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Sincerely Batam, the instrument stopped Assalamualaikum mate, we are back in Cianjur, our pricebook too. Now we are back this week at TangCity, Mall and Bioxide has landed at the first store, but before that for you, everyone who has a shop outside is very good, in Jabodetabek or out of town, for example. You just register the store as a pricebook partner to register it, really description or you can just WhatsApp it because Umar is the official pricebook ghetto partner as usual. First, if it doesn't mean tomorrow, it will be ready. Okay, as usual, this has been prepared with some second product recommendations.

A new cellphone has just been released and we are complete Raya if he is really complete, we'll start with Lengkong Flexip, namely Samsung Galaxy S temples s6plus afternoon s9plus, right. What is the price for the cup, stamp tool? 3799 can still be negotiated when it is wrong. This is the fans edition which has Samsung. We go to the Flash cellphone, which is still really good. This is the Samsung Galaxy S2, one ultra ultra, I don't use Mania, Bro, what is the price 12 256? Besides there are lots of cellphones, selling a new and complete mobile phone, Dedi. This is also a brand new cellphone, a Samsung Galaxy Three A30s that have five 8/128 free 123 from XL, then again, Samsung Galaxy, ah 23. This variant of ram is 6 gigabytes per 128, GB It's really flooded.

It's starting like the new Xiaomi is new in Asam cellular, then I also have a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 The President's N7100 is 8256. The price drops to 128 GB on the iPhone 11. It's still very smooth, Bro, this 80 256 GB. What do you think it's old school, one three 05 coverage: five again Okay, that's eight 128 price 3699 Okay, we're going to go to Apple's products, there's an iPhone that is quite worthed, so we missed it. If 64 official warranty iBox pple, how much is it Wardojo, Uh million tribe, 9277, pretty good marketing strategy, this Pad Mini How many gigabytes arrived. The Mini 5 whi h is still smooth Bro all play games too Sabi or learning online can also next we will switch to iPhone 12 Promax right, 12 Bronex, which is how many official iBox 128 Pacific colors.

Thank you very much for our product information, see you again in the next month and now we will continue hunting another product to the next store, Alright, circulating from the first store. Now it has moved to stores which this is our offline store on Facebook, which was our first time in March Sungmin. This recommendation is definitely complete, Android from multiple brands circulating. We will start with new products from Oppo, for example. If there is an Oppo A53, this RAM variant is still A4pro 128, GB. The price is from Sabang to Merauke. The latest variant of the C series, realme C3 twenty-five.

How can you appreciate yourself from any material from Vivo brand, realme Oppo from Oligoclase, lots of brushes OK? Almost all Bravo I think idionline gets a lot of awards as the biggest selling figure Wow about online. Bro, in the online shop. What is the name of the shop, if he restores the evogad store too, so that you don't make a mistake, your online store will put the online shop link in the description column as usual. That's why the sellers are many or far away from Tangcity Mall Don't Worry, because all of you who might run out of it all the middle of Kalimantan, far from Java-Bali, then Nusa Tenggara. You can buy it online at evogad Okay.

Next, we will switch to this Vivo product, white series, white 21A, right 2014, How much RAM is 64 gigabytes of memory, Next, we will move to Vivo y15 es, which is how many gigabytes of memory 30263 costs he 1635 1635, which is for sure this item is all original Yes Bro from realme Vivo and also opo Okay. We will switch again to the Oppo cellphone, which was also browsing a few months ago. But this is the variant, which is the Z opor Reno Z5 Jln o7e tagged How many gigabytes. Does it cost Ms. RAM 8 memory, 128 GB What is the price with Rival 95 travel9ka to get freestyle now, that's good! If you buy it here, you can get Fikr or make it all. For example, you want specifically from the opporealmi brand and also Vivo apart from right here at the front, there is a live demo.

He is solo Saadah, starting from Oppo Vivo. Also, our realme can check experiences directly before buying that okay. Besides the 3-band product there are also several recommended products that are definitely for sale. He also vogard, one of which is the Samsung Galaxy. This brader has a 4GB internal ram variant with 128 Gigabytes with a realme C3. Then there is this Redmi, the Redmi Note 11, which has a 6 Gigabyte internal ram variant with 128 Gigabytes, all good for those who need a tablet to study from or to work in for presentations, The wheels also have a Samsung Galaxy, Tab S7 flat shoes. You can check these prices in the running text. This is indeed the clank that circulates in their time of sport. It's important, all of you, for the most part, electric bicycles, forget about it.

You can just go to the online shop, evogad. How many gigabytes of RAM is 8 memory, 20256, the price. This is a Samsung Galaxy S twenty-two Ultra, which is variant G. How much is Giga. The price is a bit expensive, 17000000, Flexi cellphone, of course. There are quite a lot of variants of the Android product, edia forget, very complete. Hopefully the Vios pricebook will be more enlightened. If the Android product car can also be purchased at evogad in Tangcity Mall and from this shop, we will be the next strong mufakir. The colors in the new shop are our first time marsupials at Tangcity Mall, the name of the shop is myphone Teleshop banggjayy. We have prepared several products, we will inform you, but all of them may be dimensions. Lubang Jaya, myphone, address This is in Tangcity Mall.

