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It has some incredible value things, but it also looks a bit like a scam. So today we're going to head to the smartphone section and see what we can find wow. I don't think we've actually seen a real phone come out with those bezels. The images actually look pretty legit, but I think the problem is that the real thing won't because it says it's 77 pounds and you get a full HD display with a 4 800 milliamp hour battery which is even bigger than the actual mate 30 and the 13 plus 24 megapixel camera. I doubt it but we're gonna have to try so we'll add that to our basket. Let's go for white and it's so funny how they basically take real phone numbers and then dial them up to make them look better.

We have a Mate 35 which in reality is not actually a phone that exists, so this will be interesting. If you look at the top corner it tells you there is a 97 discount on these phones and if that was true then the retail price of this fake would be 2 505 pounds which is higher than the real one.

These specs cannot be true, not a chance, but how do they get away with lying straight up? I want to see if I can find a phone that has a real hole punch in it because with fake phones, because it's much cheaper, what they often do when they try to copy phones that have hole punches is create a notch hole, punch phone, oh okay, note 10 pro and you can tell that's not real, because there's no such phone as the note 10 pro um, but it looks convincing and if they manage to pull off what they show in that photo for 101 pounds So let's give it a go and the other thing I thought I'd try is to find the cheapest smartphone like how cheap can actually go. If it even works I'll be quite impressed to be honest, uh, okay, let's buy that and then for our phones.

Uh speaker, oh man, it's full of knockoffs. Looking speaker, blue, okay, 17 pounds, and we could pick up some earphones. Oh wow, okay, they really don't look bad and then of course one of the first things you see are airpod clones and this is something I've always been curious about because I've not really played with many of them. Okay, we can pick colors, let's go okay, let's go with white and eight pounds. That's got to be a joke, so this one says a million milliamp hours capacity. It's like you are trying to power some sort of nuclear generator. So when you click select size, you can click 100, milliamp hours, 9 million milliamp hours, 10 million milliamp hours or 20 million okay. You know what let's go: 20 million and let's go black and red 14 pounds.

It's also interesting when you filter by price for these smartphones that the absolute top price bracket here is 77 pounds plus, as if that's about as expensive as phones get and to be fair on this site they are about right. Let's also give them a go, while we're at it it's interesting that it says they are refurbished, I'm assuming that means the packaging it comes in is not convincing enough to count as new. So we have 15 items in our cart and the total weight is 782 pounds 20. So I'm probably waiting for about a month for it all to arrive if it ever does, and then we'll see what we're working with one eternity later.

Okay, so probably the most surprising thing is that everything actually arrived apart from that m20 pro phone, that ultra cheap one, but I still got refunded so we're gonna start with the accessories and then we'll get on to the phones all right, so we will start with the beats by dr dre. I thought it would be a bit flat with the cushioning. I wouldn't say there's a lot of clarity, but it's about as good as you'd expect 15 20, maybe even 30 dollar headphones to sound and actually, while we have the laptop, we have also got a pair of earphones. There is also a bit of shipping cost involved, but incredibly cheap, offense, okay, uh. First impression they look cool, but they do feel incredibly cheap.

I remember how the website was talking about how this is a dual driver pair of earphones yeah. I spent very heavy on them, the kind of sound signature that you get with cheap earphones. The first impression is that it actually doesn't look bad this magnetic mechanism. Here the hinge is a little bit loose like if it is open and you give it a wobble. Take that wrapper off yeah I'm not gonna lie, I think at least visually. It's compass the charge three, oh [Music], [Applause], okay, it's not great! It gives the impression that it's some sort of 360 surround speaker, maybe even with the base coming out of here, these potential subwoofers, but it's not there's some sort of small unit sitting in the front and it just fires a bit upset about that one.

Ah, now for the batteries and yeah they've airbagged it up, as you would for a 20 million milliamp hour cell, it's tiny! Two immediate observations: it feels kind of cheap. I guess there's a bit of creaking in plastic as you would expect, but it's also not nearly as heavy as it should be. This is almost certainly at least a third hollow that doesn't leave me incredibly hopeful for this next one, but we'll take a look anyway: oh okay, completely different style of battery this one is, much slimmer and actually quite a bit nicer looking, although that finish is hardly reassuring. It kind of looks like this top bit has been super glued to the bottom bit five minutes before leaving the factory the weight.

However, again, definitely makes me question the capacity of the smartphones okay time. I've been slightly nervous, mostly excited about doing this, and because there are so many, I think the best way to do it is to just sort of lay them all out and do it at once, and it is actually quite interesting almost like there is some sort of coordination going on at wish, because they all come in very similar, strange, plain white boxes, oh and this one is refurbished uh. So I think it makes sense to open them in price order, we start with the cheapest and work our way up to the most expensive.

It has a dual camera setup but weirdly a matte finish that is not as bad looking as I thought it would be - we'll come back to it - who doesn't love a good rhino3? I'm curious how well they've replicated the oppo Renault design, because design was a big part of those voting selling points. Better than I expected have a look at the back of that, oh actually it doesn't look as good without the wrapper on okay, I 11 pro. Oh, that almost looks like a google pixel, really tiny little camera module in the top corner and on the back instead of saying apple, it actually says: hd camera still a pretty good peel. This is the completely unreleased Huawei Mate 35, what an honor! It's a feature that actually feels like a glass finish, which I wasn't expecting mate 30..

