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Let's start by connecting the power zeta and see the behavior of 3. Well I would say port of charging but they tell me that the charging port has already been changed and even with the paella see the charging cycle that it does and of course it tries to charge a girl from Huelva to see if there is a communication between the primary fps, with the secondary ppc on a God scale, with the arauca service version, 4.2 tool configured doctor goodbye and connected the usb cable first blessing For this model, I have been getting values and it is between 530 and 515 thousand bags in the range. Yes, of course, I bought the following negative data : 660 acs to 672 700. The following 714 complex is the range of God and very correct.

Current test: I change configuration of the micro to ampere on the right side and my tip of positive measurement of 1000 and micro in perth in android. They can measure in micro, ampere and william per what I almost always do a thousand jumpers - because the values here are very high egg l, nes 5, volts 212 m lliamps taking measurements with attery and measurement without battery becaue. It is very different when it has battey and measurements without battery The bol ing, negat ve data which is from 100 - 1.80 average to 2.60 thousand. The third positive data does not read it to me because it is lower, it is a level to micro andd.

But then it changes the configuration, positive data and 31.7 micropet is the range between 26.6 and 19.9 micro enter well with this test. The circuit comes from 5 volts from secondary fpc. The main fpc, the five reaches 5 volts from the 5 volts, goes to the vp from the vp, goes to the and fp mic and chooses and chooses now to allow switching to the battery port to measure the voltage that is reaching the connector. It is seen that instead of tonic I also do not suppose that they have changed flex, but with this test we rule out all this in the direct current bolt scale I am going to measure the voltage that is reaching the board main connector the same behavior and well.

I am going to get smart and because you know that there are 5 volts by following the line that it does I am going to indicate them. But I want you to see the voltage 4.9, which is the five strokes that come from the charger. I have told you that the five points enter through the vp after taking the vp is powered by the fpv and lfp they make me switch I am going to measure the positive of the webb battle that they look at the switch or that I have points. It does not find a battery and it starts to do the cycle vibrates again. With this small measurement the phone vibrates. I am ensuring that 5 volts reach vp and from vp to afp me, because it is powered and thermal iedf is making the current switch for the respective load to the battery.

Ok, well, everything is right, a small drawing where the positive line and battery here does the same behavior in that bread and in this pack there must be voltage drops. We can verify this once, but here we see the same because it is the same behavior looking at 800 thousand volts at 4.3 when 4.3 or 4.4 arrive where the phone vibrates he tries to turn on. This is to be both tvp circuit and fp mic circuit in the measurement of diode scale in E-L battery port. This ground is the next stop of Techno I. Don't have them, but I am going to leave the image I am going to leave the images with their respective positive measurements of matter and 512 thousand volts. The lines are not altered, no change my battery identification, neither negative data nor positive data.

And now it's time to give a visual explanation. Fifth, the connector, the flex, perhaps do not notice with the naked eye. Anything is going to get me closer with naked eyes,. Everything is fine, but pay attention visually to small details. Look at this glance at the sudden movement for this all the tracks are disconnected here. The alloy and reconnect it correctly. I am going to work again extracting this fps without a mouthpiece because you are going to do it without booking, because I need to cover the heat as much as possible from the entire fpc area. I add a bit more by preheating 250 50 air. This species can be seen everywhere, I don't know if they can see it very carefully because it is broken and it may melt.

But we are going to do everything possible to make it happen upstairs. If you can see it and not until the eclipse work, because it's land that's going to cost a little more the little you see and right now that it is hot we take the opportunity to change the reaction. The upper part of this put the line. The solder is going to happen in the lower part and he began to know if both are already a little warmer and withdrawals there. He continues to have that movement because they have not yet released some payments. What am I to do then again to apply heat, but this time I'm going to help myself with a trowel. You are going to press an event so that passages are not burning.

It was already liquid in welding and pressure and it makes a sound to the solder and remove the pair, and it seems that now if the pads are lowered, we will check it, and now it does not have that sudden movement I can now hit it with the dot [Music]. Everyone I am going to make a little impression and pass the tip of the soldering iron on the tracks, rather than on the tracks. That did not make a connection clean and now I check it. I know that the Gps is the bad one but I don't have a part to replace it.

I connected the flex to the main board I bent it and I'm going to start measuring, I have those lines here and I know that one of the values are there, I'm going to start qickly and start the voltage drops of this col ector which is the one that connects the main board to th secondary board. Here, I am going to put my positive tip here the scale of God and start measuring piece by piece. The 5 volts 533,000 is the next, negat ve data in the other divics and all the neighbors. I know it is bad so I am realizing here that certain pins to the main board do not have communication. I am going to go back to do this and see where the pins I need have communication with the first from above, the second from here, the third and so on.

eye Fourth, if all these pins are the ones that correspond to those of someone here, then I don't have values like this one but t at means that the flex steel c mmunication has, but here, in the twisted tor. If now I relate it it is the top P ns and now I goi ng to check the ppc pins but I have h re too ll, then I have the value, but at the time of your connection I have nothing to do with this [Music]. That means that the belt is not well embracing the tracks, so they have continuity here. Itos are not holding it, but because I'm doing this it explains that because I don't have the fpc, so I'm going to try with a scalpel to do what it is about them. How are these tracks so I did a little bit to take them out so that they come into contact with the flex.

I am going to connect, and let's find out that I have this at the same time. I need to look and activate fast charging. A. Yes I already have it charging that I took it out because I do not have a new fps. The recommended thing here is to put an fps, but in conclusion I needed to diagnose it and give a possible solution. I must change it, but I want to see how we found the solution and down here It fell to 2, %, I reconnected it and it started with the same error. So if I go back to check the fps already one line the first track is already damaged. It no longer has the value so I'm going to do it and I'm going to make a jumper because I was analyzing. The stress of this pin [music] so respect a bit and here it activates.

I could be a direct jumper to the ipc in the first one, but I don't know if I make myself understood in the first here, I'm going to scratch here a little. What I'm going to do to make that team only to make sure that you are really FPC, I know that ties with that. I was already telling you to change the main ppc to check what this line is because if you have this line, in which here is the one for 692,000 and words, I am going to leave the image, don't worry, you are keeping the phone charged, it will never charge it. I say make a mistake of placing it on the 5 volt line. If you do not or is it there, I will put it out, but I realized that it is not good. Now it is only a test cable because I need to use it to see what's up and ready.

Look there with your perfect moment and active fast charge. We found the fault: it's a simple fps, but many of our mistakes make. I can't guarantee that to the client, because I can't leave it with that jumper, although it is loading but maybe some other values, like this one, are not absen, because fpc does not press the flex. So I want to thank you for watching the v. Deo, ut I think it will be a bit long. We gave a solution to 32 that does not load all these values and I am going to leave. Until then, we will see whether the 3% of carbon and is consu ting cancer, [Musi ]..

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