Lg Block B, Number, 70, Ready OK. We will start with new products because mipony turns out to have a lot of new products bro that launched a few weeks ago, a few months ago. This example is Samsung's newest flagship product, namely the Samsung Galaxy S 22, Ultra Yep, that's right. You can see bangjay may how many gigabytes of ram is this bro? If you are silent, how much is this iPhone for our price range, the price is correct, April 16, 1929, Karl Samsung. A little bit, Selera 12113 6515 is ready, Bang Utara. We will continue with this latest product from Samsung. This is a series, so it is the newest, but Anya. This is the 13th RAM variant turn briefly.

First check this 6 Gigabyte internal 128 GB, how much price for fruit, 549 Okay this can be free, free or starpark from Indosat Indosat free quota also 120-123 circulating. Then the Redmi Note 10 gallery, which is VJ 8128. Then the latest product from Umi is also complete. This ram has 4 planes this morning, 8giga Redmi 1111. How much does it cost 2775 275 Yogis a little spell yes, related to these specifications. There is a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chipset for the head. Let's move on to the next product, if he is from Om Ice 35, there is a realme C3 01. The appearance of the ram variant is how many gigabytes in the bank, so in the middle of the two.

Okay, now for Firza pricebook, which is online in terms of distance or proximity, far from Tangcity Mall or Tangerang City? Where can the weapon Teleshop be Tokopedia official Ok, Marvon Teleshop, official Ok, Okay, in Tokopedia? We will switch from this omi8 to the iCherry or iseries realm for the 6 Gigabyte variant, the internal is 128 GB. The price is 55 99. in front of the g-class booklist. As usual, if Vivo products then opporealmi, it usually costs srv Thank you very much for the information. I hope this is a new shop later, residents of Pricebook who want to stop by here, buy directly here. You can directly from Tangcity Mall. It's no longer there now I met Mbak, Nuy cellphones again at Tangcity Mall lanta, I LG block a16 on the side.

We will come out of the cheapest recommended iPhone, but still worth it in 2022. Okay, this is a full set and you guys, if you want to buy in Indonesia it's better. You can come here right away, yes I am in physical condition, but because it is really smooth the management is about. That's what makes us different from the actual warranty. Next we will go to iPhone themes but dont use mxkey, which variant is 256 256, then iPhone 11 for this 128 GB color variant a few years later. There were many color variants of political parties last time and this 256gb iPhone 11 pro Max has also started to go down. You can check this price on Rani. The text that is walking around below, including the price of other iPhones, is sold the same way, new song.

Next, we will switch to any iPhone, here is another event in Indonesia that is still busy,. The new 13 series has just released a new color variant, namely the Alvin Grand. You guys are actually tonkawa, not much different from the iPhone 11 pro Max, which is a bit grayer So. If this is green, it is more Bolt, Arumi color, not these cans. Next we will do the next one, it is the iPhone 11, but the color is mint green, 64 GB. Let's continue for those of you who want to ask Advance 11pro how many gigabytes. The conditions are also a smooth full set, The internal is only 12500000 like that, some products that can be taken from New York Thank you. If you want to switch from Android to iPhone, you can come here now, we will be next for the next.

It has arrived on mobile Facebook okay, who are some recommended products that are good for you, but first dimension returned to the address of Soraya Castle floor LG, D, 20c, Tangcity, Mall, TangCity Mall for sure. Is the Samsung Galaxy, S7 flagship, cellphone 18418, I heard it's new will switch to the actual product. This is the Oppo Neo 7 series, they are 7z, they don't have it, yes, it's the same, right? The days of using this browser are still around 11 months, more than a guarantee, yes. It's in perfect condition, full set too, yes, I'm still around. If it's around, bro, okay, let's go to the product that is still plasticized and is still very hot. In circulation., it's rare for the new Samsung to get a new Galaxy A50, three five bracelets, how many Koh 8685 How many clans is 5.6.

This racewoxx guarantees that ebooks have an internal 256 GB full set in good condition. The Samsung Galaxy S. Twenty-One Ultra This is also still smooth, as well as the condition is like this hangout 23. There is a Redmi Note, 10 Pro right, how much giga 8128 the price How much. There is a mi 11, which is a That's all they transfer goods, We send goods directly to Cilacap, which is like that. A lot bye for transfers, account number 20 is the same as only one Hendra, other than that, okay, n ext. For this gaming hobby ancestor there is a recommended second mobile, Asus Zenfone 5.

How much is this 256 12/26 condition also still smooth and smooth long warranty ready for what price are you eight point, three 8.3 again, we will switch to basically dapoko M3 Pro for the variant How much RAM, 1286 128, what price 2.4 2.4 warranty still long, smooth Probes like some second recommended products? Hopefully later after I get THR I take off my clothes for sure. Don't forget to like comments share and subscribe and like hobby, really looking for just playing fb games..

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