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[Music] well simply because the cousin, if you are not listening to him with a hint of happiness- and you see him with that shine in his eyes- that he is already a happy carrier of a galaxy s. 21 5g, this team that the people of samsung at the beginning of this year- that's good, because basically we can mention that it is a device with a 6.2-inch full HD plus screen, because the base with very good resolution can even have this 120 hertz makes it ideal because to consume video game, content, etc., etc. The triple rear camera with an ultra wide angle of up to 12, megapixels wide angle, also 12, megapixels and well.

Also, your own phone can record video at 8 to 24 frames per second another important detail: the front camera 10 megapixels for your selfish android 11 operating system, a 5 nanometer processor with 8 cores, that is to say very powerful, 8 gi, gabytes and 128 and 256 internal memory among the main features of this equipment. If you have not seen it, I think Samsung has polished itself very well with the design of this product. The camera configuration does stand out as other equipment does, but it is strategically located within the industrial design so that it looks very nice, like it looks like a puzzle, piece assembled, and that makes it look very elegant and I think we have to recognize the brand that they did a great job.

It looks very, very good, almost complete with its front camera embedded in the center, not as a drop, but only very well in the center of the upper part of the screen, which is what stands out from this prime team. That is the best for you, the worst thing in your experience with this galaxy s, 21 5g today, the bi roll was not delighted how barbaric samsung sent it. They gave me the equipment as soon as I could, I opened it, lifted it out of the box. It is super light, which is always good, not the second thing after you take it out, you turn it on, you remove the plastic, it is beautiful and it is very easy to configure and I think that I continue with samsung.

Precisely because of this ease of making changes so simple, it is incredible, but it is the first that I use smart switch, which is the Samsung application for samsung or clear mayo, and it happens with cable connect, usps from ls9 plus, which was the one that had the s 21 5g usb is usa sbc, and what do you like? Absolutely everything, and maybe it took me 15 minutes in real time to pass the Whatsapp backup, so this eases the light weight.

Do you remember that we talked about 6 months ago that we did not like the new arrangement of cameras that samsung had presented, declared carmen interistas and the Huawei? This chosen looks like an embedded leo now, for people are going to see the normally we are used to or the industry is getting used to these rectangular camera configurations or squares that even at some point apple was criticized for that configuration now. They are not like in a row on one of the edges on the back of the equipment that similar to how he and his velvet arranged them in this case, but now he picks up this design to the people of samsung, but very well, that is, even changing the time of manual materials so that it is noticeable, but at the same time, that is, before the configuration.

He has now spoken a lot about the smart switch. The configuration was also carried out with all the leggings that you already had or had to obviously log in to your e-mail accounts in your social network, accounts, etcetera, etcetera, exactly what's going on abs, but for security reasons you have to put your usernames and passwords, but what makes it very easy is that when you record the fingerprint and start writing your credentials with your fingerprint it ends because also pass the Samsung pass. I don't remember the password with fingerprint and then it becomes very simple. What will never be easy is to pass the bank accounts better now.

Not if not that, especially one of the bank applications says that you are in developer mode for this to work like this, you must disable it. It is not enable I hope it doesn't check me. Has technically a headphone jack, yes, because well the usb s is a headphone jack, but it is not 3.5 millimeters, which is what alex ar is surely asking us and that what those who gave it to me told them is in fact a co inverter something pleasant, but wait. But now it came with this promotion of the galaxy bots or you were sad to see these later apart, just because I do have bluetooth headphones according to me, the pros for calls are heard much better than the ones I have no hey.

If you have a phone, they take it into account and also they usually give you little things that they gave you not to say that the charger, because not to laugh but this something else, so they give you some offers, and some lies are something the smart access were limited to 350 pieces. You refer to adding smart successes to those of those. This now and the seller told me many arrived a long time before he was for the end of April. The truth is that I went for the smallest this time because ls 9 is, it is a sink. It is, and now that I charge this apart from the fact that it is not so small, but if it is smaller, it is this one. It is very light and that really seems silly, but that makes it very uncomfortable this, the smallest, the one with 128 gb.

The emptiness is not in this topic, 0 anger and the truth is that I do not take so many photos, curiously on the phone so that it is filled today. How has it worked for you if it is a big difference, because that is what you feel apply the one of the burning ones about it is that it is like an iphone. There are brands that have a much clearer charge, but in half an hour you'll have 60 percent, and this for emergencies. It's going to work for me, give me what, but then this is correct, don't buy keys, I don't want that, I want to continue living today and some insurance would come. And heaven me: If I thought they included a discount with the insurance, I.

