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The three brothers thought [music], but leticia fabián, radio, a job service, tbs mezcal, so that you feel happy that they live. They didn't feel it, as his father told him when he got up they left. Old grudges arose around Carlos Bacca. You tell me the murderer: there they tell me that he is looking for the law, because I legally killed the one who mocked my love [ music ] at a time of being the most of the one who came with feeling and pain, the ones that mocked me and my being my life and my heart [ music ], it is already in heaven, judged by god. Why and [Music] and 20 years of sentence, medel I'll give me he's going to pay me, but before I want and also of the one who made me a criminal to justice.

Looking for miami, but I don't give myself up until I see the opportunity to see the other who made me happy and open his heart to him. 20 years of sentence gave me congosto today, I still have to pay, but first I want to take revenge. Also for the one who made me a criminal [Laughter] [Music] for justice looking for miami, but I will not give myself up until I see the opportunity to see the other. She can't if you look at her there's that coward named wang, rentera [Music] I can't be locked up in these four walls. If you want [Music] I started the show a renovation, the men with devotion admired Mara with bad intentions. Ninth gave at the control to achieve what he wanted. Let's dance maria tells him which coward you know would never do it to kill.

My father presence that would enlarge for this I came to kill you nothing more and inside his bag. He took out the weapon that he brought, his eyes, flashed from the fury he felt and in the midst of the commotion, rentera fell dead, [Music] more and this town has returned Jesus, the wooden leg, [Music] and take care of all of you, those who talk about what is ordered here [Music].

They believe that the town is if the flies make noise, [Music] I got involved and today in a few steps that bandit will come out [Music] ten years in prison, he will not forget nobody and I was coming back from the town because I was involved in selling [Music] d [Music], josé gonzález garca and antonio lópez quesada martn, francisco pérez worldwide, that They are feeling closer, the dogs are they cheer up because they sense the buried of the people in the brawl and our wife finished, because you know in advance that there will be plenty of hats, [Music] [Music], that the duel soon ended.

Three shots were already heard, [Music] resign and there are three men on the ground that today with his life for himself the passage of a fence and there through the most open [Music]. [Music] the years go by your memory is in the story of pancho villa who takes the equipment of jose and in his memory I proudly said it accepts the challenge that life marked me [Msica]. He was already imprisoned for crimes committed in his cell. To spell teheran rests, [Music] rests great treasure for his exploits cries and teams of love [Music] auto the act is the name he deserves for being brave and that he only formed I gladly disgrace his sister Chayanne his troops 30,000 bandos men [Music].

If not the dinner, that the chest that screamed because I have given up a coward killed him and that they won by cutting off his head. The truth is sincere, [ music ], only more than 80 meters off the road. He could no longer be [Music], oh and they say goodbye to showing them love, [Music] and that's how arturo ended [Music] his life along the banks of the Reynosa until the network is over, the bandits are over, the tambourines are over and so they are throwing themselves at all. The lion believes in eros home, taking out the brothers of the dog and one or another Mexican. [Music] Lucio fell in Monterrey, silvano in Rio Grande. One more saves the riches who are cowards of the puppies of order.

José l, ópez in linares continues to increase the account arturo dar shutter, and there are no famous gunmen on 11 60 to think they don't forget and they die on the line. They are lies, [ music ] and so all the cursed ones are ending since a- and he is remembered singing to him in his corridos. They all adored that April rose [Music] time was running when red [Music] he Kiko day, things changed a lot. The suits diaz company [Applause], where the beautiful women [Music] [Music] once that day arose in the firmament [Music] rossi, is the low river carrying its load of a man. Instead, you want a place that is the grim peasant with rosy mockery.

[Music] [Music], a terrible noise formed upon reaching the humble place of steel schools, screeching or the dogs wanted to bark at the butt of the rifle that crashed into the door of the sad poop [Music] guys, their faces are outlined when they open the door of the house. With the light you can see the coat of the name horse that the mob is coming to take, stirs and separates hands, seeing even what they are going to hang [M music] [Music] through the highest branch of a kingdom, a rope managed to pass the boy he looks like this. Not even death can scare him, only a supreme miracle for his colt can save him [Music].

A whistle is suddenly heard that the neighing from the sky animal turned into the mere demon jumps on top and starts kicking boys on their bars alone. Cabestany from play life does not tire of so judging the men who wanted the day from the outside from a hanging tree [Music], yes, [Music] m one day: September 10, a Sunday that passed in the port of Matamoros, a watchman 2 and more left Reynosa in his car, prepared to visit his lover. Suddenly, miguel balderas shot his pistol with two well-aimed shots: the skull pierced him [Music] goodbye, reynosa, dear pride of the border, where imas walked outside with his pistol and with this I say goodbye gentlemen of this lesson here, I finished the corrido and the animal of the lion died [Music] per month.