Oh, that's a heavy phone! So far I'm curious to see how well they've replicated it because the design of the Mate 30 was pretty out there. It was a different design to most smartphones, so it was not easy to just make a generic fake off. Take a look at that: that's not a shabby looking fake phone at all! Looking back, although that feels a bit plasticky, the module isn't quite right either, there's a little bit too much space between the cameras but it's better than the first: aha, the galaxy s18 plus oh 5g as well. So in the future it looks like samsung is actually going to move backwards and start remaking their old phone, oh plus, a rear fingerprint scanner.

Funnily enough, it has the in-display fingerprint scanner sticker on the front, but I don't think it's gonna work and finally it's a bit of a shame. We have the note 10 pro and the reason I think this is the most expensive is that at least I think they've managed to recreate an actual hole punch which I've never seen before on a clone fake phone. So to start with the finish, they actually managed to recreate it a bit. I didn't think the fake would actually have that and it does look like we have a hole punch, although we will have to turn the display on first to check it plus the s pen, which I'm pretty curious about. So I'm going to take 30 minutes to set all these phones up and then tell you what I think much much later.

Okay, I suppose the most curious is going to be the iphone, because ios is incredibly hard to replicate convincingly. This one on this is the Huawei Mate 235 [Music], goodbye goodbye and literally looks like you are walking into Jurassic Park for the first time. I think this is the back of the phone that I am most impressed with. By always designed was not easy to recreate here, but it does actually look good. Ah s, 18 plus I'll tell you one thing: this has inherited from Samsung galaxy. The S10 lineup is the incredibly high power key. I remember thinking that you know that while holding the phone in your hand, it is a stretch to get to [Music].

How does this have and do we actually have a hole punch display? Admittedly, there are a few dead pixels around [Music], so everything is now set up, and this varies from being absolutely appalled to actually being quite impressed. Let's start with the Samsung display which has incredibly bad viewing angles.

I don't think there's any hdr here, god and in terms of the image we were sold on yeah, it's fair to say: I've been fairly misled, the bezels are much thicker in reality and those dual cameras are not dual cameras: okay, moving on to the rhino uh, again terrible viewing angles like if you tilt this more than about 60 degrees, you're gonna struggle to read what's on it, but what I want to test is the cameras? No, it's exactly the same as the camera app for the last phone, but yeah. This is not a periscope camera in case there was any doubt at all and compared to this image I've been very misled. Okay, the cheaper looking iPhone and actually, while this looks pretty unconvincing from the back, it is not terrible from the front.

You can tell it's not ios, but they've done at least a semi decent job. So this is the Huawei phone and they have re-created an older version of Huawei's mui software fully, admittedly. Oh and we actually have a Huawei style camera app as well. Oh yeah, that's definitely a better camera than the phones before compared to that image. The bottom bezel is much thicker, but the back is actually one of these cases where I would say it looks better in person than it does on the image. So this is kind of cool the next phone, the Huawei Mate 30, has the Huawei Mate 30 wallpaper pre-installed on it and software-wise. I just like the fact that they actually delivered on the image in terms of the way the phone looks.

This is quite a beautiful phone and if I receive this in a shop with better internals and a better screen and without the lies, I think I would be quite happy with the iphone and this software is just awful. I don't know how they managed to take a step backwards from the cheaper one. It gives me the indicator to start setting up an in-screen fingerprint, is that working? Surely there's only one way, yeah there's any form of which I've supposedly set my entire fingerprint up. It made me set up my entire fingerprint. This does look quite convincingly like the most recent software skin of Samsung. Oh that's a bixby button and it takes you to a fake big speak.

Oh no, the real one is bad enough, see if you flick to the side they've recreated, Samsung's entire side screen 10 out of 10 for effort, and finally this is a curious case. The way they've kind of rounded off all the bezels and how the hole punch has this massive thick black border around it. This gives me such an appreciation for actually good phones alright. So this has been weird, but I've actually had a lot of fun here now I can't say you should wish and buy this stuff wholeheartedly. The whole operation is just incredibly dodgy and I don't really know how it works but interesting results as far as an experiment goes.

Okay, about a year ago, so shark vpn contacted me and asked if I wanted to partner up with them- and I distinctly remember thinking I haven't heard of surf shark but sure let me give it a test and see if I like it- and I did it- does everything you need a vpn to do like give you that peace of mind that your browsing is secure and anonymous. Also I'd be traveling around the world for launch events and I'd use it to access uk netflix, while I'm sitting in China, for example, so, okay, fine, it's a vpn, it works, but now that I've been using it for almost a full year, it's pretty clear that a lot of vpns out.

There are borderline daylight robbery, they charge you 20 30 per person per month for vpn access, but so shark is 199 a month for an unlimited amount of simultaneous connections, and there are some unique things too. You have hacklock, which is a feature designed to give you alerts if your password or email got compromised and that just ensures that the first person to take action is you and I like that, using the surfshark app on my macbook, I can tap once in the bar at the top and quickly connect to the last server. I was connected to so check the link in the description and use the code boss to get an 83 discount and an extra month for free thanks a lot for watching I'll catch you in the next one [Music]..

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