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Oh, no English for the retiree part. I'm half-speaking. Please deal with the white robe. Samsung is scary. I only talk about old cars. With this release I shed a lot of blood. You must have seen a lot on my Facebook page, but I had more old car bosses and Benz was like the old days. I knew it would take some time, so I paid it a little early. I have to pray for fear of getting a car or renting a car and I have to go down to Busan because I need 1.5 million, won for the health of the lion and go with director Yunik. The next day I travel to Masan. I brought the sm5 520 without having to buy it. The price at the time must have been a thousand horses used. But I bought it for 1.5 million, won and went up to my waist, and it will spread the second time.

Old car I touched it, but I didn't know how good it would be. It's a phone in the development stage. But I see a lot of oil and solve everything with gasoline. I made that ng softer, I sprayed gasoline on it and the kettle ate a lot of oil, but I didn't know it would be. There was no accident, so there was no accident, so I covered the tip of the sesame with something like that. It is strangely persecuted and has become an animal. The part of the yogi is a bit habitually rusted. Many people are reluctant to carry the 2nd tier. If you buy the part, The salesperson will guide you through the service. It was changed to the audio part. There was really no n 510 part on the street.

If I could only show you and tell you all about the history, then Chairman Lee Kun-hee said I should do something more Takashi after the robbery of Kia Motors Oh candy. So I, Chairman Lee Kun-hee went to the Samsung Automobile Museum for car patients. So I think of it as an automobile museum, but it is a museum with collections of billions of dollars in falcons that are only in the second generation in the world. There are a lot of lumps inside Samsung Motors' visit to North Korea. There are 7 warehouses this size behind them. The only car that can't get in there. The car It is the most comprehensive product that can be made in the manufacturing. If you make one car properly, you can make it all. Chairman Lee thought this way back then as well.

1980’s 90’s These days when the sun is on a car and the sun is on the moon, I also thought about electric vehicles, so sdi In addition, I started making electric batteries and things like that. I studied and talked quite a bit about the automobile industry, started with Samsung commercial vehicles and practiced for a while. I made a factory with all the new technologies in Busan, so I made it out. This was not developed by Samsung, but the 4th generation Lisa 3 Piro and Nissan Maxima developed by Lisa. Nissan Maxima was also developed in several types. The United States, a model called Infiniti i3 0 was sold. It was sold under the Infiniti brand. It's also a rumor that I heard that it was a better car than Nissan made it narrow. All Japanese cars are Gangsters.

There was also a brand image of Samsung, a really big boy with torsion beam, weaknesses. The furniture surge was good and the quality was good. At that time there was a luxury car. At that time, 10 million won. There was never a time when people said that a car was a bit expensive. It started from 13 million won and went up to 24 million won in the case of sm525v. * Episode, Because of all the incidents that happened, the owner of the company just changed, and even in this situation sm5 sells well. sm 520 sm525v is the most popular model in the first generation sm5 aka eye-waving sm5 sm5 headlamp was just like this.

I changed the headlamp once to a clear type lens and as the final type of requirement a headlamp that emphasizes the circle with tears in English is included. It was a time when it was popular all over the world. I predicted something like the BMW 3 series, but I applied the trend of driving with sadness, so tear-shaped headlamps came in. When you make, you just have to take the expensive 110 and make it as it is, because silver is sweet, but you want to do something different, but if you change something, it will look completely. There were not many trapezoidal radiator grills, but this made a very stable and reliable impression on the sm5. It was a symbol of luxury car and headaches.

When two-tone color is used, the car looks a little longer and the center of gravity of the car looks like it is lowered, so the luxury sedan at that time was a dreaded. Two-tone color, the, rear view of the early SM 520 Mrs. It was a tail lamp that was all connected in red until it was just connected to one another. But when I changed it, from the time I changed the model, year, I cleaned it up here and came out with just one chrome bar like this. A midsize sedan gives me a midsize sedan, but the wheelbase is 2.7m It was not a small car at the time. When it came to mid-size cars at the time, cars like the ef, Sonata, Kratos or Reganza were competing like this and among them. The car was the largest in size. Look at the Sonata Namo k5 function.

Right now, Avante seems to be just a space. It's the seat I always carry and when I sit back and sit on the street, I believe it. I used the drawing method and here the drip tray drip tray is placed inside the fundo method. The meat on this iron plate can make these things very smooth, but there are a lot of steps in the windows. Air resistance and other things like that can reduce a lot of air resistance and things like that, so the cooldo style that was used a lot by cars in the 90s at the time. The interior is simple and looks like this, so it looks a little neater than the ef Sonata or anything like that. There was a feeling that the quality was quite high. Actually, I don't like the design of the steering wheel that much, but the grip is good. If you are worried, look at this.

