I hope that you are all very, very well today at Johnny tech and this time I bring you nothing more and nothing less than the Samsung Galaxy. I have used and can tell you my experience with this mobile phone. This has us in the box, so we are going to do a little unboxing to direct this mobile device. This box should bring the charger, the USB cable, the Quick Start Guide and the Terms and Conditions. It also states that it should include a quick start guide. Apparently then we are going to open this to see what we can find that Samsung has been looking for to install your sim card, the device inadvertently accepts. But gives us no details about everything that includes the phone.

Is there anything on the outside by charging port, volume buttons that is preferable, but that is preferably for people who do not have much experience in using or buying mobile phones. This was the English version and this is the Spanish version that should give us the details, but in Spanish we have the terms and conditions of the mobile device. We are going to enter it here to go directly to see the mobile device. What happens is that I am in a place where it is very hot and I have to take off my teacher's hat or whatever he wears, because if I don't I do the truth is it would be very difficult to record it here and I. Let's see if we have any other details, it's not a charger from another world that says it's from fast charging and we have the cable of the mobile device.

All this are going to introduce here and we will see directly the mobile device here we have the Samsung Galaxy, a 32 5g with quite elegant design, quite beautiful, quite striking. So here we have the mobile device, as you are seen one of the things that I did not like, let's start directly to enter this phone is like its design, is precisely good. Its design itself I like, but the device is a bit fat as I find it not very fine and the truth is that when I touched it for the first time I found it very comfortable, it's a matter of getting used to it and stuff, but it is true I found the device a bit uncomfortable because it's like fat I don 't know if you understand me, it is not quite as fine as I would have expected it to be.

We have speakers, the audio to charge the device, and it also accepts well since 3.5 mm jack-wired headphones are accepted. We are going to turn the mobile device on directly so that you can see the device we are going to use it, and I am going to give my most honest opinion about this Samsung Galaxy, a 32 5g. Let's start and we're going to start directly talking about the design we are facing, a phone that is quite heavy with 205 grams of weight. The truth is that it is quite recognizable for a mid-range phone. What could influence its weight would be the large battery it has, and also in the rear cameras, but 205 grams is the weight of this galaxy at 32 5g at the moment, I have to say that there is no way to describe the feeling of holding this phone.

That does not include the word heavy because 205 grams in a phone like this is quite a lot. Some have in the shape of a drop of water or it is not characteristic. We have already seen in a large number of phones on the back. Also we find the characteristic logo of the Samsung brand. The usual position with all the buttons to the right of the phone volume on the top on the fingerprint reader is in the middle part. As you can see on the left, we only have the Sim card tray and Micro Sd, so the upper frame remains clean and in the lower part of the phone, we have the usb cds port centered between the headphone jack and speaker of this galaxy, a 32 5g.

But if you ask me, the device becomes heavy and, like I said before, as a change I find it a bit thin, not quite fine, or as I would have wished the design of this galaxy was at 30 5g. But we have to understand that this is an economic midrange and in relation to design is the truth that it could improve, but it is not as bad as it could have been [Music]. A 32 5 people is a processor that is if it is not so bad for the phone as it is, but it could be better what it saves. This mobile device is the large storage for which between 4 to 8 gigabytes contains ram memory. It has up to 6 or 8 gigabytes of RAM memory, as you can see, the device has good performance.

It is not something unreasonable, much less the c device umple here we are using Twitter so that you can see the performance and fluidity of the mobile device at the time of opening this important social network used by millions of people today, as you are seeing the device in a fluid way. The truth is I do not have many applications on this phone and it is most likely that this will impact its performance. Now we are going to open it to see the performance of the device on this social network, which is also very important. It behaves well, at least in the applications where I use the emotion [Music]. This time, we are going to open facebook the last social network that I am testing in this video so that you can see the performance of the device on facebook.

As you can see, the device operates fluidly and quite rapidly, at least in özil, using social networks. With this Samsung galaxy you will get optimal and very pleasant performance. Most likely it will also end up update to Android 12, but we'll see till samsung confirms this. The device was on sale in the month of January at the start of the year, so Android 12. We are going to look for some news, some good things where we are going to see so that you can see the performance of the device. I don't think you will have problems with these things, use social networks, search for things on the internet, I think the device will comply with these important sections.

