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And it's not that Samsung has barely announced its S22 line and look,. Let's get to know this device more closely, right the device itself, because the accessories here look at the fineness of the box. Can you imagine what is inside here, right, then run the vignette and let's get to know the S22+ more closely Calm down, folks, calm down, I know you already have your little fingers itching there to put in the comments, Gesiel was supposed to bring you. The boy was the Ultra version, the one you even Gesiel said it is the new Galaxy Note okay, I understand I also wanted to bring people, but we don't even have everything we want. Samsung lent me the version for a few days. Stop chatting ersa and let's get down to business because look we're already here.

This is a box of responsa, right guys, boy inside there must be so many things that I think it's going to be half an hour of video here, just to show the accessories, look at the so many things that are in here, come on here. Also the color I thought it was pretty cool and look at the edge of the shameless boy. If you call beautiful training, it reminds you too much even the ones from last year, right, the S21 line, which is ugly for many people, for others, so each one with their own one, right, and then folks, after seeing these images. These texts that you And then you liked it or not, put it in the comments that I want to know. Incluse, already enjoy it and you'll look below it's already here on your finger. We have USB type-c cable in the two ends: Jeez man and now I.

Don't see how I make me buy a cell phone like that, and you can request it on the Samsung website. Something like that I'll leave the link in the description and on the Samsung website where you can request a charger for you ok. It's usually 30 days after purchasing the device that you have the right to request the charger. Ok, so don't hesitate, at least while I'm recording this video is ready to order guys. The Portuguese language is Portuguese and I'm going to make the settings I want to configure and without shame here. I want to do the tests I want to install a few things and I'll be back with the second part of this video where I know that I need to take the cameras to record video with it to see if it's tight, I really don't want to test it.

Even at night, even in the dark, because it now has such a module in the Icó graph, right, I said it's tight, I tested it there at the event, 1 is a positive thing that I noticed when I was outside during the tests. The screen of this smartphone is extremely shiny. Even under the hot sun on fire I could see perfectly even at extreme angles, such as when I needed to take a picture, right down. I was kind of sideways here and I still managed to see perfectly This is a flat screen that I'm going to talk about in technology.

So even if love takes 2 x, 1 basically the same technology as the previous models has a comfortable size for some It can even be considered a little big at 6.6 inches with full HD Plus resolution and has the protection of the new protection from Gorilla Glass, right? We can let those who are adaptable have adaptable and have a pattern if you put it in a pattern that is, it will run 60 times per second, straight updating. If you said it was adaptable, what happens it can reach up to 120 How so gel? It won't stay at 120 all the time and not that what happens he can have a variable refresh rate going from 10 on plus and on normal.

It goes from 10 to 120 on Ultra that I'm dying to test it will come from one to 120 is being single, but you remember that I told you that I was going to show you the slot of the chip right Yeah, I almost forgot, but I didn't forget it when you take it out, It already gives the warning here on the chip tray. You know what happens in these batches Zinho here if you pay attention. These batches take two tiny chips, right, praying yes, and there is this little antenna. You wouldn't have the 5g that there in the United States, they use this little screen here in Brazil. Have this marking on the side of the device, which makes it more elegant. Hello everyone, I already want to show you the quality of the cameras, this device, both in terms of photo.

In terms of video recording, but first I want to talk about a very important thing with you here, because we celebrated a lot of people. I was very happy when I heard that Samsung was going to bring the version with a qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor to Brazil, what happens to it? It's not bad, okay people, it's really a really crazy processor, but we were testing it here, playing the various games and we noticed that it heats up, yes, and don't think that it doesn't heat up because it forgets here. Getting close to 43 degrees, we are really with the air conditioning on. It still got close to 43 degrees and at that moment when it heated up, if it's a drop in FPS, it loses performance when it heats up and that's what happened until we admired each other here, me and Danilo.

Let the dogs out on that processor, because yes, I believe it will still receive updates and improvements, and something else I know that a lot of people also want to see the version of this device with Samsung's own processor, the ex 2200, that it has the guy from Reiki Trace. Who has that he has a son and Tatá AMD video card. We are anxious I confess to you that I also want to test this processor. I think it is important for me to tell you here that it also heated up doesn't think it is just the Samsung processor heats up and something else. I don't see the Ultra option of the frame box here. I thought it was also strange that here is another thing I want to show you here: Guys, this device has 8 GB of RAM: ok, and look what Samsung did here.

If we come here in RAM look at the amount of RAM ramps that we can put, you can get it and it can use here, up to 8 GB of RAM memory. It will take a little bit of internal memory to use as RAM. So if you add the 8 GB that already comes in it, even if the real RAM memory comes with the 8 PLUS, you can pull from the internal memory. You basically have 16 GB of memory, RAM Of course. I don't trust all that speed so much that I do not trust this memory that it pulls from internal memory. It's a very competent audio, even very nice to hear. More premium, mainly from Samsung, is Portal. They don't even put the Zinho connector more than the headphone socket. You have to use Bluetooth or this standard here or use the USB C to P2 adapter.

