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Hello everyone Welcome to a new video today, Samsung Galaxy A50 Two Long, use review. We will test all the rest. We will take out our notes if you remember right away that I shot the video you saw on September 22, at this time. The garage Samsung Galaxy a70 will be bought at this time. Let me tell you from now on: it will not be bought and I updated now. My phone I bought a Samsung Galaxy A2 I could buy a72. Why is the a70 at this time not used anymore? If you are ready, let me tell you why I left the a70 before the two came CPU was falling behind I'm constantly shooting stars on Instagram Check Instagram for sure I'm constantly shooting stars, I'm, shooting videos, I'm, editing them, I'm, doing all of them on the phone and it wasn't enough.

Friends, I'll tell you this in the section where we examine the Family 2 camera, but recently I said: let's take a look at the a76. The phone is empty. I did not understand how that girl was shooting such videos on the camera. I'm going to tell you about that screen, either there was no brother, so it was waiting. Let's move on to it, now I will tell you about an application of Samsung Smart Switch. When you buy a new Samsung device on your Samsung devices, You can connect it with your previous Samsung device with Smart Switch and you know everything. 16 Your photos, messages, call logs, the locations of applications on the home screen, your wallpaper. You can throw everything and everything very quickly. Or I was Moon 70 about 90gb full at that time.

Of course, I didn't buy all of them, I deleted some videos or something. The wireless network This does not connect to the internet, by the way. But that Smart Switch is a very nice thing. You can also do it on a tablet with Ay┼če. Phone, friends, I used to use Samsung, Galaxy bat before now, think about it, and now bass, proma In, this bass forum,. It was not on the synchronization side, but her father was not Pro. I'm going to shoot a video because there are a lot of features on a downward headphone. If you are ready, let's go back to family 2. can take photos. An Instagram account where I share my macro photos. Sometimes it is windy, even in the slightest wind it shoots. There is no ois in the macro camera. Part of it was a different plastic.

I can't take the phone because it is shooting right now. There was a certain plastic-looking thing, glass-looking plastic. Such a nice thing, but it's a bit of a flu, but I can say that you can use the device with a case and it's different on the back. The material is either plastic or glass. I won't say polycarbonate. I don't want to say it is polycarbonate. It's a very strange material. It doesn't slip when your hands get sweaty while playing games. Dolby atmosphere is now supported in a correct video, Our support screen supports HD ronda and it can go up to a thousand under the sun and a hundred liters under the sun. It has a nice brightness..

A70, I mentioned the brightness of the screen in the a70 video I said: now I knew about the brightness of the screen under the sun sometimes, but Family 2 did not upset you, really guys made it in its design. The screen is very successful, If you ask my unlucky, personal opinion, 96. I don't use it because it drains the battery. Very quickly there is also a lot of difference between this Android 11 Android 12 update, adjective If. You want to talk about it right away: With Android, 12, Actually, nothing. Much happened to us, generally on Pixel phones, and I was left with that object. There will be such small updates in the upcoming updates, or it will happen from them and Android. I'm boring in the mouth of the phone Other than that, Android 12 surprisingly extended the battery life a lot.

In the video, I've been saying since I bought the phone, I wonder because of its processor. Its processor is a game-processed Snapdragon 720, It comes from Gemlik with the g click at the end. Because it doesn't always make such a day. Properly, but Android Game Club provides a perfect pawn. The phone screen is really full, very vivid a70 There is a lot of difference between them. Although they are both super amplified 90, each Slash u96 is relevant. I want to say that the first week I bought the phone, I used it constantly in 96 mode and after two days I started to have a headache. I don't know why. A new screen came on my normal monitor and 64 for the first time. When I saw 96 but I closed it out of fear, rakat is short I'm using it.

[Music] on the camera, I can't say anything about photography. The photo is fine, only when it was on Android 11 HDR was opening a phone, Oh. In my life in my life I didn't see a sun and it hit the bottom of the contrast. It took a pretty shitty photo So. It didn't look like the photo he took, but this rejection was fixed at 12. This [Music], we came to the fastest topic of the video Brother, We will talk a lot now this video, the main camera shoots up to 4K 30 FPS. And 1080 60 fps is shot, but in Ultra Wide angle, the camera is 4K 36ys. 1080 60 is not made. You can shoot the transition in 1080, 30 or 30 mm. Yetis is such a disgrace that you don't have a brother. Such a transition is smoother and looks a little bit better. You know, it freezes and says you are doing wide angle.

