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Do you think that you are the only one in this world to fall in love and then be heart? Broken. Everyone must have loved someone. They too have been heartbroken. Here comes the train! Time for tea! Here comes the train! Time for tea! Tea! Look at Iqbal here. He too fell in love. He was also heartbroken. Iqbal,. Everyone has one sided love, but I had a double edged love. We had a lot of fun and we enjoyed it. Slowly. We used to talk all night long. And she wanted something. She was right. One has to rest. One must sleep for eight hours a day. I said the same to her and to go to sleep. She never wanted to sleep. She wanted gold. Later I heard she married a man with a ring. And in matter of gold, all I have is.. Golden heart?, Golden hair. Cheeta,.

Did you ever love anyone? I did and still love her. What do I say.. My love for her is boundless. Whenever I open my eyes. All I want to see is her. And whenever I close my eyes, I wish to dream about. She is a cheerful one. Someone is familiar. Someone is close. Such innocence in her smile. She gets even more beautiful when she smiles. Will you propose to her? I know well about women, psychology. I know she does not approve of my love. I'll be her friend, and that is all she wants. She does not want me to propose to her, and it is true. So rather than going away after falling in love, it is better to stay together as friends. True love is not to gain. True love is the one that stays together. My joy lies in her happiness. It is my purpose to see her happy. Pushpa.

Counseling helps Kabir. Good. Cheeta, I think you need to stay with Kabir as he needs more counseling. Sure, Ma'am. May I go there after I have had some tea? Thank you, Ma'am. Do not trust Kabir as he seems to have changed. Once he gets out he will seek revenge from Piya. Please listen to me. Karishma,. Do you not think that you get all negative? A, call., greetings, Mr., Datta. How are you?, How are you? - I am fine. I got some urgent work. Today. And I left my house in a hurry. Later I remembered that I had to take a parcel from you. What can be done. If you are free today, Can you bring it to me? I'll wait for you by the signal around your station. I do not want to bother. Hasina Mallik is also targeted as a mule to deliver the goods without inspection. Pushpa, I am in a hurry.

Keep me posted. All right? - Yes, Ma'am. You need to hurry.. That is not it.. Handle things here. I'll handle it all. But Ma'am.. Please confess your feelings to the DSP. Ms. Pushpa? Madam! 'Jai Hind', sir! 'jai Hind', Ms. Haseena! You are free, then I would like to meet you. You remember that I told you that I have a question for you? It was about that. Last time I missed. So, I thought.. Only. Actually, I have an important meeting to attend. Today. Tomorrow. And I will answer all your questions. Fine. Alright, sir. You can search if you want. No, madam. The police department can never doubt your honesty. After the drug case, We can't even think of searching you. Please carry on, ma'am. Thanks a lot. Haseena Mallik has been used just as I thought.

'To get the bag delivered without a police officer. He is absolutely fine, by the grace of God. Fine. Thanks a lot. Please do not mention. Give my regards to Sir. Okay, I'll take a leave. Sure, please.. Of course, 'I hope he is not taking the bag to Mahipal.' I saw your number plate on my mirror. You were supposed to attend a meeting. My mother called me. So I stopped my car to talk to her. This meeting is really important for you? I have promised my mother to attend this meeting. I can't break that. Tomorrow. For now, I have to drive like I'm on the iron tracks. Iron tracks? Train. The speed of a train. I will take a leave. He promised his mom for the meeting? Maddam sir, I am sure that he's gone to meet another girl for the wedding.

I hope it's not too late and he likes some other girl to get married. He has not reached his destination. Never know. He may listen to you and stop. He may not go to meet that girl. You don't consider it a no from his side until he says it to you. Maddam sir, Before he likes any girl, you go and meet him. '' Jai, Hind '', maddam '', sir. Lord Shiva, give him the strength to talk. Why is Ms. Haseena calling me? He disconnects the call? This file is here. Delta One calling Romeo. Delta One, calling Romeo. Delta One for Romeo. Does madam, sir, want to talk? Delta One calling Romeo. Mallik speaking. Anubhav sir, I want to talk to you. Please stop the car. - Mr. Anubhav? Sir, I'm right behind your car. Stop the car. I want to talk urgently to you. Romeo, calling Delta One.

