Moto G Stylus 5G vs Samsung Galaxy A52 5G - Who Will Win? - Galaxy User Guide

What's going on everyone, this is kevin here and in this video we're gonna compare motorola moto g stylus 5g versus samsung galaxy a52 5g. The first thing I want to mention is that the reason why I cover both of these phones here on the channel is because I know that both of them are offered by a variety of different carriers and a lot of people are going to go into carrier stores trying to figure out which device they should get now. In addition to that, both of these two phones are offered factory unlocked by both motorola and samsung.

I will also leave links in the video description to those now based on when you get the phone and also where you get the phone, so you're likely to find some really good deals and promotions for either of these two devices. So as far as the price goes, it really comes down to what deal you can find, but in general these two phones are mostly meant to be competitors. Now I've compared this device and its 4g counterpart already here in the channel, so definitely check that out, as there are quite a few differences, even beyond this phone, just 5g support now the Samsung Galaxy A525g was also recently launched. It was launched in the US about two months ago and this phone is offered by a bunch of different carriers, including prepaid carriers such as metro by t-mobile.

Now with the Moto g stylus 5g we get a 6.8 inch display compared to a slightly smaller 6.5 inch display with the Samsung Galaxy A52 5g. However, both phones have small bezels throughout and also both of these devices generally have large displays compared to other smartphones out there. Now with the moto g stylus 5g we get an ips lcd display that runs at 60 hertz, whereas with the Samsung galaxy a52 5g we get a super amoled display that supports hertz.

So not only is the display better in the sense that it is super amoled, which means that you're going to be getting deeper and bolder colors and also a phone that has a display that can get a lot brighter, but also having that really fast 120 hertz refresh rate is going to give the phone a much more premium feel when you're doing things like scrolling around browsing web pages. Basically, the whole frame rate on the device is much faster compared to the Moto g stylus 5g. Now, for some people, that's not a big deal at all and I will soon make a dedicated video here on the channel, going over refresh rates and really doing a full analysis so that you can decide whether or not this feature matters now.

They both have more narrow but taller form factors here with the moto g stylus 5g we get a ppi of 386, so in general, really crisp and good looking display here and with the a52 5g it's slightly better with a ppi of 407, but of course the ppi is slightly higher because the resolution is the same but the display is a bit smaller.

As far as screen to body ratio goes with the Moto g stylus 5g we get an 85 screen to body ratio, whereas with the Galaxy a52 5g we get an 84.1 percent screen to body ratio, so in general with both of these devices we are getting pretty small bezels all throughout now with both of these phones, we do have hole punches for the front cameras. However, one thing you probably already noticed is that the hole punch is now a little bit smaller with the a52 5g. Now definitely take a look at my dedicated review videos of both of these phones here in the channel to really get a full idea of what to expect when it comes to photo and video quality from the various cameras in the phones, but essentially both phones are very capable now.

As far as internal storage goes, the Moto G stylus 5g is offered with 256 gigabytes and also microsd card expansion. Now it is a little bit more confusing here with the Samsung Galaxy A52 5g because at the carriers this phone is offered with 128 gigabytes of internal storage, whereas if you buy the international unlocked model like I have right here the phone actually comes with 256 gigabytes. Now the phone supports micro, sd card expansion, just like the Moto g stylus 5g.

But my point is that if you are going to get an a525g, just double check for the specific one that you're buying for how much internal storage it has because they do have a variety of different models of this phone that come in different configurations and the same thing is true for the ram with the phone as well, but we'll talk about that in a second now as far as wireless charging goes, which is a bit disappointing but not too surprising for mid-range phones like these ones and when it There are some pretty major differences, but both are good in this department. Now we have a fingerprint sensor on the back of the Moto G stylus 5g and it actually works nice and quickly.

It is very responsive and does work consistently as well, which I definitely appreciate, but with the Samsung Galaxy A52 5g they do take a little bit of a different approach because the fingerprint sensor is built into the display. Now from my experience it is about as responsive and effective as the Moto g style is 5g, but it's really just the placement. But again it's not a big deal either way now, fortunately, as well with both of these phones we do have face unlock. Now, taking a look at the camera modules of these devices, there are similarities and also differences. Here's how things look with the main cameras on both devices, then we can switch to the ultra wide angle cameras, which allows us to fit a lot more content into the frame.

We can also switch to the macro cameras in both phones with the Moto g stylus 5g. We go to the more tab and then you can see that we have the macro camera right here, but again with the macro camera you can get nice and close and then have things still be in really good detail. Now as far as portrait mode goes, that is also available here on both phones so you are able to get those nice blurred backgrounds. I know that everyone is a big fan of we can also do this for front-facing cameras so you can take good-looking portrait selfies with both of these devices, which is great now. One important thing you will want to keep in mind with these two devices is that the Moto g stylus 5g does not support 4k video recording at all.

Now I did notice that there are some tech media outlets that claim that it does have 4k video recording, but on the phone. When I go here to pick the resolution, you don't have an option, whereas with other phones from Motorola. It is set at full HD at 30fps, but we have a bunch of different options ranging from UHD, which is 4k of course, and again going all the way down to regular HD, which is 720p. Both phones now support 1080p video recording at 60fps, as you probably noticed on the app here in Motorola. If you want to take 4k videos, you can't do it with the Moto g stylus 5g, but you can certainly do it here with the a52 5g and in addition to that the a525g supports 4k video recording for the front camera.

