Price drop to 10 million, Samsung s series price drop in 2021. - Galaxy User Guide

The [ __ ] Hello guys, in this video Mimin wants to give good news for Samsul lovers, because in this video Mimin wants to discuss price reductions on Samsung HP experiences rather than taking too long and making you curious. Let's start the video. Let's start with the Samsung SDN 1 + smartphone, which was released in early 2021. Samsung s21 here brings camera quality that they have perfected, using a rear camera driver setup with a 12 megapixel main camera accompanied by a 12 megapixel white lens and a 64 megapixel camera on your phone, which is capable of doing three times hybrid even up to 30 times.

Looks similar to me, make a premium impression when we first see it, even though this cellphone is still relatively new, but the price drop is quite good. The turnover is also G, which was priced at 17 million at the beginning of its release. The next product is the most expensive product in Paris at this time, namely the Samsung s21 is also the most expensive phone here, Samsung confidently embeds its superior features in a smartphone or camera, which is its superiority, but Samsung provides the S pen feature for the first time in a product.

4G network with high-level specifications in various sectors of the Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra violet, Its performance is no longer debatable, starting from the AMOLED screen that uses the Exynos 2103 processor, Yamaha battery capacity, with a battery capacity of this size a This cellphone is guaranteed to last more than one day at the beginning of its release. The Samsung Galaxy S2 Putra excels GMIM capabilities up to a hundred times, while for the kitchen sector it uses the Exynos 990 chipset. Communicates 7 nanometers, coupled with 12 GB Ideapad RAM. There is no doubt about the performance of this cellphone in playing games for this camera.

Twenty Ultra brings four camera setups on the back with a 108 mbit cell configuration as the main camera, coupled with a 48 megapixel telephoto lens 12, megapixel, ultra-wide lens and fisheye lenses, in addition to the photography performance on this cellphone. But the best, Samsung also offers many features that can maximize the video capture. Fourth is the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus, which has been plastic for almost two years. It has been equipped with the Exynos 990 chipset and 8GB of RAM, which is still capable of crushing heavy games, even though this cellphone is still capable of doing various things, from editing social media.

Watching videos called free games, The performance of the 4500mhd battery of this phone is not disappointing, but with a note that we lower the screen Polish a little and modern, we disable the 120hz screen zipper and the establishment of the fast charging feature makes charging faster which for the price at the time of writing, it is priced at 14 millions, and this decreased from one million to 8 million in 2019, and then Samsung officially released the Samsung Galaxy S template, which is the highest series of Widjaja juventius. In addition to bringing a slim and charming body like an HP, flash zip screen from a Smartphone.

It also feels very premium, because a Samsung has provided this HP screen with a complex screen measuring 6.4 inches with a strong SD flash resolution, not only that. This phone also does not use a Super AMOLED panel and support for the X feature was delivered at a price. This price has fallen too low in numbers. There is the Samsung Galaxy S6 plus, just like the usual es, Neng twin brother and his predecessor version. This HP still relies on camera quality as its main selling point, when parallel smartphones were competing to use the super large camera resolution, the Samsung S6 plus actually survived, with a dual camera setup, each with 12 megapixels of revolution, which looks normal even though it is only 12 megapixels, the quality is actually better.

This is applied with this cellphone camera, which is ready in all positions for taking pictures of babies, even at night, for the quality of the selfie camera. Okay, it's priced at 14 million when Trisanja is now down.. That's guys, some Samsung S series cellphones have decreased prices for that. Don't forget to subscribe to this channel to find out other interesting info..

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