The river flash is called Hi, Samsung a320y is equipped with hyperblast, yes. [Music] Bismillahirohmanirohim Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh friends, all friends. This time we will discuss the settings for the Happy Samsung A3 2nd camera in the previous video, yes. We discussed this 5 megapixel macro camera, camera Ultra, White, Hi, 8, Mega Pixels and this is a 64 megapixel main camera and this is a front camera or 5 megapixel sensor yes. In the previous video we discussed that. If you haven't watched it, please see the previous video. Okay, how to quickly open the camera? With this side, button, guys, double click. Ok, this will discuss the complete camera settings for this Samsung Galaxy A3 dual camera.

If you already have this cellphone and buy a new one Hi, but the camera section hasn't been set yet, please look at this. Video is for Jazz, which is the first stage, right? ta first enter the settings section. Here it is, guess I enter the example: I have ticked. Optimisation, click activate, scan, code, activate it, then this eyep image is actually. If we activate this and then we partially edit the kinemaster, the photo or video is not supported.

So if you are a drill So why is your video or photo not supported by this camera, just disable it, but the special diamond selfie Hi, please activate it, because applications and sites don't support this format right because of taking pictures of some applications and the site doesn't support this format, That range we want to edit or why it goes to Facebook and YouTube and some of it doesn't support it. The shutter, button, right., Take, continuous photos. Okay, then use a wide angle for group selfies, namely the front camera It's not active. Let's focus the camera on the selfie. Yes, the position of this camera is facing there. If the position of the selfie camera is just setting that part, for example, we go to this one. This is a selfie camera, bro.

What you did earlier, then save the selfie as a preview. Yes, please activate it, then OK. Google video for this high-enci episode, just disabled it because it has been said on other devices or share the video online, record video in hfc to save storage space, If it is activated, it can be done, but we choose to disable it, yes. It's video, stabilized here. The Samsung A3 2017 is supported by video stabilization. Sometimes we record videos while walking, it is considered to be shaking. The focus has been explained in the previous video, Gas. This position is partly wrong. Don't point the camera at Selvia Point, the picture there at us Point the selfie camera, that is, video stabilization doesn't work yo hi, then the automatic HDR is activated.

Yes, the nutrition line can also be activated and then the location can't be activated. Show the palm to your Selvia image. Camera, we take a selfie. We show you how many hands like Hello Don't shake the hand It's automatic hi. Un settings to save, start the camera with the module that was used previously like video. By always starting with the photo mode we can set it off, it can be active. Oh yeah, just turn it off, tell me to take selfies, keep using the angle you last used for the front, eyebrow camera and then switch back formally. Can I not choose to activate this filter? It still uses the filter you set for each modal, which deletes it when you close the camera, we disable it for those of you who activate it. This watermark has Let's explain in this previous video.

It's a watermark, namely the Putu sign. How to edit it, we have already explained how to activate how to edit Kanya. Please check the previous video. Vegas reset settings, Don't contact us, contact us later, it's about Google Yanti update the camera is OK, don't reset p settings Okay next Hi nutrition ruler earlier? Yes, it's free download, just disable Gresik the contents, because it really interferes with taking pictures of e-banking e-cash Okay. This lighting is automatic and it is active. We take pictures. Sometimes it is always on Hi Tini, a flash of light will appear. Hi Sri select automatically when the light is on at night Hi and if you don't want the light to turn on at night. There are easy night modes at night, so here it is easy tonight, it is easy at night, Hey G-Shock.

For example, sometimes we take pictures of Nia. Sometimes you guys need time for the cameraman,. We set this on the main camera. Usually when it is full, y, when we edit something, it's usually when we edit it to kinmaster, the file is not full, the image never chats. It's cut off, this section on the right and left is quite full. Yes, and here is an option: Oh yes, 1690 Hi and 4,3 Yo Yo, and this 64 megapixel camera is m3s. The picture is quite clear. Where is the main camera, this 64 megapixel main camera. We have explained it here in the previous video. Yesterday we explained about the camera, this macro camera yes, every ultra white. This is it, here it is, Ultra White Jazz, Lounge File, wuihhh Oh yes, Yes, we can take pictures as wide as possible.

This is called Ultra White and this is the camera. The original filter is warm, cool, Loli, Flores, in Blossom, Ivory and so on or gray like ti here. The original roof is the shadow of the monster and Hi palm Oh yeah. It's up to you which one you want, geus Next suggestion this face ever Let's choose this face, auto with high capacity, yes, It can be low or high. Hey, choose the one. And this one can't take fullpack, pictures yes, and the ultralight one can recover. That selfie can be done like this, bro and it can return to the original camera and you can use this button. It's up to you who wants to choose the sustenance button. In the previous video we have explained these portraits, yes, photographing. This hakan food will focus in the middle, the ocean that was stolen right.

It automatically activates the stabilization. While we are holding the video, it's already active, okay, here is the other one, hmm. This macro camera is located this one guys Hey I,'m thinking 55 megapixel macro. Let's take a picture of this object. Hey here, I'm a macro camera Hi, Why do we usually call it Hi, ants Liah? Hey himagro Explain the picture because he was told it was 5 cm hahaha in our media. Guys I need the results. First Hey ah, this water zone has water or three-dimensional streaks, yes. This is a picture of the decoration of the water emoji sticker, the study of water emotions. If you want to forgive, please download the fourth earthquake. Gas, guys, we've already explained it.

If you want to be curious, brothers and sisters, please look at the video that was finished. So here we don't need to explain: hi,, okay, next, camerapro, okay,. This camera pro is slightly different from the original camera, guys. This has a 5000k setting Hey hot automatic hot issue iaso. This is a Prodia Jazz camera, so the results of a pro camera, This panorama is a bit unsatisfactory. We got the results, guys, because it's a small panorama, guys, yes, it's a panorama. He's small, for example, ages, for example like this, ha ha, don't know technology, Hi, Okay, there's still food in this other section, right, Mak Enon, is still using it here. If the food was, yes, this camera, hi, ok, still on the other menu.

Hi tonight, the mode tonight is also we need the nights without using the flash, Please use the mode tonight or in the afternoon. If you want to leave South, turn on night mode, Ma'ruf explained that it was slow motion. We can move it slowly, then nipples from this Presidential Decree Hey. Sometimes people want to take pictures. It's like on Instagram, for example, the photos that don't click are a bit gypsum, right, it's like a cast. It usually lasts a long time. It's a bit fast, this time up to 64 Mbps, plus good mode, keep the camera stable. If it is activated at night, when it is deactivated during the day, this n is used as before and the settings are like this, hi, hi, Oh yes. The nutrition line is not location. The settings are so that we don't need to be activated.

Let's give an example like this, guys, it's done, Hey Hah, This he's under seconds, yes, and the seconds are here, here, later here. Hi, this hadith, the result didn't even reach 123. It's only one second, guys, Hi, we'll give an example of G Solo,. Let's move our fingers, yes, until both seconds Jaya has dotted him, guys. Let's see the result., the plus, hi, hi, the biggest, that's all about the complete settings on the Samsung Galaxy A3 dual camera, yes. We have discussed it thoroughly. Yes, yes, and if you are still curious or something that doesn't fit, please comment in the column below. Please comment and even if you don't understand, please repeat this video, yes, please repeat: it, Hi! Let me quickly understand, sing OK. Like and don't forget to subscribe, like, Hi, dancer vs.

so Hi. You know a lot of camera features or camera settings on a Samsung A3 2016 HP. Khan on a Samsung A5 2 and yes the a72 is very thin. Hi assalamualaikum, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh [Music]..

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