It goes softer even after 16 years of riding. 520 Mrs. Aoi 5v had foot brakes like this, so at that time, having a parking brake on this side was a bit of a luxury car symbol. The cupboards that I made are not loose and the operation is very pension-like and these things have the same tension when they were new. Those days, two-stage audio was a symbol of wealth. There is a CD player and now there are drawers like this. The thing that came out was alive and the ashtray came out once. These are the rubber parts 2 that melt just fine. The rubber parts melted over time and must have disappeared because of the sake. Yogi has a button, so it is normally on with Overdrive, so I want to brake the engine after shifting even to the shrine.

I took a picture and gave it to the director, but I don't know if the director has it. I got it, but I modified it to have wireless charging. I brought out a really valuable thing from my collection. Susie Kang's 2nd album in time. Uh [Music] All. But the ball is alive. High notes are alive, yes, some engine guy Let's see for a minute It's a bit dusty. So the engine condition and things are good. One thing I was impressed with was the engine oil 4 as soon as it arrived. I didn't change the engine oil, I just took a dip in the engine. There are many more colors. I don't know if it's brake oil or all kinds of oil stones or if all the previous car owners replaced them with new ones or if the originals were well taken care of.

It's been maintained, so I don't need to take it with me, so I just changed the engine oil lens, sound, [Music] So. Chansung doesn't see me on fire. The spare tire is the specter station. The actual size is in the actual size, but this is a spare tire that will never go. This is my supporting role. He said it was okay and the mount track was just left, and when I looked at the date of manufacture, it was all 19 years old. It was again a luxury sedan, so the ride is awesome. Things are a bit old and rattle like the moon. The ride is basically good. Even though at the time this was a torsion beam, It was called a Qt suspension. It's a beam, but there hasn't been a single time that the ride quality is bad. SM5 It is comfortable to ride and holds well in the back. Give me a time.

The car ward is a little different. The car that has run 110,000 now calls 110,000. Even at 6 o’clock, Keroro doesn’t have a face like this. When I first started as a journalist, I did a strong five test drive, and at that time my seniors said that the rear didn't hold up well, and I. Remember to write that. It's a car that can be rubbed against each other. I think that the handling is fine. Driving safety I think that whenever I turn the steering wheel, even when there is no weather, it is a dream. You turn off devices or things like that, I tell you to avoid sudden lane changes, but in fact old cars could cause a bigger accident. If you were driving too fast. The thing that was better compared to the Sonata or anything like that was hydraulic power.

They couldn't withstand the hydraulic pressure. At that time, this sm5 had a lot of capacity. For things like power, steering, etc. The engine that eats George's face is a silver diameter. Barker a, especially now vq engine yoni piled up, v letter is a beta engine that runs at high speed, just shooting silver foil coins. They put this in our power mode and try again. Yes, once I do it because I enjoy the drafting and the day freely, so it's a bit disappointing that the transmission doesn 't have any turbo lag. I had a feeling that the disc trembled a bit after stepping on the sudden brake. Hey, I thought I should change the disc rotor. I tried it Yes, I dispersed to catch the trembling thing in the roto. The wind noise is an example of the tone.

Some more fuel, go back and pedal a little at high rpm, and now the transmission is no longer vomiting. It seems that the sowed Poo will be able to go to the 3rd state. I will only send the back of the drill up to sm5 520 v&a color cis 10. The case of the president is the godfather Gura-ya. So don't sleep too much, don't do it when you are Robert I, believe you have adaptive cruise control or yes. The front side is now equipped with a function that returns the screen automatically. When you want to drive like this by letting go of both hands. Change the sound you find on your own Yes, So, It also includes a function that changes lanes like this and brushes it off when it takes the least amount of time.

I'm doing it, I wonder if that is the case, how do I gain volume at the end of the st-type Soribada at the end of Soribada? At the end of Soribada? These days, my friends, will not be able to do. I can hear the sound of something winding. Down, and I do not understand what it is. We listen comfortably to music with them. Stein painting was found or was like this hot place. People who saw it on the news will remember that there is a mond card, No, more buffs in it t or something There are a lot of them and there are stories that I heard about them in Korea. That is why the museum was created or how it was created.

It was set up just like this and there was curry, so I taught everything, and there was a time when I took the secretary with a seat in the afternoon to take it and lowered the pouch. I'm not carrying it and I'm going to do something with Riser in the 4th game and I'm going to teach you a little bit of taste and talk about it. If you do it in a high-ranking one, you lose bread, butter 2, times, but today. This is a man in a video. You have to deal with the bb earlier? This video is auto..

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