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This video is sponsored by game gear, more information and a small contest during the video [Music] Google pixels six pros or Samsung Galaxy s, 22 ultra. So this is an opportunity for me to give you a little comparative test so that you can also form your own opinion is whether it is the pixel six pros or the Samsung Galaxy S 22 ultra. Ultra life is far superior to the back in v, rre and matte and not shiny, which avoids fingerprints and gives an impression of a better finish. And since we were talking about this camera bar the integration of samsung is here, in my opinion, infinitely more minimalist and that I, like it a lot and then for many fans.

It's here, the return of the spn a very useful little stylus and which must still take a significant place in the phone, which makes me even more admiring of samsung's engineering. Indeed, for a size almost similar to the pixel six pros, the f-22 ultra is guaranteed to be a much more complete product on paper and the slices of the s22 ultra use a stronger metal alloy than the pixel six pros, and this is clearly not a detail because on this pixel syspro about five months after the purchase I have a lot of micro, scratches and small tears all around the phone.

In particular, thanks to its very sharp angles when finally and well, the pixel syspro is all round, and it is true that in hand it is a little more pleasant in spite of that at the level of the design, part I am still more tempted to give the point os 22 ultras about their screen, a screen of almost similar size, with 6 7 inches on one side and 6 8 inches on the other, but above all amoled screens, 120, hertz, ltp The brightness is very good on both devices but the s 22 super goes much further with a potential peak of 1500 liters against barely 1000 for the pixel. There is really no scenario where I found the screen of this s.

22 ultra unreadable and, above all, the automatic brightness sensor works super well while he is terribly capricious on the pixel syspro. And for this point and this really incredible brightness here again, I give the point os 22 ultra. Concerning biometrics, the sensor fingerprint was a pretty hot topic. The samsung offers a powerful and ultra-fast facial unlocking even more than the fingerprint sensor, while the pixel syspro is supposed to receive this functionality but still does not have it so point at the samsung then neglected element. The pixel 6 pro has an excellent vibration engine slightly nicer and more powerful than the f-22 ultra, but 6es 22 ultra is a less powerful vibration engine than the pixel syspro.

We always have a little haptic feedback, which can be a little less present on the pixel six pros and then we don't. Have this unpleasant hollow feeling on this s, 22000 tram, and that's why, overall, between better use and effect, maybe a little more premium at the screen level, I prefer a vibration motor a little less powerful. Pixel syspro does not degrade in terms of sound at the level of its haptic feedback. It's super strange because this ultra Sézanne does less well than this pixel six pros which is really very good at this level but above all that the f-22 ultra was released last year and which was also very, very good, quite bizarre, so for performance.

We are here in a rather atypical case, since the two manufacturers offer their own tensor chips at google and excideuil, che z, samsung, no snap dragon so, but a lot of ambition. We realize that the smartphone industry is gradually reaching a small glass ceiling, because if this pixel syspro has performances dating back more than two years similar to the sna dragon 865, the phone remains perfectly capable on a daily basis. The interface is very fluid and the amount of ram is sufficient to have peace of mind in the years to come. However, on several occasions and I was surprised that this pixel syspro became extremely hot.

During certain videoconferencing tasks recording of videos in 4k and fairly advanced gaming, we feel that the chip unleashes all its power on the Samsung side. It's super practical ideal for launching your current games or your simulations, which supports controllers. The buttons are very pleasant under the finger and in these conditions, benefiting from the magnificent screens of our smartphones is a huge advantage. In addition, there is x-22 game siret that is self-powered by its battery and is recharged by a usb port. The connection between the telephone and the controller is done by a USB port swivel which allows you to slide your phone without difficulty in the mechanism.

Cyr a photo that will be just temporary for the time of this contest and, yes, I said temporary, be fast, since the contest ends on April 12 and even if there is not a monumental gap between these two phones for the slight extra power and the fact that the phone does not overheat and well. It gradually amounts to making a choice between apple or android, indeed the more time progresses and the more google moves away from philosophy, hie of android by offering revamped interface phones with a more optimized interface, customizable and the emphasis of a complete ecosystem more than just a competent phone. In my review after three months of using the pixel six pros, I was telling you that the software experience was not as good as expected.

I have a lot of bugs updates are not that frequent flagship features do not yet work very well in French, and especially the father of Android, Google only offer three years of update for the Pixel six pros on its side. Samsung is not beyond the reach of critics, far from it, and if the s pen turns out to be nice and wang wei is still my favorite overlay on Android. I must admit that I have a lot of bugs with the f-22 ultra, it is useless to come and tell me that I am out of luck and that I am certainly an isolated case. It's a bit of an unbalanced interface that has trouble responding to tit for tat.

I also have a big latency problem in terms of audio or even friezes of almost a minute sometimes when I turn on the screen, but despite all that, I still trust samsung to correct the situation because in the end it sends a product to the market. That was the case with the s20 and especially the s-21, and in the end, with the months and the weeks the phone has become really excellent. A positive point is also talking about updates when I shoot this video, it's April 3 and s. 22 ultra is already at the security level on the April patch, while the google pixels is still and always on the March patch and in addition, unfortunately, for google now samsung gives its phones up to 4 years of Android update and five years of security update it's much better than this.

Therefore, for wang wei, the s pen and the responsiveness of updates there is a point os 22 ultra for the battery the pixel six pros is not a thunderbolt. The autonomy offered here is good, but without record counted five at six hours of screen on the f-22 ultra, for once tells me really aim, since during my test I told you that the autonomy was really catastrophic about four hours of screen on, but in the meantime I received one another copy, and on this one is good.

