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Hello, as a country welcome to fra mobile, this time bring to you the unpacking and first impressions of this new terminal from or to 54 s [music], but have grown 0.54 s as it is a terminal that was presented in October 2010 and 1, and that the operator of eye at 54. It would be a slightly cheaper version of the 54, and that has a battery of 5 thousand migrants and also has a very interesting 50 megapixel camera. I really want to try this operation, the color layer or this one, since I have a one plus with which I am recording this video and surely you have heard the news that one plus is going to unify its layers today and that it is going to be practically the same. Here I have the first eye and let's see how, in terms of price, you can find it for less than 200 euros and I.

Consider that it is a good purchase in my case for about 150 Euro considering the characteristics of this device and highlight the 5000 milliamp battery and triple cameras, including a 50 megapixel main lens. Let's first see a little about the box. We have or point 54 is the version in this case 4 gb of RAM and 128 internal color. Although blue is here because it is here in black, we have 54s here because we have contact in case. We want to talk on the phone in the different countries -- italy, germany, spain and portugal. We have the version 4gb of RAM and 128 of internal 54s, and here we have the white crystal color.

We have the pincho for the sim card and here we have different manuals and quick guides in addition to that, because transparent silicone covers are the truth that it comes in handy to protect the device and that it comes from the factory. Like you see the device because it is in black color, we remove the plastic, and here we have it. It seems that it has a protector from the factory and in gray on the back, although if we see it in light it appears that it is a little bluish.

At first I thought that this was always a screen protector but it is not a tempered glass that came from the factory, so we are going to leave it and here we have the black color that I, like it a lot, even if it is made from plastic material on the back, the terminal looks very cool, we are going to remove the sticker with the email address, and here we have the device, The truth is that it's very cool, I like it a lot. It doesn't weigh, it doesn't weigh lower than what I expected to put it. I also take into account the size of the terminal.

Here, as you can see on the back we have the traces very marked here, we also have the CE mark I, don't know if the camera module was much better in the video because it doesn't protrude much from the chassis either terminal is something that I like in terms of the buttons we have on the right edge, the power button and also with the fingerprint sensor the cante wants. We also have the tray for the cards and we have the volume control on the upper edge. Okay, not at all. We will not have anything and already will have a 5 inch speaker microphone on the outer edge and also the USB 0 port.

We have the possibility of two nano sim boxes and also a micro sd card at the same time in my case, because I am going to put the nano sim card to steal some coverage, calls etc, but it is an advantage that we can have all three. Finally I have the chance to try a little color or that to see how it appears to me if it is very similar to the oxygen layer that of one plus well. It seems that if it has a paid battery, we are going to put the pin of the card well but well. A very strange thing happened to me because when I started, the phone was for the first time pressed and I couldn't do anything, the truth was that it was a real nuisance and what I have done has been to go as I should. Could configure the phone without including the google account or wifi, etc.

Until I was able to enter the general desktop of l mobile and I was able to deactivate the touchpad with the help of a mouse? And finally, what I have done has been to restore the factory again to show you the configuration of the device and so that it would not skip the tall back once again so well, factory, electorate and now I will show how this eye would be configured from scratch at 54 s. What I have done has been to insert the sim card and here we can now configure the device from scratch. In this case, I will put the service terms in Spain because in this case, I would give the mandatory ones to the optional ones because we don't accept mobile data and then we accept Wi-Fi. I say that it is very strange what happened to me.

This has never happened to me and the truth is that the phone but well I thought I would try anyway to get to the main screen of the device and at least reset it to see if the error popped up again and since it hasn't focused on me directly before, we configure it and we are going to see. It tells us if we want to copy applications and data from our google account. We are going to click Next, as backup has already been configured in my Google account. That is a mobile phone very similar to this or 54s in terms of characteristics. We confirm the screen lock, and here we select what we want to restore. The device in this location, Google service we give a fectar in this case tells us to choose the search engine.

Then we will configure it in terms of the unlocking method, I am going to give the fingerprints. They advise to update us in the evening and we are going to give the next one directly import the data from your old phone contacts. In this case we have already done it with the google account so we give it to the next and finally welcomes us to color or efe. U enter the main screen of this eye at 54 s as my previous phone had the pure ode as the pure mode in this new device has already been implested directly pur mode. The first thing I am going to do as always is to check if there are software updates and the version of Android that this device brings us vam.

As you see, the last update was day 6 of 12, and it was a good security patch in this case of November 2028, so that it can be seen better in the video. Was I have done was to change the theme into light mode to make it support it. What I want to see is the storage of the device we had 128 gb, which you are going to see what remains available without having installed any application. Also comes this form of this type of applications that came pre-installed from the factory can be uninstalled without any problem.

What we will do is remove them and uninstall them to save space on the device in terms of construction, because how could it be otherwise, since it is a medium-low range as it is made entirely of plastic and its weight is about 190 grams, and the useful surface of the screen would be. 82 percent of the front of the terminal indicate that it has ip54 certification and we can find this phone in two colors. The truth is that it is fairly fast if you take into account the price of the device.