Can't we wait till tomorrow? We cannot wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow's work should be done. I want to talk urgently to you. Are you talking to me over the wireless? Sir, try to understand. If I'm talking to you over the wireless, just understand how important it is. Sir, I want to meet you right. I told that I'm going for an important work. I'll meet you tomorrow surely. Sir, I can talk to you. Please stop the car. I want to tell you my feelings. Why can't you understand? Anubhav sir, If you don't stop the car today, I won't talk to you: henceforth. Stop, the car. I lost the signal! Wait.. Wait a second. It feels like a suspense movie. We can't find out what happened. By the way, my heart says that DSP's car stops when I look at madam sir I'm sure it stopped today as well.

Assure you. DSP is a rational. Person. Like madam sir. One who refuses to be madam sir would not be intelligent. He would be the biggest fool in this world. As far as I know your brother, he is more mature than you. Madam sir, as'sister-in-law. Do you think I don't understand? She won't become my sister-in-law and.. Not. In this birth she will not become my sister-in-law in any birth. She requires visa for that? If a visa was required for family members. All I know is that Brother Anubhav will never say. He will say: 'Yes'. Wait and watch. I don't understand how I should express my attitude. Pal,. You mean to say that you don't know how to express your gratitude. All I want to say is that now I have understood that love does not mean bondage. Love means freedom.

And love also means spice. It means sacrifice. Yes, that's what. I have seen you somewhere. No, you haven't. Listen,. The truth is that now, as soon as I get out of here, I will apologize to Piya and that guy. I thrashed him badly. Listen, pal. That guy is not present. Chita. Chita! Do you do such lowly acts when your name is Chita? It means that your mustache was. I injured you, right? Leave it. It's okay. Now I understand why you were preaching about Biryani to me. You, fool. Not Biryani. He was talking about sacrifice. W-What. You beat him? Now only I will speak and you all will hear. You did all this so that you get rid of me. This will not happen because I will not spare you now. You are beating up a constable in the police station! You should thank God that I am quiet.

Otherwise, I can teach you a lesson in a moment. Wait for? Put him behind bars. Come.. - Move.. You are wreaking havoc for no reason. - Move.. How long will you hold me captive? You will have to set me free sooner or later. Once I am set, free I will thrash their faces so badly. You can't even imagine that. Ma'am hasn't returned. Santu, call her up. Don't call her up. It appears something is brewing between Ma'am and DSP. And you.. Ma'am will blush and tell DSP, 'Goodbye, see you tomorrow'. It will take time, right? You predict the future of everyone. Would you like to caress. On the other side? Predict, the future of everyone. Rs. 11 per person. She is so hotheaded. If a tawa is placed on her head. Food can be heated without any problem.

Two people are getting into a relationship and you. Don't talk, rubbish. They can never be together. Mr. Anubhav will never get into a relationship with ma'am. Call her up quickly. You won't call her up. I want to know... Ma'am is here. Santu.. 'jai Hind' What happened, ma'am? Did DSP stop the car? Lucknow's entire police department only knows this. We heard everything on wireless. You were expressing your love. Look, Santu and I. Think DSP has said 'yes'. And Karishma thinks he has said 'no'. Chita,. I am so much in pain that I am not in a position to think anything. Chita,. You were punched in the face for a couple of times and you are complaining. How come you got selected in the police department? Santu,.

Karishma Singh, Sometimes I wonder how all of us got selected in the police team? Santu,. Your question has hurt me the most. You are deviating from the main issue. Ms. Pushpa, it's my personal issue. It's not a weather forecast that people will discuss whether it will rain today or not. She is hyper. She has faced rejection. Are you guys whispering over there? Are you all doing? And Karishma.. What was so urgent that you keep calling me? You were very certain that counseling will change. Kabir and Cheeta was about to get changed! He has thrashed Cheeta very badly. Your emotions could have got Cheeta killed. No matter who it is, Cheeta or Piya... Let me solve this. Case. I will handle it. Done, discussing? Now listen to me, well. I am the ranking officer and I decide the operations.

It will be solved as I see it. Call it my adamance or whatever you want, but that is final. You are all dismissed.. 'jai Hind', -, 'jai Hind' She seems very hurt. She is heartbroken. Come now. 'You may be the SHO, but I am an SI.' 'And now I will call the shots.' Planning for your death. You said that you will make Piya pay once you leave! Only when you leave this place. She is saying she will stage an encounter. It will appear like a suicide. You love Piya and when you knew that she loves someone else and she eloped with that guy, you could not handle it. Not my words, but what the media will show tomorrow and it will reach out to those who call you a hero. You are a hero and I am a director. You have to do what the director says..

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