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I think that I am going too fast and I pray that don't snack cuz. This road is just too long and I'm running out of patience, so DJ slow me down to make sure my mother keeps racing. Why is someone a lonely stoner if you slip the knees, a doner, pray to God Hi guys welcome back to my channel a shy girl, Tris man, whoa and today is a relaxed day, I'm just chilling, but I thought I would go ahead and record another video for you guys. I haven't opened any of the games we're gonna try today so that we are together to sit through it and see how they load. How long it takes to do all this and we gonna do a little bit differently today.

If you want to see how gaming goes on the Galaxy 820 keep tuned and let's get into the video so the first game is going to be puck. I was about to be like what is going on, okay, so what I am going to say is that my run time may be a little bit different because I am running a screen recorder at the same time, so we'll just see how it goes, if it should be in a timer, that's what I should do, but it is starting and I like what I said: I have never played this game. Okay, the gauge will count down I like the estimated time that for it to download Oh I've never played as in, but this game will look like so because this will be like with the generic version of fortnight.

I guess: I don't know, I don't know how to play this game, so this will be crazy, and I'm going to only do like one or two minutes a game like I. Don't want the video to be like super long, as you know, once to two minutes after the game, low and stuff, so I was pretty quick. According to the scam records this is going on three minutes, but guys you don't know how hard I was looking for. In the background, if you hear new noise, I have my window open and like the traffic is so close to my window and they're doing construction.

This is a little chilly today and it is coming up at my favorite time of the year fall, so I've been wanting to feel that chilly weather I hope chilly air I'm gonna give it the benefit of the doubt because I am also recording the screen, cuz we're on five minutes already, and it's just from this one game. So I don't know for the sake of the length of this video if I only do one other graphic game and then know, like it's home blasts so we'll see. I hope you guys can hear me because my hand is kind of like the bottom of the phone, where the microphone is [Music]. That's OK, so I don't want to save right now, some back to be in the middle of switching phones.

So we're going to do a couple of um gaming reviews that I watched on phones, I usually do it on medium and it says that it has set on a medium base. Now you can't change it so that you can run it on one medium and then say that you can download resources pack for a better gaming experience. It's like a song, it's running through my ear right now and something, but it's kind of hard, not so when sitting you're waiting again to lower your requirement.

Do this one game and then do some blasts really quick, because I think that this was the highest graphic game I was gonna, go through and then when I go back to my home screen and just see the game, the other games I was going to do with you guys, but I did not expect [Music], [Music], okay, so I'm debating about my haircut next month or should I leave it like this. I like this, but leave it alone and let it grow but I am not one of those girls who, by getting her hair done, slap me. Some type of moisturizer she tries on it and lets it curl and keep moving hi. Okay, so we gonna guys [Music] go, I don't even know! Wasn't aware cuz my little box was right on my face: There was right there 13 minutes ; yeah.

This is going to be really quick so you're looking at when you first play this game at least on this phone you're. Looking at at least 13 minutes and I do not know this is as haha has never played this game before so I don't know. That's the butcher like what you are supposed to do and I just wanted to know like I say this is I and this is already on 20 minutes for a game like I know: I do [music], if I'm not gonna land I'm just trying to like I want to. Really quick cuz, like I really don't want this video to be super long. We did nothing on this guy, okay so finally I made it to lay it against and just like. So far I haven't noticed any lag or anything a little, maybe a little bit of stutters, not so much lag, I guess but little stutters, so it works pretty well the plug gee.

Will was running around on the Samsung galaxy 820, so it was pretty well his cancer. So let me pause a so I can log in with my facebook, so be right back [Music] Oh! Hopefully this I was really excited to recorded Vo vo you guys, I'm breathing I, don't feel like this kind of days. I like to play an individual mission like if I'm playing a shitty game. The game is pretty cool sniper. I love that game I haven't played in a long time, but I love that I will do sniper games like that and then cover fire I really love cover fire. So we're just gonna jump into the tomb explosion. For the most part I play as Township I have had into Master - Coin Number. My basic game which I checked all the time.

Throughout the day is Township I've played again for [Music] [Applause], keep my face. That's not at all how I plan for the video to go 25 minutes with what 15 on no no yeah about 15 or more minutes on it being pub G. But hey, hope you got home and stayed with me through this, not terribly long. I hadn't seen a lot of video like gaming or review videos much longer, but hopefully you guys stay with me to the end. Don't forget to like this video subscribe to my channel hit the notification bell, so you don't miss any time that I post and comment down below a specific game like you would like me to see how they run on this Samsung phone or even the iPhone 6s I said. Think I was gonna do it iPhone, 6s and 2019 almost 2020, because I know there's a lot of people out there.

I used that earlier on this year I love this, but yea to come back again, thanks for tuning in guys and so my mama sent me to pray to God and count your blessings the next video. Even don't you feel fed up, keep up your head because God has got..

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