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This is a Samsung at 115 m. The damage that this phone has is that the customer says that it does not charge and I already disassembled it on the top and I realize that when I connect the charger the USB detector turns off. As you can see there, the detector turns off when I connect the charger to the phone. So that means or possibly it is a short in the logic board, on the charging board where it is down, or it could be a short in the main card to do this, rule out this possible damage or this short if it is, if it is the logic card I have brought another card with another logic: I connected it and the damage continues to do the same. The usb detector that turns off when I connect the charger to the phone.

We can also rule out the charging logic by measuring its two poles here in this pp, fps connector, which are negative, negative and positive. It may be that if we place it on the continuity scale of the multimeter that does not beep at both ends, that is, the positive and the negative, and in this case the is fine, no, no. This connector is where it connects the flex that takes us to the voltage that the charger delivers to the main card. It is the voltage that is 5 volts, whatever the charger is sending when connecting to the logic card, the voltage passes through here and reaches this flex. If I connect the charger as I can tell you, you can rule out measuring here, we also find a voltage on this side.

We find a voltage of 5 golf or whatever the charger is sending us here. We measure at its two ends: [Music], we put the multimeter on the volt scale and we measure at these two ends of the f lex that connects here to the connector of the main board card or the charging logic card. Ah, we already look at a voltage and normal that it is 5 volts. We discard the charging logic card. It gives us a voltage to the main card. When I connect the flex, the USB detector or the charger automatically turns off. To access to remove or look at where it takes us where the entire charging circuit is or everything related to.

If we fall into the microscope here, it would be the battery connector that we would say I don't know. You can say that the line that carries the voltage arrives. We can also rule out if we put it on a diode scale to measure it to see. If there is a lava connection of the line or it is short if it is, it would give us a negative point with the positive point we measure on God's scale, with the positive point the earth and with the negative we measure the line. This would be tierra, which is 000, which gives us the measurement, and this side here would be positive, and we can say that there is a connection because there is no short between the ground, where the volcano is not delivered with that.

We rule out that it is the connector of the battery I don't go if it is okay. We have about two points of text, point that we can test the portal arrives, but in this case we are going to measure continuity if there is a possible short there in the LFC connector that connects the place that gives us the voltage to be distributed here on the main board this side. They gave us then looked there later if it would have to beep because it is ground, but if I place this side on the positive side, it should not remove us because it is a power line. It still joins 115 m and the charging circuits that lead here below the connector where the Incas enter the street vary their memory, memories and ac processor.

This is an integrated is to join of loads, a charge regulator, which is one of my experiences. Apart from this, the phones of the series, a series- we can say the suns- take us vp. I am going to cut this sheet to look for the pse or bp, because usually these phones suffer a short in the pp which is 1. Bp is a protector over voltage when the phone suffered a discharge or the customer connected the charger wrongly. The first to be damaged and the first to suffer is the protector and it is the vp. That's the overvoltage protector, so I'm going to cut these sheets to see if there isn't a short or possibly that's just the damage we have and in the telephone, ceip [Music] cameras because when cutting the sheet, we can fly those- and that can be said like this.

The particles from where the sheet is cut can fly to the cameras to the lenses and sometimes it is very complicated. She has ok, she has this phone, it's next to the first and then we're going to look at the short and look at the continuity scale. It is removing its two ends to ground, so it means that there is possibly a short and the short is generated by this or bp well to be more sure and rule out. Then we are going to put dew on it and I am going to see where it can be or which component heats up. First, yes, [, music] and I have put rocina to the part where it is, as you can say, generating the cut, as it is a voltage. Input, I am not going to inject voltage through any component, but I am only going to connect the charger.

How can you say the integrated one he, the one that protects there is damage and in the gp itself, then I tell them. It is a protector of high in an overload manipulations. Suddenly the client places the charger wrong, so the first who sacrifices himself ss is integrated, then buoy to proceed to remove it to see if the short goes away and possibly we can solve this charging damage of this phone to 11. Outside of what they can do, yes a year for them is no longer insignificant, but for me it is a damage that follows because the loading sequence is always this, this vp, and then it is more than everything for people who are almost starting in this beautiful profession.

That is to prepare telephones well to have a guide where some guides or basic points can begin to make a diagnosis to a telephone that suddenly we do not find a schematic right now. A lot of information on youtube where you can frequent and look for their help, their solutions, then my day, I'm going to clean up there, d [Music] I'm not the short one. You have to enter 5 volts or what the charger is giving and the same should come out like what is there. What matters here and here should be here in this output to the irpf, which is the one that regulates the voltage and already gives us an output so that it reaches the battery connector and so on. We can charge the battery so right now I'm going to proceed to connect it right there right now.

Yes, since it is not with the integrated one with the protector, the pp, the voltage is not going to pass here. If we want to give an alternative solution, it would be here in this. I tell them is I, recommend it is to replace and on Thursday. It has damaged, replace it because the phone is unprotected asia, for example, this phone suffered a short suddenly, as I say, a bad manipulation of the client or an electric shock, and the first thing that was sacrificed was the objective. He is already damaged, or is it a short that he has then with a rival and the telephone is not going to come out? In short, as I say here, we can give an alternative solution. So we can make a bridge here in these two points so that the voltage passes and the khalifa and beni no longer supply.

Well, if the short one went there he'll see if he has turned off the usb detector with him with the charger [Music]. So if we look here, it's in the detector, USB smell charger, [ music ] we'll see that no, it doesn't turn off. It doesn't block like it did at the beginning, so I'm going to look at their faces to see how I tell them [Music], then we're going to see the voltage I don't know if it comes to me well, a multimeter, or that is the voltage that I tell you from the input that they are, what the charger is delivering and and 2 to these two fans. So what we do is do here is its output, but if we make a bridge between here and here, the phone goes to charge. So, colleagues, this is what I wanted to share so that we have that sequence of charging from a phone to a 61.

I know it is an sms m to 115, and here we can also test that the 5 enter the 5 volts [Music] ready, then, because the phone is only left to get I have to get svp behind my teeth, and he tells me that he doesn't need people and he would have to warn me invincible. That would be left, so they won't have to be very careful when charging for a long time because the phone is unprotected. Bp and the phone would be solved, then thank you very much for taking care of this video deo and that suddenly it will be of some use to you and I. Thank you that we were able to find this fault that was common on average because he turned off the usb detector until the end..

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