N autonomy is more than adequate about seven to eight hours of screen on without equal and like a nag but seven to eight hours of screen to him, but it's more than adequate and it allows me to recharge my phone, which at 85% maximum, we have an option in the phone and it's really practical to maintain good autonomy over time. But what that also means is that when you buy your ease, 22 ultra, you also potentially have a little bit of luck and a lottery because you can come across very good or very bad.

On the other hand, battery level where there is clearly no match between these two phones, it is on the recharging speed since we are almost sure that a time halved the pixel six close their charge about one hour, forty two hours, while this s gives ultra it's clear and clean 58 minutes each time with a recharge that passes e from 0 to 60% in about 30 minutes and that it's still really useful on a daily basis.

So for the battery and the low recharge speed, an os 22 ultra point for photos and videos, one might be tempted to give the point right away to the Samsung Galaxy S 22 ultra, because it has a lot of sensors or so some of you might also be tempted to give it right away to the 6 pixels, because the phone has been known to have super capabilities in photos and videos for several years. Without the pixel six pros does not offer much in quantity and that this aison of the Utra is completely poor in quality. During these last months the pixel syspro has proved to be a valuable ally during my photo sessions. While traveling it offers sufficient versatility with a passable ultra wide-angle but above all a very efficient main sensor and a super impressive 4x zoom.

I had a lot of fun with this pixel 6 the quality of the shots, the details, l, excellent white balance make it a camera of choice for photography. That's the main thing on its side, the s 22 ultra aims to give its letters of nobility to the concept of versatility. The ultra-wide-angle sensor allows you to take very close shots thanks to its autofocus, but that's all very good angle also has a wider field of vision than the pixel syspro, which allows you to take shots a little more dramatic wide. I find and finally a 10x sensor capable of taking qualitative x, 30 shots and even if the liver is anecdotal, it is still really impressive, versatility, incredible, which allows to expand the field of possibilities in terms of creativity.

The zoom scale allows you to take shots in all situations and just on the photo. This Samsung is a must-see device when traveling, the quality is just right, excellent, the word night performance- and there are many modes that enrich the experience for as much at an equal distance. The quality of the shots and I find it a bit worse than on the pixel six pros, with a white and color balance, sometimes a little little in the cabbage same observation for the front sensor for the pixel syspro. The idea of enlarging the angle of hu is excel ent and allows you to take wings girl im pressing with more elements in the image, a great point for the Samsung front sensor even if it sees less wide than the pixel syspro has a super rare point.

That is to say that when the pixel 6 comes to take a video that will do, for example, 80 megabytes and well here, the grape of ultra will only make 40 so twice less. So there will be a little more compression of artifacts and then it is felt in the quality of the videos. Since the season 2 liters addresses videos a lot contrasted than what pixel 6 can do, for example, to try to correct these artefacts a little bit and then besides.

In particular, the versatility at the level of the stéphane photo sensors, a big plus we can from the front, and also with all the oddo sensors filmed in 4k 60 species that we cannot do with the pixel six pros, and we also have two rather interesting three modes in particular, a pro mode that allows us to go much deeper into detail and its like the pixel syspro is completely incapable of it and when I talk to you about the portrait, video mode, which is very well done The cut is still really clean, whether it's with my hand or with a phone, which is really interesting for me - that we try to create content with a phone a little smaller than a real camera in more here samsung is doing better than the latest iphones.

On the other hand, bab on this pixel 6 even if it is still very good in video purely and simply, unfortunately it does not have great versatility and that is still a shame. If Google is well on the way in offering more stable videos and better betrayed than the sézanne of the ultra, the videos produce a lot of water grains of the dark areas and it is still impossible to lock the autofocus us in 4k 60 fps. It is clearly prohibitive for the majority of advanced content creators, especially since the f-22 ultras is also less hesitant and more efficient, and here is a small video test. While the Samsung Galaxy s, 22 ultra, can get up to 60 frames per second here, I turn a little bit to have the sun behind me and I already see directly.

That I am perhaps a little better exposed on the pixel six pros, which does really a great job in terms of skin tone since the start of this test, and it also allows you to see the difference in audio and also stabilization between. It is true that as soon as you want to go a little further you have more control over the settings on the image quality and have something a little more creative with the background, blurs, etc, etc. In conclusion, and no matter which phone you choose, we are here on two excellent proposals and normally you will not be disappointed, but today we are on a comparison tif between these two models and in this little game the es22 ultras clearly stands out quality of the finishes.

Software support the s pen, a brighter screen, infinitely more efficient cameras. That's what the es22 ultra in 2022, and if this pixel six pros and well don't demerit on almost all points it is still and a behind, but at the same time it is normal because we still have a difference of nearly 300 euros between the two phones, a difference which is not negligible but again look good when you buy your phone, because if the pixel syspro does not often have a reduction and we find it again and again at 8 The stage is at 900 euros and there are still a lot of reductions, so normally we find ourselves quite easily more or less in the same prices and the bar is no match.

In fact, we could summarize the experience with this pixel syspr o by saying that it never dropped, but never excellent, and it is certainly the biggest flaw of these phones that clearly struggles to stand out in 2022. So that's it for this comparison between these two phones, I hope it has you pleased that it allowed you to see more clearly between these two proposals. If one of its two phones interests you I, put the purchase, links in the descriptions so do not hesitate to take a look while waiting for the next video well I wanted to slick and the video and subscribe to the channel if it's still not done and take care of yourself and stay curious..

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