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Today we will celebrate the best innovations in home appliances and define how they will have changed, how we will live over the years. Spending more time indoors led us to discover new ways to make home life more efficient and visually pleasing [Music]. First, the expansion of space will see bespoke appliances throughout the home, complete with over 20 product categories, upgraded functions, brilliant new color themes and best design options. We are so happy to announce that bespoke laundry products will be available in the US and Europe. Second, is the expansion of experience this year, open customers even greater connected convenience by customizing home living through ai and smartthings integrated solutions all in one app.

I am very proud to launch smartthings home life in almost 100 countries. It can easily turn your house into a smart home, making your daily choice more present last. The extension of time will allow consumers to use their bespoke appliances longer to match their changing lifestyles. Our digital inverter technology comes with a 20-year warranty, the longest we have ever afforded. So we help users create everyday sustainability at home by saving energy and reducing waste. With our appliances, samsung is committed to giving consumers more diverse choices, amplifying lifestyle experiences and providing enriched possibilities with that, let's open peacebook home 2022, where it all comes together, [Music], I'm christina cabiatti.

The first change bespoke brings is an expansion of space this year. We are expanding beyond the kitchen to living appliances, enabling a richer and more fulfilling home life experience. Since we launched bespoke, it has resonated with consumers seeking diverse options and has been recognized with multiple design awards. The expansion of space starts in the heart of the home, the kitchen our first bespoke refrigerator, launched in Europe, southeast Asia, latin America and north America, and this year we continue to add innovation to our kitchen package for our bespoke customers, especially in the European market. We are especially excited to launch the bespoke ai oven in Europe. The all-new bespoke ovens come with our unique ai pro cooking technology.

You can connect your oven to the smartthings app on your phone that lets you control settings remotely and view the progress of your cooking through the internal cameras. Ai pro cooking can also recognize the ingredients it optimizes the settings and monitors the food for you to keep it from being overcooked or undercooked. The bespoke ovens, dual cook steam feature lets you prepare healthy steamed dishes and oven cooked foods using different settings. At the same time, in the second half we will launch a new compact dishwasher, oven and induction cooktop. This will let you mix and match the various colors available so that you can freely reflect your personal, aesthetic and lifestyle [music].

Let's take a look at our stylish offerings, for us kitchens say hello to our innovative, bespoke french door refrigerator. This refrigerator series allows you to create a stylish and unique kitchen space with customizable panel combinations and premium steel and sleek glass finishes and new colors, including charcoal clementine sunrise yellow and emerald green. We are excited to announce that we will be bringing our ai powered, bespoke washer and dryer to you in North America and Europe in the coming months. We are redefining laundry with a clean and elegant flat panel design that is so beautiful front and back you'll want to show it off. You'll also have the flexibility to install your washer and dryer together, either horizontally or vertically, to suit your space.

You can also choose from a variety of premium colors to create a laundry space that truly fits your style. The 5.3 cubic foot ultra capacity saves time and effort. It monitors the soil level during the cycle to adjust the detergent amounts and the washing time if necessary. We have improved this feature to detect and classify the type of laundry you are doing like towels or delicates to increase the efficiency of the cycle. Both the bespoke washer and dryer will be available in elegant color options such as brushed black brushed, navy and silver steel [Music], and in the second half of this year in Europe we will launch a new bespoke washer and dryer. The washer and dryer will both be equipped with our latest energy saving technologies and eco-conscious functions.

Temperatures to save energy, ai, wash uses sensors to detect weight and soil levels to dispense. The right amount of water and detergent space max technology offers larger capacity with the same depth. Our digital inverter technology comes with a 20 year warranty the longest. These products are currently available in Korea and provide timeless value and distinctive infinite design that seamlessly fits into your space with vertical lines. To take this to the next level, we've invited consumers and designers from around the world to truly tap into the power of customization and make it their own beyond a variety of colors and finishes. We've explored the endless possibilities of bespoke design through collaborations and competitions.

This march in the US launched a limited edition bespoke fridge by alex proba, whose work explores joy and happiness using colorful patterns. Inspired by nature and last month in the UK we released a bespoke jubilee collection commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Queen. In addition to the diverse design options, we now offer the bespoke ai color recommendation service in Korea. Users simply upload a photo of their kitchen which is then analyzed by ai to provide custom color suggestions to complement their space. These options include color recommendations selected by design experts and the global paint company benjamin moore.

Through this service we are providing personalized recommendations to elevate your custom interior kitchen designs. We also take personalization to the next level. This year we are introducing my bespoke which offers the option to have your original artwork or favorite personal photos. To help inspire creativity, we collaborated with three creators to showcase their personalized. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the ability of bespoke to inspire self-expression.