It recognizes the fingerprint first time, although sometimes it seems to take a little longer to unlock, but it seems in other ways that it goes quite well and at this moment there seems to be no problem with this fingerprint sensor 0.54 which has a 6 inch lcd screen of ips aspect ratio, 20 ninths resolution 1600 x 320, that is hd plus, and it gives us a pixel density of about 270. In a very simple way, we can modify the brightness of the notification bar. That would be at first with maximum brightness, because the screen is no longer visible bright that I had in a mid-range device, but well we are going to leave it that way more or less. We will have to see it especially when we go out to four in the screen settings you will see if it brings anything else.

If you can change color temperature here we have the screen and brightness. We have the color temperature of the screen. Take it colder and a little more yellowish here, more bluish cold so I'm going to leave it here as a little warmer. You can also change the font size and here the more section because we can change the display of the screen, especially if we want to hide the not and so you can see how the screen behaves. It responds perfectly when we press that yes and do not expect a very high refresh rate, because in this case we will stay at 60 euros. We are going to take a quick look at this color 11 e This 54 s operating system, as you see, runs completely. We have not found any type of delay in the arch when navigating, because of what the device options are.

For the time being, what to leave for as they are the navigation buttons so that both multitasking and all the options offered by the menu of this phone work perfectly at the moment, for example, with Samsung at 03 eses and I found some type of lag when navigating the device, especially in multitasking and also when opening the notification curtain and in the increase transitions in this aspect. With the screen icons we can change the layout, the transitions, the wiki, etc. We can choose to have all applications here, the desktops or on the contrary in the settings menu here, because we have the basics we can find on any android device with installed Android 11. We can find themes, the wallpapers, icons, the design of the application, the colors, also the size of notification, etc.

It reminds me of the operating site of the oxygen layer that is located on the net plus. If you want to change the color for example, we will do it in a very simple now that we don't have it in green. We simply apply and everything will appear in orange - which is very good, very easy and very simple - and we don't need to clarify third-party applications to personalize the device. Sound v, ibration also notifications and will do the typical biometric password authentication, privacy, security, location. We have the practical tools section: let us see what it brings then it is simply the navigation, gestures, the screenshot, the interesting recording. By default this also brings the screen recording, the intelligent sidebar.

If we want it here we are also having the battery the digital director, the application manager storage, additional configuration. The software association says in this case that we have not seen any information about the legal matter well. Lastly, the telephone information that we all have the features of this OS I can see 54s version 11.1 of ColorOS with Android 11 4 gigabytes of ram in the 8-core processor storage, in this case 128 gb, the legal information, the model and so on, and we also want to see the power of the email, because we have a helium that 35 from 8 cores to 2 with 3 gigahertz is an Octa core. This case is a 64 bit processor with a power vr, 83, 20, graphics typical in these mid-low range terminals.

In this case we would have 4 gigabytes of Lp, DDR 4x type plan and its indices, and an approximate height would be about 120 thousand points. We will pass the test in the review of the mobile phone to see how it behaves and to see what score it would give us in terms of storage, since it will either not be very fast. It is a mmc 5.1 type anyways. It can be expanded using microsd cards as we have seen previously a priori here, as it will be a device for daily social network applications to consume multimedia content, etc. Obviously, it is not intended for gaming users, so don't expect it to be completely fluid and not to heat up with heavier games and well, we come to one of the areas that you most want.

I have to test this device, the cameras have three sensors on the back. It made cal 2.0 above all, I really want to try these 50 megapixels of the main sensor because you know all that, although we have many megapixels and the sensor is not good because the best do not have very good results as expected. As regards to the camera application, let's see how well we accept here. We give it location, permissions and calls well. What is the option of the Volume button to activate the shutter? It would be sliding and we would have this additional option for a pro or an expert mode, This training that not everyone will use would help to change iso, white balance, etc.

We are going to do a little focus test to see how it focuses faster, better it seems but I want to do tests Especially outdoors and with low light conditions and in four connectivity. The truth is it is quite good for the price it has and to be a medium-low-frequency terminal. We also have usb type c and FM radio in this case. It is very good, especially because it also includes Nfc in my case for example: Well I have not my data card with 5g so it will work well with the 4. What I want to check Surely is the coverage and, above all, the Wi-Fi range of this device, because it achieves more average than I have tested lately, because in this section Wi-Fi lastly falls short, to not mention the battery of this device because we have 5000 milliamps of lithium.

It will give us a safe autonomy and Quite brutally considering the screen resolution and that the device will not consume many resources. Either way, I think this is a battle phone that will be very complete, considering that we will use it for basic tasks, but I would also like to see the time it takes to charge this battery, because I don't trust this much even though we have a fast charge. But if it takes two and a half hours to charge, then the best seems to me to be a bit stuck, even though we have 5000 milliamps of battery. So I want to check this information to see how this charge behaves, which is supposed to be fast.

Well here is this video of the unpacking and first impressions of the eye at 54s with color 11.1 ahead of me, I want to make a video testing the device thoroughly like this. If you want me to try an application, some j Then, if you want some sort of photography, tell me in the comments and I will try it to upload it in the next review,.

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