But let's test this time at the mobile device in video games until 9th to see how the device behaves using one of the video games that currently require the most requirements in android ashford 9. Well, my people, and here we are seeing the mobile device running until 9th. The truth it is that while I have used this video game, that is, I did not feel uncomfortable or anything like that, the device has behaved at the contrary. The truth is that most video games in an droid will be able to run them at high speed without any problems. Yes, it is true that, as they see the device infrequently, the guide is flying while I am playing, because of the great power that this video game has until 9.

So in relation to video games, I don't think that the device will give many inconveniences when playing if it could give you inconveniences when using powerful emulators such as the nintendo switch emulators or something like that. But that’s another thing in relation to powerful games on Android. The device will be able to take them all, but beware that the device will be able to run them all, but not in a fluid way like you me and we all want, but I don't think you'll have problems when playing it guide in some other sort of occassion. The truth is that the device has a tft lcd screen. Samsung has completely forgotten to use the amoled panel, to which they are not so used in their phones, and this time it uses an ft lcd panel.

Specifically it is 1600 x 720 pixels whose density is somewhat insufficient at 270 pixels per inch, very adequate in a phone with a large screen. It is quite easy to appreciate the pixelation in many situations, no matter how little we look at it, and it is very strange that samsung has not chosen a full HD plus panel. In es, you samsung galaxy, a 32 5g carrying a processor like the one it has. It is not a battery like the ones included in other brands of phones like the M 31, the little m3 of 6000 amps, but the 5,000 the galaxy 32 has without taking. The truth is that it is very enough to provide a full HDPlus Panel. The device can be used without any problems to watch content on youtube or play its big screen.

It will help you a lot, but it is true that the resolution is poor as I just mentioned. For video play, you will not get a very good resolution and I also have to say that the viewing angles are poor and the maximum brightness is not exactly left. I have also to say that in terms of cleaning the phone screen, it returns well and I do not think you are at every moment, that is, something like that ruined it by cleaning the device, yes, the marks, and such things remain. And it is nowadays something Normal in mobile phones, [Music] for her as I like that. Sometimes I feel but he does not shut up in common and the dollars are not added.

The truth is that in relation to the screen to make a cheap mid-range phone it is not bad, but it is true that it could have been better, well, if you find it at a good price, the device could be a very good option because of its screen. If we want better results in a mid-range phone in relation to the photographs we should go, or we will have to go to the samsung galaxy at 72, 5g or similar As for this Galaxy at 32 5g, the device has a camera that complies in relation to its price that was expected to a lot - at least I liked the camera of the mobile device. You are currently seeing some photos that I took with this mobile device, so draw your conclusions. The cameras do a lot of good work, at least I liked what I've seen so. In short, the device does a good job in relation do.

Not expect spectacular results from the photographs, always think that you are buying or comparing a cheap phone, and for that reason the device complies, I liked the result in relation to the photographic section, the device, as I mentioned before, has a 5000 milliamp battery that battery complies and I liked the performance of that battery. The low resolution of the screen helps to make the battery last a lot longer. The truth is I don't think that you have any problems in relation to the photographic section in this Samsung Galaxy at 32 5g. On the contrary I can last you more than a day without any problems so that the device meets the photographs of the charger.

It has a quick charge of 15 Watts, which will help us charge the phone more when it is discharged, depending on which apps use. If you play too much and stuff the device would last more than a day without problems. If we talk about the price, we have a phone on ebay that cost about 190 dollars. Those are versions with 64 and 4 gb of memory. The version with 128 and 4 gigabytes of RAM memory costs about 335 dollars in Amazon and 279 dollars directly in Samsung, the version of 128 you arrive and you get to this great one. You know this Samsung galaxy already, a 32 5g has reached this channel and this video has come this far.

If you want it at any other place, but for me on eBay, I found a very good offer from a person selling it and it cost me 95 dollars and 945 dollars for some reason or another. I send you what makes about 104 105 dollars with 45 cents. It cost me the phone a mobile but I have to tell you that the phone I bought is not unlocked or anything like that. You know that the camera increases if the phone is unlocked, but I don't mind using it like that. You liked the video, let's say in the comments what you think about the phone if you think about buying it and the expectations you have about it.

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