ROOT Samsung Galaxy A71 Android 10 UI 2.5 (link) (Work for rooting android 10/samsung/ui1/ui2) - Galaxy User Guide

How to root Samsung A71 first, we open up the settings. We slide to the bottom, about the phone software information. Here is the baseband version, version number and country service provider, XID and security level, from April 1, 2020. We first download stock ROM according to the HP version. Number then Open Chrome, enter the address or It's enter search search here, Samsung Galaxy A71 select, click the arrow below. There will be a lot of stock room. We will search my country using XID many pages. Then we search using the Asian country, to make XID filter appoint to your device. Phone Android, 10, XID and ATE8 versions are compatible. Just click for free download, after downloading.

Install the Samsung USB driver, download 7zip, make sure by right clicking and there is a 7z option, PIN lz4.exe, to taskbar by right click and select PIN to taskbar to XID stock ROM, folder click, AP and right click 7-zip, then open, Archie, select, boot.img.lz4, then extract. Drag the file boot.img.Lz4 to lz4, which we have to pin in the Task Bar Select boot.img.Lz4. We will receive a new file named boot.img back to the download folder move magisk Manager to the XID folder open, XID,.select, magisk, Manager, +, boot.img, + AP file, then copy the PD file into the device phone The boot.img.lz4 file goes back to the HP settings about the phone device, information and click on the version number 5x and we go back to the settings we see at the very bottom.

There will be a developer mode menu enabling oem unlocking. Remember simply enable OEM unlock no debugging USB, just unlock the OEM. Only OK, after copying to the phone is done before we move the new boot.img to the download folder and there is a folder with the busybox file. And for this file, the stock rom is that you can use it. One time to re-flash to restore the original ROM of the device checks whether the phone - storage is and there are 3 files there. We go then to the cellphone and install the magisk manager. There is an option "End" and "Open". We simply open the magisk not installed. Click on install and click on install again and select and patch a file.

Then we look for the AP file and boot up We will patch these two files, but if we do not find it you have to first display the storage by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner and selecting activate storage. I will patch the boot.img file. First there will be a notification to download Magisk version 20 and when the download is complete it will immediately patch the boot.img file. For the results of patched files, we can check the download folder in the internal memory for files that are not patched. Open the download folder in the internal storage. Our phone gets 2 files here, magisk-patcher.img and magisk-patcher.tar. Then we go to the computer download folder and there is magis-patcher.tar. Du moves it to the Odin folder.

Then we open the Odin folder and there is a magisk-patcher.tar file. The results of the earlier extract select all files except vbmeta.img and recovery.img. Apart from these two files, delete it just. We return to the Odin folder and we change the name of the magisk-patcher folder so that it will not be confused later when making it a rar file. To download folder, return to the folder and then select the three files and click left and select Run as administrator. When a command is completed, we Right Click anywhere and select "Open Command from here" and enter the following command. Then we can move the boot image to the Odin folder and put it in the Magic-Pacher folder there.

Select then the three files with vbmeta and recovery files and right click select, 7-zip and select "add to archive" and select "format as", TAR and click. Ok then we get a new file named MAGISK-PATCHER2.TAR and we put it in an external folder or Odin folder. Next step is that we activate the bootloader lock on the device. If it is locked by the OEM then we must unlock the bootloader to allow the device to be rooted first, turn off your device by pressing the power button and volume down or go through the menu on the top of the screen by tapping it. Then we press up and down buttons to the volume and halt the data cable until the download menu appears. There is a command "Up button to continue" and "Button above for a long time to open the bootloader ".

After that we can press the top button long until the screen turns off. We confirm the process by clicking on the top button and waited until it is finished. Please connect your device to the internet or wi-fi network and confirm until it successfully enters the main menu. After successfully entering the main menu. We re-enable developer mode and check that the oem unlock is active and it is grayed out - or you guys, skip this option. Straight to the process of turning off the device. You guys turn off your device, disconnect the data cable and then press volume up and down together and hold it. While connecting the cable the data returns until the download menu appears.

On volume then click once to enter download mode then return to computer and open Odin folder, click Odin, and turn off auto rebooting AP select MAGISK-PATCHER2.TAR and fill in BL CP CSC with stock rom. Click on Start then until the process shows RESET and Pass after Flash is complete. We turn the cellphone on by tapping the power button and the volume down simultaneously and when the screen quickly turns off. Then we move to press the power button and hold volume down until it enters the recovery menu Select the data type or the factory reset. If it is successful, we select the system immediately and wait for the device to start again until it turns on itself after turning on. Until you enter the menu don’t forget to connect your cellphone with the internet or Wi-fi.

You can transfer the magisk manager from your computer to the device and reinstall it on the device, and if it is installed, you can immediately open it or check that developer mode is still active or not here. I will check in developer mode. First and I turn on USB debugging. The first time we open it will appear a notification stating that it requires additional setup. After success we click OK then the device will automatically restart itself and will turn back on until it turns on again and congratulations after turning on. The device has been rooted and you have successfully rooted without interference and ROOT can be accessed at any time without fear of bootloop without any key combination.

Use just the power button, If you have any questions please leave a comment..

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