Hey guys, this is Chris from Kikon Tech and today we are unboxing. We've all been waiting for, let's jump right in so this is Galaxy s22 Ultra, as you guys can see. It is grab a second and grab it right, shout to jason chris, the groomsman. Oh yes, let's go okay, a little slice and dice there little slip whoa! It looks more red here, but I don't know I guess we'll see come on. I know for some reason people love that. Wow. I mean it doesn't look burgundy to me. It's nice though the buttons are cutouts in the Sim tray. Of course, one speaker at the bottom. You got your USB type C s pen, I heard that this was black. Let's make sure it's like a matte black finish. That I can put that in there before I lose it clicks in great addition: the rails, nothing special there.

That's your other cutout for your uh additional microphone on the side. We have the power button on the bottom volume button volume rocker right on the side right there and if you see right here this - You see this little cutout right here here hold on. Let's see if I can get in focus a little hard to see, but there is a cutout on the side here. Yes, oh, I turned it on perfectly right, so we have everything taken off all the stickies. Okay, so it booted up while I was wrestling it up. Now while this turns off, let's put that on to the side, and let's see what comes in the box. This is pretty much oh, this is where your cable comes from usbc to usb type-c. It is not with the brick because of course we have millions of those who are wrong around the house laying.

Samsung sent us the freaking box dude, send us the little charging brick. You also get a small screen protector, maybe even bluetooth. They started whittling us down, and now it's just the phone and a cable, ridiculous come on man and then in there like a bunch of like quick start guide. If you have to read this, you should not have this phone unless you are a kid, that's the only like okay, I get it or like. I guess that's who would read it right if you got it for a kid? A kid would not ever youtube it! I don't know who would read this, but they have that in there, so they have the Sim Pop tool. Perfect. Add it to the collection which is great, this is pretty much trash. What's up with these seals, man like blending into the white box, camouflage tape.

I really want to see so I got a greek uh free, 250 or whatever I use this towards a smartwatch uh, but basically you get a 250 dollars credit for each pre-order with samsung, which is cool and everything but uh. I used that towards this smartwatch, the green one I got, which looks really nice on the computer. Here's one thing I've disappointed in that it is a new feature. It is now reverse wireless charging that gives the user this kind of sucking. Now it takes ages and you have to get it like that literally in the perfect spot, so these cables put in are actually kind of valuable now because they charge better than reverse wireless charging, which kind of defeats the purpose of it, but still.

What is crazy is that I might have to return this phone and get the green one because I think this green looks better than that of this merlot damn this, this color looks good. I almost want both, but damn this green is sick. The green on the band is very close to the color of the actual um watch itself. You have sensors down there which are cool in vietnam military standard military grade. This is waterproof and I wouldn't recommend you showering with it, but I guess there is a quick view of both. This is the Galaxy Watch, for which the four classic do you guys like. Comment in the below section. I prefer the classic. To be honest with you. I have my apple watch around here which is kind of cool.

Right now you tell me this fitness wise and I haven't ran with the Galaxy watch recently. This might change but is the fitness-minded heart rate monitor on this is unbeatable. The running tracking is unbeatable when it comes to this right here, we'll see if it changed with the Galaxy Watch three, for I was not impressed by the Galaxy Watch three so we will have to see so uh apple, uh you kind of got samsung v on that one for now, but that was the watch and they didn't have this green um. They didn't have this particular green. I'll set this up in a little bit. They didn't have that green uh for the ears so I got the galaxy buds in olive color which I actually had them up here also. I like the fact that these are a little bit smaller.

I hate the ears, the rubber ear tips and I like them at the same time. I hate them for working out because they tend to slip out when you start to sweat, but they fit well if you're just using them for, like, I don't know going on a flight or something and want to watch a movie or listen to music they're, not too bad when it comes to that man, this box was easier to slice up... oh and then this is the case. It was fairly cheap, it is yellowing now, but I really wanted the white color and if you throw this in your pocket, without this case you will destroy it, and it just looks so. Nice look at the white and black contrast. It's beautiful and all these buds are kind of like that. In the description for this case I will leave a link.

I always put it on my keys because if not I will end up sitting on these, so pretty cool these are now also Galaxy boats. They come with wireless charging. So there's that, oh man that actually looks really nice in olive color. So it is not a special charger like they do with apple. They have a special charger when it comes to like their smart watches this one, any wireless charger will work any Qi, uh wireless charger or key I don't know how to get chi from key, but a I'm assuming ear tips come and yeah. It comes with a wow usb, a to usbc - cable. Um to be honest with you, maybe that is the reason why they slip out, but it's that I'm gonna throw this here over.

