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Friends who are passing by welcome to another edition of luisito technology, your most reliable source of technology on the internet, there are never any mistakes here. We give all the most accurate, most accurate and most accurate technical data without fail. We don't know how to fit all the hearing aids perfectly, but today I have them in my hands, not just a phone friends, but two phones have very emotional, severe and emotional. These are two models of the new line, the new range of the Samsung galaxy and these are the galaxy s 21 and s 21 ultra, who know what the best part of all this is I didn't have to buy. So take it for granted that I am going to give you my honest opinion and I am going to make it as objective as possible.

So we have here the very recently launched Samsung Galaxy s. 21 e n Mexican lands a price of around 19 thousand Mexican pesos. We start with the s-21 the norma one, the one that it is not ultra or plus, which are three versions of this phone from what I understand. The s-21 came out, the normal one, then the plus goes to the term and the ultra goes to what we have here, which is the most expensive. They would already bring the curved screen, as we have seen in the past, in several models of this range, but as soon as this one chose not to bring the e it's very nice lime in the design, the colors on the back wow I love them I, like the position of the cameras, it grabs very nice when it comes to it is very, very nice.

In the box it includes usb c-abs, cable, sometimes what it doesn't come with is the cubit to load well in seeing the box. Quite simply, but very honestly, it is not like something else is needed, that is, bring enough, and let's see the s 21 ultra, let's see how beautiful, how beautiful and noticeably much bigger these colors are beautiful. We can see the obvious differences, starting with the cameras. This one apparently has five total cameras, sometimes as a sensor or something like that. But if you look, it has five lenses there, while the normal s-21 has only 3 iván the size. The size clearly changes a lot apart. The s-21 ultra does bring the curved screen to the sides to the ends. It does not complete to the bottom, but if it curves here slightly it can be appreciated.

True now, in the cue of colors, the truth is I like much more. The color combination of the s-21 as more playful, the s-21 ultra, is more refined but in that way simpler. In that sense, but phones like that, the first one, how beautiful they are, how cute they both hold very nicely. I say for obvious obvious reasons: they both charge with usb ce, and that's all I can say now- we're going to charge them and now we're going to test these babies and you [music] are well, I. I think it's cool to start this review testing the camera at night, art of the late hours hit me. There is no more light, so I think it's a good first test for these babies as they take night photos. What I want to photograph first is, for example, this panorama that you do not see and the bocho back there.

Then we have the phone, we go to the more mode and here we put a photo at night. Ok, we are going to see you really turned the night into the day and not only the ultra, but also the normal s-21. The truth is very striking to see the statue, even here with the camera. It is not defined or it says quite dark, let's see in the same way with the photo of the phone, very good job, very cool. We are also going to see your option of self photos and in night mode quite well played there if the tonalities are not very realistic, but it is understood by the light that it is taking around us in the same way. You know that I want to try to take a photo of the moon because I always go with it.

These phones is like the challenge, so take a photo of the moon, see how it looks check with my canon, camera I can more or less give it a perspective, which is not that the moon is very difficult to capture allow it is up there that today is quite bright, quite clear. So knowing supposedly with this phone, you can hold a wow very well. If he takes very good photos, very good photos, it looks very defined. I would say it and I must say how beautiful they are, how cool they make me much more comfortable for the hand the s-21 than the s-21 ultra, let's see it is lighter in size but also the grip that the design has I liked more. But if it brings things much more pros, the s-21 ultra.

That's why I'm going to focus on the review towards the s-21 ultra, because it has more but makes its useful deserved, mentions to the normal s, 21 the cheap one of the, not cheap and not so expensive, and well let's see the normal 21.

This has four cameras, three rear and one front, that the truth are good and I will say well, because they are not really surprising, but if they are to accept them, they compete very well in the market front camera for service 10 megapixels behind we have two cameras, one wide angle and one main 12 megapixels and a telephoto camera with the 64 megapixel lens that yes it is, it is tonic, but or it embroidered it is child's play when we compare it with its older brother, it It's a camera, it's not a lens as such and girls of this, the selfie camera and for vanity, not in addition to having this method function in some fia and they managed to see Chaca, Chaca self and So far. It leads us to the appearance of the camera as such to the platform and well.

The normal l, 0 and 1 is quite conventional, not as we are already accustomed to that today. The phones do not bring the wide angle option here, the main one and the telephoto one, so to speak. Digital, ok, take a photo of us there so that you can see the quality with more of the best truth, But if you want to make it a paparazzi, if you want to play it I think the spy works very well for you, while the s-21 ultra is indeed a game changer, it is a game changer. The normal one then have a telephoto lens of three times optical and then we have another telephoto lens of 10 times optical. We are going to see a photo so that everyone can see it because it looks much more liquid, the 100 times to see they would not call it clear, neither ccoo yes nor joke.

