SAMSUNG A20. - Galaxy User Guide

The first thing we have to do is remove the back cover, so we are going to put it on the hot plate for a while to be able to remove the back cover with a trowel. Then we help ourselves to open a little then we begin to cut with an X-ray sheet. We have to be careful in this part where we have the footprint as the flex of the water is already very short; then we let go in this way with a plastic spatula. The next step is to remove the frame that is in the middle of our opening on a side.

Now we put the bend on the screen, we put the battery, and we make a jumper on the power button so that it turns on here we have our screen turning on one - and this is like a pattern but the numbers work perfect and to check the screen. The next step is to remove the charging flex and also the antenna. We are now going to release the flex from the screen on this side with a trowel. We have it loose for its next, take it a couple of minutes to the iron to be able to remove the old screen. Due to its double quality, this screen is very attached to the frame so we will try to remove the spokes. It came off there, the link and came out together with the polarized one, and we were left with the Lcd since it is well glued to the frame.

So we are going to insert this palette and we are going to start lifting it with a little force, since it is quite ready. We throw this as we see it comes very stuck to the boat, and this has already been removed from the entire screen. We remove all excess glue from the original screen around the frame and with a brush. Once our entire back begins to clean, a wavy! We pour isopropyl alcohol so that it is very clean on our screen, a new screen can be glued with a microfiber cloth perfectly,. We also talk about the Huawei mate screen, we remove the protector from the adhesive of our new screen ah already having the glue on the frame. We remove the protector where flex goes of the screen and we paste it.

Ok, so we already have the flex glued to it and now we place our screen in a way that it fits perfectly in the frame. Okay let's now put a Flex of the screen in this part. In this way, if we placed the other Flex, we would already have the end of the screen ready. We place the flash of the loader, because I am not going to remove the fingerprint button so it is easier for me to install the back cover. The frame that fits perfectly in the next step is to place all the screws so we will do it a little quick. Now I am going to put the footprint button in this way.

It is easier to put the back cover on after I clean so it doesn't make dust so our stage arrived well, so I'm going to put some glue around the cover. We will test the equipment, and in this way we have changed the screen of our samsung to 20 there. Our screen is working this pity, but the numbers respond perfect, so see you in a next video..

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