So that is everything that is the full setup, the full unboxing I got so I am going to set everything up, throw my apps on there really quick set up like this and I will be right back in a little bit, see you guys soon, okay guys, so we are back. Finally, it took forever to transfer everything over. I had a lot of information on my other phone but first impressions i played a little bit with it. I heard that it was a really big, upgrade speaker, wise and and whatnot and uh first impressions to be honest with you, it feels like the exact same phone. Is it nicer looking that and I think their whole game plan was to make this look like a note and really to transition the note line here so that I mean very fast-going.

The fingerprint scanner is If you look the fingerprint scanner is like I don't know, it just seems faster. I don't know if it's the animation or what, but it appears a lot faster, a lot more responsive, but you know that probably it's the placebo effect. I have no idea, but 'oh we will. I think tomorrow I will rock this all day, so I am going to test the battery life. Take some pictures, I'm gonna do a three-way, so I will probably do the s21 ultra this one and then the iphone. I might do 4-way, actually I might do this s21 ultra pixel, 6 pro and then uh and then s21 ultra this one pixel 6 pro and then the iphone that way. It's what, because we wanna see who the top dog is right and umm. So yeah, that's what we gonna test tomorrow. Um, I'll be showing my other video.

I'm gonna put a screen protector on here shortly, but I wanted just a size comparison for you guys so that you guys can see how big this thing is. This is the note 20 ultra, it is pretty much the same size. I don't know if you guys can tell you, but it's a little bit wider than the note 20 ultra, which is sort of odd as I thought it would be the exact same phone. They are both great looking phones, but that is that in regards to the iphone, it is actually taller than the iphone and about the same width, but it is taller than the iphone. So basically, it's a big phone, big phone for sure this is the s22 um s22, I'm sorry s21, plus s21 plus so it's wider for sure and taller for sure as you guys can see wider and taller. This is pixel 6 pro pro edition.

It is wider than the pixel and it is about the same height as the pixel. Actually the pixel might be a little taller oh and I was just holding it wrong. I wanted to give you guys a color comparison. So this is the Uh, the gold version of the Note 20 Ultra. I know that it is difficult to see in the cameras because sometimes the way it edits everything and the way the color comes out. Maybe I'm colorblind, maybe I don't know, but looks to me like a dark purple. Has a soft matte finish which is really nice to cover up some of the fingerprints, um. We want to compare with oh and of course the s21 ultra, so it is actually larger for sure and s21 ultra is probably a hair taller than it is just a hair taller. So that it feels like the same phone.

I actually prefer this one because the form factor is a little bit easier to handle, but uh. That's why I wanted to run through some of the specs in case anyone cared. So it's a 6.8 inch uh display 120 hertz uh 1750 knits on the brightness so it is supposed to get brighter than any phone we will see if that makes a difference or not. Come on like let's go the other way right, especially since note lineup is non-existent anymore, like let's go the opposite direction right?. If you already go up to 16 with the s21 ultra, let's stay at it like it is as you took away our charger. You took our sd card slot from our USB port. So it's going to be great for really fast transfer speeds, obviously 8th gen, snapdragon generation 1, whatever.

It feels like the newer smartphones feel good 5 000 milliamp hour battery, so we'll test to see if the battery life is better. I get about five hours of screen time on my s21 ultra in my review. So if you want to swing by and buy something for yourself, I would recommend that you do that immediately before the deal runs away Um. There are also some carrier-specific and carrier-specific promotions, even though you still buy it from samsung.com so you don't have to go to T-mobile to receive the t-mobile specific promotions when you get into the checkout. If you click on the section it'll ask you if you want an unlocked phone or a T or a carrier specific.

If you pick carrier specific there's a banner that shows carrier specific promotions to kind of help you out there - everything else looks pretty much the same: 40 megapixels, front-facing camera, rear-facing, 108 megapixels. It has also a periscope 10, megapi 10, megapi, uh, 10 megapixel, lens optical image stabilization 10x, zoom, blah blah blah blah a 12, megapixel, 120 degree field of view, ultra-wide sensor on the rear. So, we will test that out what else it means with USB 3.2. It is of course Wi-Fi six enabled I think most smartphones are now and it can handle up to 45 Watt Charging which I unfortunately read that it is a scam, but I guess we'll see but anyways it is guys that kind of finishes the unboxing omg.

If you want to take a look at some samsung specific cases that come with it, you want to see what they look like, what they fit. I will leave a link to my other video and that shows the cases and we'll do a "bobby-up" to that anyways..

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