The ball is just surprised. The reason is between the main camera and the ultra-wide angle camera. Even if we put a digital one there, the transition will be smoother, not abrupt, because I saw it on the a72. It was a72 during the video recording bro, Even if there are a few episodes between Munich and 05, there is an x, long one. He shoots a nice video during the late hours, but he doesn't shoot at this time. There was that job I wish you didn't have, bro. Now we have an ois for our main camera. Now you can't use it in 1080p, 60, fps mode I. So, as you can see there is also a super balanced mode in the video. The super balanced is really so balanced from the Samsung a70 that it is so balanced, brother it is an amazig handi apped. I shake the camera, but the moon is incredible.

If you know, do not put the production in 60 fps mode. If you are not looking for five heads, do not put it. If you are not looking for a head, you know Pro when you switch to an 80 60 fps mode. Mci can actually see it, but you can read the whole problem. Attention from the bottom By the way, our Ultra Wide Angle Channel has fixed text. There is no HDR mode on the rear. Camera I said that in the 70's, nothing too bad automatic, HD, Roundabout nonsense, yes, the front camera also works, there is, or it works at 1080 30. I can say very clearly that Samsung's Pro video feature, which takes all three, has expanded a lot with Pro video, Android 12. I shot a video about pro video [Music] I swear.

You know it's a free pistol man, [Music] Is that Pro video really for professionals? I'm going to make a video there this time, I'll do something with a lot of information. I'll do a lot of research and I'll come out with a lot of knowledge. Let's look at the processor and the device in general. That device usually supports this twenty-five watt fast charge, but there are 15 convenience charging adapters in the box, but you have a 25-watt super-fast charger with typsi output, or a 3 thousand lira A70. The family does not really come out of two Bravo. So thank God I do not have a proper charger to trust. Gta V chargers are very connected, 200 liras, a normal 25-watt fast charging adapter. Look now look why there is 90 hert bro.

There is to bring a better game performance with it. Now we come to the main event: Brother, the efpiyes you get while in the game performance mode in pubg, mobile, 30 friends. So if your screen is a million Hertz, you get FPS 30. This is a disgrace. It's such a terrible number that I regretted buying this phone at that moment. The gaming experience is really bad. Wow drifte t60. This thing is not compatible for your device. It doesn't end very quickly. You can pick up the phone and play for long hours. I want to say about heating, it doesn't get hot easily and there is an external liquid cooling inside it. There is something like I said: inside the phone it does a lot of work, didn't feel it getting too hot. You know, it gets too hot to hold the phone.

Having 8 GB of RAM means that you can do more applications in the background. For example, you can broadcast live or you can upload all of them, for example, Wow drifte Twitch has something for you to broadcast live. Espiye can do it very well without eating from you, that girl in general I can give four out of 10. This is a Samsung device and the transition between ecosystems is a serious thing and Samsung has an ecosystem, friends. It started in Samsung too, but it caught on very quickly in Samsung. Is it the same perfect synchronization with the tablet when I bought the A70, for example, Family 2 also has it, and now it has a Samsung Galaxy printed.

I want to say this and for example, you are studying with your phone earphone connected to your tablet or video you are watching and the call has come. Raise You know that it comes to the tablet at the same time, but if the phone headset is connected to the tablet, the call does not come to your tablet. You answer the call, the earphones connect to the phone and you have a conversation. The headphones are returned to the tablet when you leave. This earphone was not there when I first bought it, but an update came two weeks ago. A few days ago, an update came to bat Pro, This transition was very good, sometimes it did not pass, sometimes it passed, etc. This ecosystem really works well, unfortunately I wish I could buy one of Samsung's new laptops.

A yes, the device's long usage, general performance and the rest is all. As I said, a What Pro video will come, a very nice headset. Either a pro video feature will come from Samsung Pro video. Maybe cinematic video can be a competitor. If I have an iPhone, that cinematic video is an experience. It would be great if I moaned, but a By the way, this university student, because the finals are over, I can do it by the way. There is no video on the channel. I know that university is the benefits of being a person. I didn't have a final, I passed all of them, I'm comfortable, so now and then I broadcast on Twitch. It was nice in the pub in their system. You can come whenever you find it. Videos on Instagram This family is shot in two ways : This is the general performance of the device.

Thank you very much for watching this video. It's a bit long video, but it was a video that should have been said. That's it see you in the next video bye, bye..

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