Let me focus on the second point: the expansion of the experience with smart technology introducing samsung smartthings home life, a new addition to the smartthings app now provides centralized and integrated control over your bespoke appliances across six services for a more holistic experience with more than 200 global partners and the ability to integrate smartthings with thousands of devices is enjoyed by close to a quarter of a billion registered users. Let's start in the kitchen, your culinary journey becomes easier and more enjoyable with smartthings cooking service. With this smart solution, you can enjoy cooking in your kitchen with our bespoke family hub range, oven and cooktop.

The server supports virtually all bespoke devices throughout the kitchen living and laundry areas. The service supports your bespoke, washer, dryer hairdresser and shoe dresser with useful ai recommendations, customized clothing care settings and timely purchases of laundry supplies. Smart things, petka helps keep an eye on them through the smart camera of your bespoke jetbot, ai, plus, even while you are away, allowing you to monitor them remotely and make sure your pets are comfortable by controlling your bespoke air, purifier and air conditioner, and can help them relax by turning on music and the tv. You can enjoy air quality monitoring and purifying as it provides centralized control of your bespoke air, conditioner, air, purifier and more.

Smartthings home care helps by monitoring your devices constantly, checking their stasis and usage patterns, providing information about accessories and enabling convenient online purchases. With these smartthings services, you can manage your daily routines with ease and convenience. This expands your home life experience, giving you more holistic control over all your bespoke appliances straight from your smartphone. Let's meet my friend Jason, he's getting ready for his housewarming and he's just come home with stuff for the party. That's because he took advantage of smartthings pet care to check on her and keep her comfortable and entertained. Now it's time for jason to start cooking for the party he enjoys using the smartthings cooking service.

He's decided to whip up some shrimp quesadillas a recommendation from smart recipe in the bespoke family hub. He just added items from the recipe to the shopping list and smartthings cooking service ordered from amazon fresh too easy jason uses view inside to see the contents of his refrigerator at any time and check the expiration dates for buying fresh ingredients. Jason won't miss a minute of the big game. Now he is really cooking uh-oh, I think that jason might have forgotten to prep his outfit.

He loves being able to do laundry quickly while he is cooking food thanks to smart things, clothing care, the app provides recommendations based on today's weather and usage patterns today is the day jason needs to wash and dry his linen shirt and pants in time for his party good thing, he already has a custom cycle for that already saved his party outfit. He can save up to 10 personalized custom cycles based on his preferences with all his cooking and laundry going on. Do you hear that noise looks like jason forgot to close the fridge door all the way, not a problem because his bespoke refrigerator registers temperature changes and alerts him via smart things? Alright, now we see the food is cooked, the outfit is ready and the air is fresh and clean.

We formed a partnership with the automation company abb to expand smartthings integration. This will enable smartthings to control, monitor and monitor Samsung devices and abb products by combining smart home solutions with smart things. We will expand the smartthings experience, making it easier for our customers to reduce costs and live more sustainably. I'm caitlin dobson bespoke also provides an expansion of time with products designed and built to endure, helping us to protect the planet for generations to come. We strive to prevent soil contamination by minimizing waste such as glass or gypsum, fragments generated during production at our factories. We recycle liquid materials such as waste oil and paint to create reusable fuels in innovative ways.

For example, our korean plant achieved a waste recycling rate of 93 in 2019 and increased it to 98 in 2021. Its use of eco packaging to encompass a larger line of products, home appliances such as vacuums, cleaners, air, purifiers and more will come in boxes that customers can reuse. We are also in the process of reducing the use of printed manuals and improving the usability of qr code. A key area in these endeavors is enhancing the energy efficiency of the appliances. Our refrigerators reduce energy consumption by 67 and our washing machines reduce energy by 53 thanks to our key technologies, including digital inverter, compressor and eco bubble technology.

We are extending the warranty period for core components such as the digital, inverter, compressor for European refrigerators and the digital inverter motor for washing machines sold in Europe and made in the USA. Durability is another key pillar here as products last longer and do not need to be replaced or repaired. Often that's why we designed products like bespoke refrigerator with panels and modular lineup that are easy to update as your home, aesthetic changes and your household grows over time.

In addition to energy efficiency and long-lasting durability, we are working to make sure our products don't pollute either, so we are collaborating with the Patagonia Activewear brand to develop a specialized washer that reduces the release of ocean microplastics based on our revolutionary eco bubble technology. This water will be available in Korea later this year and we plan to make it available in the near future on global markets. As part of the final phase of the lifecycle of our product, we help customers dispose of them in a sustainable way. As further evidence of how we bring this to life, we are working on an eco-conscious partnership with smart building company etopia on a pilot site in the UK in collaboration with qcells.

We are combining energy, construction and smart technologies to create the net zero buildings of the future. It is one that uses energy drawn from the home itself by producing power through renewables like solar and reducing consumption through more efficient devices. Like our heat pump system, you can look forward to these net-zero homes that will create carbon-free communities in the second half of this year. Simply put, our appliances are designed to be flexible, durable and most importantly, sustainable, and that is the foundation of samsung bespoke home and now back to js lee to close things out hello again, we hope you enjoyed today's close look at expansion of space experience and time with samsung facebook..

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