Samsung A42 5G Screen Glass Frame and LCD Replacement. - Galaxy User Guide

[Music], hey everyone, it is dustin with techmd coming at you with this long awaited a425g. This one was so new that we went and bought a new one, and this was a couple of months ago and I got a new one for the customer to swap it out and haven't had a time to really get to it. It's been sitting in my inventory for like two weeks and two months and I've been really needing to get this done. Finally here and my technician: just did a motherboard swap and the customer is good to go. So what we're going to do is replace this screen now, if you get a service pack like this, that means it's going to come with a frame. You're gonna need t7000 to separate and fuse a new piece of glass and lcd.

We just like to work right on the hop on the actual blue pad here, but today we are going to work just on the hot mat. I got some gloves here I'll link, some uh of the gloves in the description below this is going to help with the heat on your fingertips and help you not burn them. So we're gonna wait for that to warm up now before working on this device, make sure you wash the whole video through, because you may have ordered the wrong parts. The video is not 100 finish on, but I'd like to do something a little bit better, so be aware to watch the whole video first and then watch it again when you actually do the repair step by step. Um you're going to need a heat map, but you can use a heat gun.

You can also use like a hair dryer, but either hair dryer heat gun or better heat mat it's more controlled, so I put it on the heat mat for 120 degrees celsius for three minutes, just get it nice and warm not longer than that, because it is plastic, so it tends to melt easier. I like to use the iflex and I sessom or I iflex and I plastic links in the description you guys uh buy the parts and um tools. If you need to expand in the links in the description below, you'll see all the links in there, it does support the channel and obviously helps us and makes me more motivated to keep on making these videos right now.

You know that editors are not cheap and right now the youtube channel is not making enough money to pay for itself, but in the end the goal is to do that. So if you want the cheapest parts and for sure the best quality you go for injured gadgets links, if they don't have it you can go for Amazon links that I'll provide as well so just scroll through them and see. What is your best option if you have already purchased the parts, then it is what it is, but you'll need all these tools. If you want or just leave it on there and let it loosen up so you get your tool there. If I can order with these gloves, I'm just going to slice through the adhesive like this. This will actually help leave the adhesive on there now, like I said my technician has already been here.

Okay, so there's a cable on the right hand side you use a metal tool; it would cut right into it, so be aware of that guys so looks like a lot of the adhesive has already fallen off, so we're going to pull that off later and we're going to use some p7000. So this is a double zero screwdriver you get grip tools from android gadgets but not on amazon. If you insist on ordering on Amazon, then there will be links for the tools. I recommend there, which is w-I-h-a wewa, it's a german tool. I like these because they are more color coded so I know exactly what tool I'm using some of these screws may not come out so you could try to re-magnetize it [Music] that helps and it still doesn't pull off the screw.

This method, leaving it on the heater, will actually help to get nice and warm. Well, it saves time on the video, obviously and two, if you are trying to do a repair like a pro as a professional you can get in and out of the phone way faster than being on the heater. So another videos I've shown in the past have um, but now I have an office. Finally, I am more set up to do it, we're going to take our sim card tool and push it into the same tray so we can take it out and then we are ready to remove the mid frame.

So I use eye or uh I assessment tool just slowly lift up, we don't want it to bend and if it's giving you too much trouble, you can put the eye plastic tool under here and cut away any adhesive that should not be glued on, but sometimes samsung likes to glue things on. I'm just going to leave it on because why not motherboard has to get way harder to ruin that, so I'm really worried about that everything should lift up with ease. Now I'd be more preferred to leave these connectors on because they are always fun. To reconnect them be aware that the 5g antenna screws are smaller here so you want to separate that from your other screws, this is usually glued on, so we're going to pull the whole bracket slowly so that the bracket is not coming out there.

If that comes out like that and we leave that aside, let's go ahead and remove the one black screw. That's not going to hurt and this should be ready to remove. This has already been done and this does not have the vibration motor, let's go ahead and remove the plastic pieces left from the new frame. Okay, oh and one more piece here carefully remove this camera here, now switch it around one more antenna. Remember these screws are smaller, so separate them all right, so the next part is to reassemble it to the new frame, but if you have only the lcd and glass - let's say this is later on.

Okay, if you are just with the frame, then skip this part guys, so we're going to go ahead and take the eye sesame tool, we're later cut between the plastic and the glass and mind you, you don't need to take everything out. I will use them because they can save you money and it keeps the frame all original. I've done that before in the past and as of now we're not doing that, maybe in the future, but it's super tedious, so we're going to pop that piece off and look that's where the front fingerprint reader is and some kind of sensor there- probably proximity sensors to your face: [Music].

So I'm not going to do the rest of this, but the next part is you're going to clean off that frame really good and don't forget to take your ear mesh out of here and clean this off and then glue it on to the new screen um, with some t7000 on both sides just put a little dab and glue it on, and then it's on. Okay, clean off all this there's some stickiness, so glass is definitely going to stay. If you leave that glass shirt there and push your screen on crack, make sure you test the screen before gluing down so clean it all up, set it down, make sure. There's no sticky then test it once it's all done, you're around t7000, all around the entire frame and then put some fresh tape down or some t7000 is fine too.

Once you glue that down you're going to finish putting it back together the whole video, it's pretty simple. So any glass shards that you have you want to remove and if you press t7000 down, you want to put a flat piece of anything and press down for about one to two. What is one minute more than that, but I usually say 30 seconds to one minute now: the back plastic can be longer- and sometimes it's better to use just like a case with a black plastic you'll see here in a second all right next step is to remove these gloves, go ahead and put the vibration motor in one 5g antenna and your second 5g intelligent motherboard with cables.

I'm gonna put them there loosely for now and click that in so it looks like our blue wire is going to be first to set down so just run it through, obviously don't puncture it. This is you control your wi-fi and antennas and stuff like that. Just replacing this here will fix your charge port, be aware of that pretty simple and we're gonna press the other one in okay, when you press that one in it sometimes pops out and can cause problems so make sure you really get it in with like a plastic tool. Let's put our front camera in and it looks like I missed one thing: let's take this 5g and header back and put our black screw right here.

Is our battery making sure that it plugs in nice and snug [Music]? So it's not going to really move just by reconnecting all these cables here and battery again. So some of the screws did stay, like I said, so we're going to go ahead and set this down. I'm just going to go down the side here you want to watch it make all those beautiful snappy noises and now we get to screw it all down. Whatever samsung, they even upgraded me to the new type c on this phone. It's just like they want to look good for the rich customers. So please go watch the video and it really helps me to hire new text. I want to focus on quality, good workmanship and you could be an excellent technician.

Okay, now we can test it, it looks like it is working next part is to see if your adhesive is falling off like mine, is I gonna just pick it off and throw it in the garbage? So be aware of that, I wish I had done this video for you guys a long time ago, but I don't know why I procrastinated so much. It greatly helps you and you are able to pick your own phone [Music]. I care I call it good, so we are going to do everything by the book here. So we're gonna get some t7000, there are a couple of kinds that you can do I like to take off the tip and go fast. So all right, sorry, I had a phone call there, but basically I put the glue down and pressed down for 30 seconds and now I'm cleaning it off with some alcohol and that is it and a microfiber rag here.

Don't forget to put your sim tray in you guys, like this kind of content, please like and subscribe more. This is coming in the future and I really hope you guys enjoyed this repair experience. Okay guys, ya, have a good [music]..

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