They would use the word sharpness to describe this photo, but it is an acceptable quality and it is that we can zoom up to 100 times on a phone in a device that fits in your pocket. It is still not like you are going to be able to photograph football matches with one of these, for example, but if you are going to do it to the paparazzi, no, don't do it, no, no, it's not a recommendation. That is the supreme video quality today and even more impressive.

You can record at 4k at 30 frames per second or up to 60 frames per second with the selfoss camera, which is very, very impressive, by the way, seems very curious, I want to make that observation, since 4k is less and less impressive, and this device is no longer called 4k, but he calls it hd, which is ultra age goddess in ultra hd, then or hd there. It will call the 8 k super h of hyper hd super ultra hyper plus hd, which we are going to see in this video test as you see it, as you hear it as it flows. This is with the white lens of the rear camera as they see it, as local gave it quite well. Ok, as you can see how you listen I'm not there are microphones I already have it, because the other cut the camera, but the audio is perceived by the equipment comes out.

This is the microphone of the camera as such, now a little negative thing that has given the phone that if I realized it I, looked for it and it turns out that in fact I was right. I had made a correct observation and it is that the truth is that this phone is not so fast, that is, its fast charge, I do not even know if I would call it that way.

Let's also be understandable and remember that the review was done like this, not much of the tsja or me, it charged super fast at 120 4, an impressive thing, but if this phone, when you charge it, you notice that it was not very fast investigate and the logic of samsung to explain this is that the battery will really last the user all day and they're going to charge it until nightfall, but aha, how about I forgot? I fell asleep, I didn't connect it the next day, I'm in a bind, and it's that I actually looked and the fast charge that this phone has is 25 watts compared to your competition is not so fast.

It has this function that I love that, let's see it is not so new for android users, but the truth is that I love this one about reversible charging that you can charge other devices with your phone. I have my headphones, look, I put them in the back. It is a fairly slow charge in technical data. It is 4.5 watts per go like this, that is, I don't really know what that means, the truth is, but it's slow, ok, for an emergency, so that the headphones and others,. I love that the phones have this option, I repeat for Android users. This is the most basic thing, but I like that and I usually have ios in my hands as a user.

This function always seems new to me and I like it and another little thing that I really didn't love s 21 and that 21 ultra and they will say that I like it, bring this topic up to Android users. The truth is that they don't like this topic, but I really don't know what these phones have, that they can't dominate the use of social networks, for example like instagram. They commented a lot on networks and others that the new s-21 leads to a solution to this problem. That leads to being able to record stories from instagram, facebook, whatsapp, etc. and it would look good with the same quality that a phone with ios would see, for example.

But the truth is I have already put it to the test and it is not true, that is, it is nothing, nothing true, here are the tests, but we are looking for proof of how to record the Instagram stories. Ok, listen check to see the front camera. Yes, lippi things is that this is how the iphone records them. Ok, iphone 12, promax, directly from the p instagram here, but twice it gives me the front one. We cover it here for the mirror, as you can see, which quality you like the most I made the vote clearly already. The reason is that I really don't know what android devices have that can't become masters of this topic, and it's not only the camera, I found another little thing that the android is missing and that is to look.

Well, this is an iphone 12 but max it is the right one to make the comparison with the s-21 ultra. It turned around and I can do it while recording if I'm here recording I'm in a hurry and the camera turns around I'm in a hurry. It turns back towards doing the normal thing because it is apparently not so normal, it is not so basic because with him s-21, how can all my hands see? Yes, that is if you can touch everything it's the screen and if you get a ball of camera, ok, but while you're recording and see well, that is I'm doing it. Girls, I'm recording 5 and the camera doesn't turn around.

Why kbr is a little thing if it's something very silly, I know, but they are small details that I can't help mentioning and I really don't know why not even the most expensive androids is a quite expensive phone woodstock that they were a great great phone but I don't know why not even a phone of this quality manages to become a master in this matter. Outside of that, there is also not much to comment on, for example, the operating system of how it is used and others.

At least for me a user is not for otto I notice, nothing so different and like water, and this was not brought before such it's, because I'm not super nailed the subject, but not that then something crazier, the other way around something good, because the great quality was maintained and if it is handled very Chinese, that is to say it is handled very fluidly. You see the colors of the screen, the brightness all 10-10 and good friends, that we include the review of the Samsung s, 21 s 21, ultra both the truth and great devices, very, very dogs approved, and if we visited technical technology words and they are fine, guys and I- think that I as a conventional, normal user, nothing nailed.

What I liked the most is the design, how beautiful it is and in the color palette or the cameras, even this one that does not have colors as such, they look very imposing with their cameras there wow on phones. I tell you great colors on the screen very good brightness. Only these negative details that I tell you that I have found are the fast charging 1 and the use of social networks like Instagram 2 are the two negative points that I read out there brutal excellent applause for these changes. As always, my friends and thanks for joining me will see you in a few days with a new video bye bud that has almost as many eyes and almost as much optics as a dark spider..

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