The killer hunter suddenly appeared killing the criminals, that's how it started. Monterrey police continue to kill murderers who are outside the law. The song is not heard n. When will the mystery of the terrible hunter end [Music] and those who want to know him will not be granted the sun catches him at night, the hand hides, and that is how the monterrey press publishes it [Music] goodbye hill of the chair. When you would come back, maybe you hide the man sing out of him and it was never known if he died, because he has not been heard from [Music] and those who are listening to me. Pay full attention and the killer hunter is still in action and you don't know, feel safe. I was promoted to be the one of destiny and that is how I had to lose in the boss of that band.

He wanted to set a trap for a famous sellout [Music], because the man took me and then tortured me, leaving me badly injured [Music] and that is mine, the resentment that filled all those cowards with terror [Applause], my high-powered rifle n. He has made you understand that they have found his father. I already took four and an applicant, a false man on the list, and they look for me wherever you want, like someone looking for a stone, but they ignore with the clue that I mean what I feel and it will be my testament if they kill me, [Music] I'll take six gunmen and many other traits, but they won't forget and towards the corrido. You just tied the pancho rubalcaba, the law fulfills your destiny, the door of this sale to the witness can the end from notable murderer [Music].

They are two more horses, one or two and a young man [Music] in their cigars, carry clothes and in the power of money [Music]. There is also iván machinery and very good families [music] to unlock the rails and make changes in life. This animal martn, leticia don't turn yellow we're going to steal the train. Q ue comes from Vermejillo and [Music], yellow I don't wear marn, it's my color and I've stolen big trains and steam engines, [Music] m [Music]. Forgive me so much I'll take off and grab to be able to do it in the corner of the market. War was declared by men who lived in peace, no more the women remain, they died on the north side, the feet of ice cream are the garcas because of the s that each other pretended little by little.

Those two ended [Music], the woman, the love beautiful demons came to the sea, but now they are broken, and it is the sad testimony that the devil was on the loose through those andurriales erto. All the cattle look like it is already drying up, no more the women who give the dawn god the killing he has the face. They always bear the traces left by the crying of their husbands. They remember crying in the cemetery [Music], the very beautiful women they got married to, but now they are toast and it is the sad testimony that the devil was loose in those andurriales [Music] [Music], gentlemen. The truth is the story of a horse called the sun [music]. The two friends made him a workhorse [Music] when they robbed the trains of power or religion and [Music] on his back.

He has a lot of courage in fear, [Music] from Rabat to Martn and his friend jose the dead [Music]. The soldiers of the young man finished off one afternoon when he was under a prison of mud, [Music], goodbye town from when and also I know that you don't heal them for me now it's gone [Music] and now it can be identity, be very sad to remember power, or it's already dead. They don't look at it, send [Music] for 10 kilos of good stuff and half a million pesos to California. They left and soon told their dear [music], but one day fate willed. It marked new paths for him, [Music] and another woman crossed his path with money and he gave his love and trust entirely [Music].

He never thought that his hooked lover would serve the place where she arrived, it would be a network without those who surrounded them. It was no longer possible [Music] m rodolfo I plan to give up when surrounded by fear, but he preferred to die and he was who he is. Then he opened it taking the one who didn't [Music] 5 dead instantly, but there is a woman and also a trafficker native to Monterrey. I will not return to you, [Music], happy or sad hot cove. The fishing boats that go looking for [Music] the precious pieces that sometimes I find you since others are found in death. The sea goodbye to the sauzal also leave our helm, sad goodbye, [Music], leaving his girlfriend to go fishing and he said to her crying at the seashore [Music] for the nets.

Looking for my side, alves, shark fight with the waves wanting to get something after their own, the home comes out [music] at dusk. They go to the deck singing their sorrows contemplating the sea [music]. They don't know if they will see their beloved again, because they are surprised by a gale [ music ] and they fight like beasts against the squalls following the orders of the captain. They see each other as brothers out there on the high seas, [Music] well longing for mate water to cabo, san lucas, la paz, manzanillo also mazatlán body from acapulco and I always remember of the lighthouse alone in this place. It will damage him, he crashed and the greatest is his robustness.

They separated and fought [ music ] and the pastel sands never lost a load making the pimp animal ran like a beast of the future to Sanjuan left people, the misery m [ music ] fate, and there is no one to resist and he wanted that one day to lose his sight and they will never run or on the plain, not on the track to get him out of suffering. He did not read three bullets, that's how he had to die current, that I look at a ray and in history..

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