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Hello guys, David. If, for example, you are looking for a 5-million-dollar cellphone, one of the phones that I always mention is the Samsung Galaxy A52. Even in the mid-2021 recommendation video, for a price of 5 million, Galaxy A52 was for me the champion because he was like... very safe for most people. The brand is Samsung, the camera is good, it has OIS. The design also looks quite unique, simple, but can differ from the others. The battery is stable, the screen is good. The UI is comfortable, and of course, What other brands can't beat? The IP67 rating makes the phone so waterproof. I just have to admit that the Galaxy A52 engine performance is pretty standard, as uses Snapdragon 720G. It's still good for playing mainstream games, and Mobile Legends is smooth.

If you want to satisfy the passions of hardcore gamers who demand high gaming performance from HP for people who are really competitive... The Galaxy A52 is less attractive. Samsung is surely aware of that also, That's why they merely came to the Galaxy A52s 5G, with specs that are even more polished, even more perfected. He has used a new, more popular chipset, Snapdragon 778G, whose performance is much higher than Snapdragon 720G. We use the benchmark of AnTuTu score 9, 9x The problem is that the score obtained by the Galaxy A52s 5G can be more than 500 thousand, while the typical score for 720G is around 340 thousand. When tested with Geekbench 5 the singlecore score of 778G seems to also jump! It is a multicore, it's more than 60% different. It's easy to interpret these numbers.

If you don't understand the point of the engine on the Galaxy A52s 5G, it is 50% faster than the engine on the regular Galaxy A52. The experience of playing the game... is also automatically different, isn't it? PUBG is played on regular Galaxy A52. On the Galaxy A52s, it's stuck at ultra smooth. The setting is set to smooth extreme, which means there is an additional 20 fps to make the gaming feel even smoother. You can go up to HDR Ultra but only 40 fps because that is the limit for Ultra settings. If you create super-heavy games like Genshin Impact, the Dragon 778G can also be handled. For me, the sweet spot is medium-60 preset. Good, image, good frame, rate. The temperature does not hurt your hands either. It's, in a room without AC.

We can set it to the lowest setting, but the picture isn't so good. Samsung is really right with Snapdragon 778G. To upgrade this Galaxy A52s. The chip class is still midrange so that the price can be maintained. The midrange is also, but the performance given is already like the flagship style of 2 years ago. This Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G... only has one variant of the internal memory, right 256GB, 8GB RAM. Let's go straight to the maximum. The problem is that we are given an internal choice of 128 or 256GB for the regular Galaxy A52. This requires 256 high auto then one more thing, talking about RAM, Samsung introduced a feature called RAM Plus in this Galaxy A52s. When the cell phone was updated,. There was information about the additional features.

Its function is to add virtual RAM up to 4GB. This feature is similar to other cellphones. Features that are bringing more hits.. The difference is that in Samsung the system automatically adjusts to the user's usage patterns. So we don't need to go back and forth on and off the feature. Keep running out of the chipset, internal variant, RAM Plus... He still uses a super AMOLED screen, the size is still the same: 6.5 inches with Full HD + resolution, the glass uses Corning Gorilla Glass 5 but the refresh rate has been increased to 120Hz! It's even louder than the A52 which used it at 90Hz yesterday, so that scrolling feels even smoother on this cellphone. This HP theme is indeed more kenceng huh. It's about color choices as fresh.

The thing is on the Galaxy A52s, This time there is a color selection that you may have seen earlier. This is the Awesome Mint color. It is pastel green. The Galaxy A52, on, is regular. It does not exist. Yes, there is no blue color. Only in the regular version. These are the different parts of the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G when compared to the regular A52. Faster engine, big, auto internal memory, variant RAM Plus, faster, refresh rate, new colors... The remaining 5 points are the same which was good from the start, Samsungn't touched it anymore. That makes the A52 different from the others is always maintained on the A52s, feel free to dip in water. That's okay. The battery life of 4500mAh is also safe for daily use. Mobile Legends for 30 minutes, hit 7%, PUBGM 30 minutes, 8%.

Continue to play Genshin Impact 30 minutes, 10%. It took an hour and a half to charge from 0 to full. Both for the camera, from the resolution to the features. Starting from Resolution to OIS. The color is still pleasing to the eye, The low light is sharp and bright. It doesn't feel like there is a difference. The quality of the front camera of Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G It's. Only in full HD resolution,. It feels stable. Well, I was quite relieved when I found out that the Galaxy A52s 5G doesn 't compromise. The thing is I was venting about it at that time. If a brand makes two versions of a mobile phone, 4G and 5G, there must be something which is deducted from the 5G version, I.

Perhaps so that the specs of the 4G version aren't too sparse or so that 5G..., the price is hardly the same as 4G. What will feel heavier. Samsung is selling the official price, Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G, at a price of 6.5 million. A difference of 1 million. With the current market value of the regular A52. The upgrade makes sense. This video was made; Samsung opened pre-orders again from 16-19 September, yes, giving a discount of 500 thousand to 6 million. You can get it at a price of 6 million,. The Galaxy A52s 5G is worth choosing more. If you're the type, who cares about performance? The difference will be felt. 0ct 0022-0056; If you get it at 6.5 million, A 90Hz refresh rate is sufficient speed, It's wiser to choose the normal A52. Saving is cool.

The presence of A52s does not cause the regular A52 panic at all, because quality is already recommended from the start. The Galaxy A52s is more of a complement to a fully developed version, a phone.... So the answer from Samsung is for those of you who like the A52, but who still doubt that performance and the 5G connection are still... yes. That's just a little review from GadgetIn for the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G. If you like this video, dislike it, and we'll meet again in the next video. S stands for Perfect or not ;.

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