically but just because they made a photo camera really soapy 8 megapixel camera, well, you see for yourself, although not really soapy but still super detailed and also impossible to name, I generally like it in general, not bad. There are no obvious red tones, like the Chinese like to decorate the skin, make it red, not in general, by the way.

Here is something I drove away. Yes, state employees will really go well, so now I'm looking closely a nice picture as it turned out to be so light that it’s normal here and the hair And even somehow, you can see it : i like that Samsung gives you a lot of zooming, many phones won’t. Now when we look at what we have in other modes, the front camera can shoot in full H-Di. Let's look at the back camera full HD front. Also have a fudige, that is, forget about 4k shooting, while budget samsungs can’t take photos here,... you can also take photos either with a regular camera or with a wide-angle maximum zoom. It will greatly degrade the quality 10x maximum 2 3x can be used on such cheap phones. There is no night mode, but there is macro photography for photos at close range.

The mode is activated by a separate button. By default, you have 12 megapixels and let's now take a photo in the highest resolution and so I took a couple of photos in this mode. You know what I want to say noticed that the processor for a very long time can not cope. Make it Photos, it saves 2 seconds 2, 3 thousand. Let's try to take a photo in portrait mode. Look at portrait mode, which turned out straight. Samsung brand here I really want to praise kame ra as normal, well, except for the sherik, of course it’s, the main camera of forty-8 megapixels. That takes better photos than in previous models. That is, well done. This is a good front facing, medium level but also not bad for 12000, it is also good to check the volume of the speaker.

It is [music] from space and the dynamics are very mediocre. A non-removable big phone is heavy but not a record, sang samsung. Imagine if you wanted us in the end to get such a new model that risen in price and 12. If there are discounts on it, if it costs not 12 but 10 11, but in general, ideally 10, then it will usually be a super variant super option but damn 12, but somehow for such characteristics it is a bit strange, 332 2. How the hell are you, but I don’t know how it is for 12 thousand and basically, yes I have complaints about the processor and the memory, they would change.

The processor would have given more storage in general, There would have been no questions, but in general everything is good enough, but you understand that there is strong competition in the price of 12 thousand. If you make a phone for 78 1000 competition but not so big it is difficult to make something suitable and for 12000 the competition is so big from Samsung and even among your models, you already understand internal competition from Samsung, This phone will give priority to the Galaxy 11. It is almost no worse, but at the same time it costs 2000, cheaper or even tenth a galaxy that can generally be bought for 7000 there on sale. This is the situation, I don’t know what SAMSU will do.

How will they sell this phone but I think that they will still take it because samsung has developed cool colors in first place. There is a modern phone up to 4 rear cameras that is When you put it in your hands it seems that this is a really cool phone up to 4. The camera scanner here is a big, powerful 12000. In total, it costs an eight-core yet Che thread. It will overwrite 8 cores, although they are the weakest, cortex a-53, but it is still an 8-core. Forty 8 megapixels is the camera in general, honestly I would probably have it for 12000..

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