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Hi everyone, I am Michael and let's be honest I have mixed feelings when I use this folder, why? I have tried many phones from Nokia 3310 to Nokia which are all weird. Sony, Walkman series, communicators and so on. Until we continue to be introduced to today's Smartphones, most of which look like CandyBars with big or small slopes, and most of them normally are just like that. The camera can move up and down until finally a flexible, foldable screen technology appears from the first Galaxy fold, which to be honest is a bit strange. The second screen is much smaller than the body.

Then the second Galaxy fold appears with improvements, where that is to be more e2g, then you appeared in the third receiver with improvements and additional features, and what we saw was a price drop that was quite far from the previous version of 34 million. Under the guise of 5 million yes, is the price difference between 86 versus saving enough to be a determining factor for buying a cellphone, OK. This Samsung Galaxy folder is like a stick, If your heart is right, Freya is here when she folds her breath to make it small, and when she opens it she is almost the size of a normal cellphone so during use I have been using it for about a month, I can honestly say that the photo is satisfied with what this princess can do.

Normally, this police have not experienced any significant changes from the previous series of seafood. The shape is still elongated and a bit thick because the virus is folded, so it is really premium. To be honest, it's still quite comfortable to hold but if you put it in your pocket you will see what's wrong with a really big bag. It makes people with small hands like mine in a situation of unable to reach the top easily, but scrolling scrolling is easy, just your hands. If you then talk about the camera, for fruit, the Princess is said to be good, maybe not the best from Samsung flash, but it is still good for taking photos in a place with a lot of light, even though it is still good, but it's not the best from the flagship, Samsung just rear camera.

Its Ultra white white and Télé style seconds end, each with a resolution of 12 megapixels. The selfie camera outside is pixel resolution and is still very capable of capturing good photos and stores, I mean, if you lie down, play, your cell phone keeps falling, it hurts. This princess has a multitasking model up to 3x at the same time, I Personally, it feels good to use 3x at the same time but when I use it 2x at the same time it is really good because even though it is split, the water still has a lot of viewing space. This type of x-eight is the action that this princess is more resilient to. It’s still safe, just remember it’s only type x lava, It means that there is no certification of the resistance to dust or seafood sand.

The S pen is specifically made for the full series, What makes the difference is that it's an adapter at the end that can fit if you press it hard enough, Also it's still there and the screen responding if you press too hard on the keris or the folds. It may take some time to get used to it, but once you get used to it, Krisna doesn't really bother. Myself, I have also been look after Bro, the Mignolet UX area and stainless effort, and now supports 120 the inner heart.

If we use 120hz front and rear, yes, it will waste more battery, especially considering the battery is only 1400mAh but actually I'm surprised too, because after all, with a 4000mAh battery I can use this princess with my use for editing videos, browsing and scrolling IG, then why mixed feelings when using this seafood? The first is the S pen, which has no place in the prison of this seafood, unlike the blanket which has a special place in the sound. It's a part that can't be separated from the notes, while the default three are optional and they are. In my opinion, this shape is still too long and the width is too narrow when used with two hands. When using this silvolde, the third is the software compatibility of the daughter.

My experience is the most dangerous on Instagram, sometimes David or Instagram. Videos are cut to the right and left when they are closed. In our background image and the fitting is really in the middle. There are Samsung apps to force the ig to appear on full screen, but still there is something optimal for this display, and this is personally quite disturbing to me, because Samsung has 3G time terrace for fixing this, but so far it's not optimal. Overall, I really appreciate Samsung's efforts to improve on this princess for me. This is a versatile HP flash tablet and with Rini's nature, Samsung again is a trendsetter because yes, we are big. Many have adopted folding screen on their cellphones.

The next cave, Samsung is in the dimensions of the sharpsp, which may become a permanent part of Civil service and software optimization, and if you can see, maybe the charger can be used again for sales. If you want to chat, you can type it in the comment column later. I'll have Michael resign and see you in the next video [music] [ Applause] [music]..

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