If the battery, what's up at the moment, I'll find out how it's gone for you, it's 4000 milliamps, I was already commenting on the subject of fast charging, but I mean, it's about to be like this, as it was raised to say, as a fan of Samsung, I'm a fan and I could have bought. The battery does not last great colomer that they are closed. If I, what does not last long that now seriously it is in favor of samsung I did not give it the opportunity to see if without an application that installs it just for the LEDs.

The notifications that I tell you about that right now, I don't know if that generously subtracts battery or also since I opened it I put ok with all the processor I don't care, and today it tells you with everything, but you are going to spend more than a minute and a minute on the radio. Anyway, we return to this topic in the last block at the end of the program, but we have in terms of things that you did not like, especially for the radio people to tell us quickly. We have 50 seconds I feel that it lacks volume. Those points do not tell me liked and the battery that stops flying today. We are going to continue commenting on all this towards the end of the program, but every time I think there are many doubts about this team, but well.

We will also continue commenting on this on digital platforms for the good radio people that this was the galaxy s 21 5g. We return to talk with that team towards the end of the program and go for a cut. We are still here tonight- is a night of gadgets hey cousin, the price that is marked. Let's say that the public of this equipment version 128 gb is 21,500 as soon as you found it on sale in it. I know that I find it more valuable to this, but for months without interest it is quite a cost for the reader. If those 21,499 are there, let's see read, let's solve some doubts that they are asking us. He listens because you didn't give the phantom picking to yourself.

No, because that's what I'm telling you that since I don't put protection on them, I like them and the color I, like I confess that I thought I was going to end up with a iphone for all that you have talked about during the year and the time that I am very disappointed. First of all, let me also have the anecdote very quickly for those who are watching us listening on radio or here on youtube, I write to you in the scrub. This option I already said in my big 40 minutes later I am so good for the emergency. It is, and my cousin has already given me his opinion and based on it. It is a reliable brand with a presence in the market that will answer you in case of any problem the service in the store, thousands of things that I think.

So in that sense it is worth it, but we are going to review this at the end of the program of what we are here on your night. It is a giant night for now we have more doubts, no d and this galaxy s, 21, 5g and I- think that I would like to start directly and return that there are the photos cuz. How did it make sense to you are times this I took three portrait photos yesterday, I did not portrait a person but of the product, but the portrait mode and I was surprised because now you can see a better treatment in artificial intelligence to separate the background from the product that I was taking. If they looked natural, portray something black and only the galaxy bots and the black ones are always as complicated as they tend to be the magenta or greenish version.

Not here it looked quite correct and from the outside nothing else like I had not used the wide angle and I was surprised by all the space it can handle. The purchase decision was the truth is to have something that did not go down from what you are already used to in terms of usability and power. It is not qualcomm snapdragon this one of connection, the successes of 2007 and it is one of the powerful ones The, one from Samsung of which they are super proud now yes, well, I can tell you that with the little I have used it, because apart from that I am not a gamer either. So I have not opened asphalt or any game that it requires. There will be to compare if the same asphalt runs well with this success, I think it will not have any problem in terms of not being able to think much.

It's like that feeling that you bring, as it did not generate this wow effect as much as other occasions when you premiered a samsung team. This was because you were left with the desire of their experiences that we have been talking about over the months. It also influenced because I was even going to go to a store, they are, and you are not going to ask, but it is crazy. I am not going to buy it in euros so that they arrive this cannon. If it has things that you say that screen that camera module is a sony no, but that would be the only one, and I told you that I already found it in my next phone.

No pity it didn't arrive, no hear our question quick, quick level, differences between buying or renewing your equipment in a brand store, in this case in a Samsung store versus doing it with operators time. You can manipulate it there in the experience tables and they like it, go ahead. They give you a hand if you don't leave a little bag with your phone. You open the little tray where the micro sim goes.

If everything fits perfectly and best of all you don't have sounds from the operator, you don't have operator, loader blower and since you don't have sounds characteristic of operators, you have more sound options on the phone and that's great because personalizing is one of the things that most excite someone who is launching a gadget that you manage to personalize it, and it is an experience that we are suddenly unaccustomed to, not because almost most of us buy it exactly through the operator.

The truth is that I recommend it and it works for them to leave 30%, cheaper and so normal, because with the operator it is what they charge you more for financing because they are not quality brothers, and, apart from the plan you choose, then, if done in numbers because many times we think that going directly to the Apple Store or the Samsung Store or the xiaomi Store. What is useful is good offers with great experiences as well and also order the purchase of the exact gifts and compare the brand in hand than that that it is what it is worth. This exhibit will change a phone to any operator or store. Don't grab them and the ears or the eyes or the mucus or anything, because it's like what we tend to do..

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