How to activate fingerprint samsung A12 | Fast and Easy? - Galaxy User Guide

Hello all hello, everyone back on my channel Dedi nd-yag this time. I want to share a little tutorial on how to activate Samsung A2teen fingerprint. After that we go down Babeh, who earlier has spirometry and security and selects your fingerprint in our menu. There are three options: You can use the pattern, choose ping or password, yes. Hi [Music] is shown like this We start to make the pattern, come home free, yes, but if I want to be ready to make it simple, first let's make a style, after all, hi. We don't choose affirmations. The lecturer, friend-friends become one with the power button and we put the dough Hey press it.

Let's slide slowly: hi Hi, make sure all the parts can go to my friends Hi the surface so that it goes perfectly. It is finished Hi - Ok. Let's go back to home screen. Hi Let's turn it off. Let's try to unlock the screen with fingerprint Hey, no [Music] Hey, it's tested, friends, Hi, it's quite easy! Isn't it to produce a Samsung A12 search, I hope this tutorial is useful. If you like it, you can like it if you hit me too because it is more developed and provides benefits for all of us Okay..

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