However, with the galaxy a52 5g we get the qualcomm snapdragon 750 g processor. I have now run a geekbench 5 benchmark test with both of these devices here and I'll. That's a pretty big difference there, so I would say between the specifications I use the phone and then seeing those benchmark tests right there.

So I wish the moto g stylus 5g was just as powerful as the a525g but that is unfortunately not the reality when it comes to battery capacity, that is actually something that the moto g stylus is better at so with the moto g stylus 5g we get a 5 000 milliamp hour internal battery compared to a slightly smaller battery with the a52 5g at 4500 milliamp hours. So the 10 watt limit when it comes to recharging the battery on this phone is certainly very unfortunate.

They do add some extra bonus features that I have covered in great detail in my dedicated tips and tricks, video about the phone and samsung pretty much takes the same approach by adding a variety of their own bonus features too. Now I personally prefer the style of the motorola software, but on the other hand, if you've used samsung phones in the past and this interface is mostly what you're used to, then you will certainly feel much more familiar with the a52 5g and the learning curve of switching from your old phone to this phone will likely be a bit easier now. As far as water resistance with the Moto g stylus 5g motorola motorola advertises the phone as having a water repellent design.

That's pretty much the extent of water resistance, whereas samsung actually went ahead and got this phone ip certified. It has an ip67 dust and water resistance, which means that this phone can be underwater for up to one meter for 30 minutes. It's essentially the technology that allows you to make mobile contactless payments and that's something that's becoming more and more popular with apple. There are also a lot of different ways to make mobile contactless payments, but without an nfc chip in your phone. You can't really do that so having that technology built into the a52 5g is a great thing. Obviously, if you do not use nfc right now, then you probably don't care a ton about this feature.

But on the other hand, if you do have that feature in your current phone and you have been using it, don't just assume that by getting a newer phone you are gonna have nfc because there are still our phones in 2021 that cost a decent amount of money like this one that don't have it and then another surprising feature.

So with this phone we do have the main speaker on the bottom, just like with the a52 5g as well - and you know that the speaker quality is pretty good here with the Moto g stylus, but with phones that have a stereo speaker setup, you're gonna get audio coming out of both the main speaker and the earpiece as well, which kind of gives you a higher quality, more immersive audio listening experience, whether you're listening to music, watching videos or really doing So I really wish we had that here with the Moto g stylus 5g, but unfortunately we don't when it comes to speaker quality.

Now, obviously, with the Moto G stylus 5g we have an earpiece and the earpiece works great for speakerphones, but that's pretty much the extent of what that's used for, but now that we've compared the major specifications of these two devices. Let's now take a closer look at the hardware, it's already talked quite a bit about the front panels on both of these phones here and in general they are both nice looking handsets now. Now, taking a look at the left side of both devices on the Moto G stylus 5g, we have the slot for the micro, sd card and sim card, then on the right side of the galaxy a52 5g. Then we have the noise cancelling microphone for the Moto g, stylus 5g and then on the a52 5g with the noise cancelling microphone and the slot for the micro sd card and sim card.

They both have the 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack, microphone, speaker usb c port and then with the Moto g stylus 5g. Let me show you the back of the phones first and then I'll show you more about the stylus on this device, but yeah, then taking a look at the back side of both phones. We have the quad camera setups on both with the flash and then with the Moto g stylus 5g. Right now we have the fingerprint sensor as far as the materials and both phones. I prefer the galaxy a525g because I'd rather have this matte finish on the back that doesn't pick up any fingerprints at all versus this glossier back that has fingerprints all over the place as you can see. If you are going to use a case with either of these two phones then I suppose the material doesn't really matter.

Motorola do more and more phones that have a matte finish like the a525g and then move on to the fun part. Let me discard that and create a brand new one as well so that moto you can write you can draw. So quite a bit you can do here with the stylus, certainly not as advanced or as useful as the note series of phones, but those are like way more expensive than this phone, so I wouldn't expect too much from the stylist. Is that even if you're not really that big into using the stylus or if you don't know that you are, it doesn't really take up any space or anything you are, gonna stow it away on the bottom of the phone and pretty much forget about it until you need it in the future.

That's one thing I wish samsung would do with the a series is offer an a series phone with a stylus, especially since samsung apparently isn't even making a new note phone this year. But in conclusion, which of these two phones is the better choice? Should you go with the Moto g, stylus 5g or the Samsung Galaxy A52 5g? Now in general, I can't really think of too many things with the Moto G stylus 5g. We also get a bigger battery and then we get the stylus and we get a little bit of a larger display.

But if none of these features matter to you then in pretty much every other department, whether it's the cameras, the display the video recording abilities having nfc having an ip67 rating stereo speakers, all those things are better here with the Samsung Galaxy A52 5g compared to the motorola Moto G stylus 5g. Let me know in the comment section below, but I hope you enjoyed this comparison and found it helpful..

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