If you really use too much boot to use many cameras, including people when I was out there in the sun, remembering hot as hell in the sun, using the cameras a lot, it got hot for Cacilda and the one on this side. Here bro, the side was on fire, so I told you there too that the situation was complete. Maybe you don't use it for a whole day, okay, people use it very heavily. Today is a day, but let me take advantage of the fact that I already have an open camera application and I will show you the following main camera 50 mega pixels, Ultra, White camera.

Do we have a camera of three times one without losing the quality of 10 Megapixels? Is the selfie camera here too 10 Megapixels as well as the zoom camera, and something else it has a mode in historiography that I will show several photos for you automatically, so it works all the time. This whole module is in the hectograph and you will get a clearer part there. It's like a night mode with improved HDR. Practically all the photos I took at night I took without night mode and with night mode about video people, I was forgetting to tell you about video. I really liked the stabilization of this device that you can still change the camera during recording. When it is at 60fps, you can't switch between them only from the front to the main rear.

Only if you put it here on 4K 30 then yes, you can make this change from all the hard cameras and what I did so check out. The video recording test, I did and folks check it out, It just got to the time for us to test that feature that function that you talked about. Look, I'm on the front camera in 4K, there, I'm more or less in the dark, I don't see the dark, but there's a very strong light and following there and this feature, it is precisely for that to balance the colors I go to an even darker part.

It's under here look there's only a very strong light here for years against here and he at least looks at the screen here is getting that angry very well, Dude! So when I look at the screen, it is with a much worse than interesting quality, let's pay attention to all the details, stabilization and everything else. Also during recording it turns it on and that's it I switched to the main camera. Let's go Blue over there to the extension in your main, wait. Let's see if the stabilization with three times is cool too o I'm going there and I'm walking fine, holding the cell phone in my hand here and apparently looking at the screen. It's super stabilized here, it's pretty cool even considering the question of late at night.

It's not so clear, there's a lot of light, but it's not that thing, right? So you can see the difference in quality that yesterday I was here in this same little place at night, right how could you go there earlier than ago ra in the morning or hot and turned around in Tetéu? The rear camera activated main camera I'm going to walk here a little, normally walking here holding my hand, I'm going to put it on the Ultra Wide I'm going to stop here. You can see that the audio changes because it changes the capture according to the camera you are using, is exactly to be able to have the issue of reach, for example, cameras, one tends to look for the audio that is further ahead, right. This is what is called an audio, right? That's cool, but look, I'm just going to walk here.

The camera of three times a I'm walking and Haldane. There jump and man, it's very state, very, very stable, even that is very cool for the ability to shoot with the zoom camera as the stability of this just sensational, and look at the addict there, look at how many photos I took here from yesterday to today, I even wanted to see several photos And, as you can observe these here without the night mode. There's a lot of noise here in the darker parts, pay attention, Ultra Wide, right, it's abnormal and blue three times, one look at the quality.

I'll put it side by side already here, night mode for main and night mode, with blue three times look at this Look how beautiful the Zinho effect was here, Cascata here in the water, right Let me put it side by side so you can get an idea of the difference in the photo without the night mode and with the night mode. It's blatant right, really sensational people here the difference with night mode. There is liquidity in this tree, for example 013 and look at the miracle that happened here in night mode. Go is really the night mode of this apparent is working extremely well, then I took it with the front camera, also without the night mode and with the night mode Look at the difference, it leaves I put it side by side for you, it's ready, side by side.

Even the way everything on this device- and there are several other photos here- are people several other photos for you to check out is just one more here with and without night mode and night mode without night mode. Now let me put the same images basically only during the day so you can see the difference. Ultra uaile main ISO one receive one thing, look,. It's ok, it's not exactly the same thing, but look at this people totally during the day the sun crackling. We have a sensational image, very good right, that's it and look at it at night. The result was really good and we're going to do an HDR test against the sun, totally against the sun, where it crashed here and we took this picture here- look how it turned out I.

Consider this a very good image given that the sun was totally against it and we can still have a lot of information here, the wood and such a detail that we have a very similar result with the Ultra White camera with the main camera. Note that we usually see perfectly here when HDR is bad. It tends to darken everything here, right in the plants, for example, and to be able to compensate for this light that is coming right here. And here we also have a satisfactory result, as you can see now. The main work cameras, one that you can use as a macro. Also, you can use this camera here with the macro and that it is cool, but what I want to say to you is that there is a link in the description of the video below you.

Click the link I put and you will see all these photos and others that I will still take. Ok, guys I'll put this one folder there and you can draw your own conclusions there. Sometimes you understand a lot more than me that you will be able to draw your own conclusions there. Looking at the original images, you can even download the files. Then you will be able to see everything right there, my sun, what this device can offer us ecer. Has he NFC and sneakers and has Samsung pay? Payment, wireless charging, wireless, reverse, charging, you can also load another device here has ip68 protection. It probably won't go wrong, right? If you can avoid getting wet too I can't avoid it.

It's better that it is video, but you understand that it is very cool today, very waterproof of true, so it is reliable and reliable of those diving in the pool there and taking some really cool pictures, making a little video down. At least I didn't find the FM radio app here, but that's it. People are super complete and the extremely complete device has its limitations, and that is, unfortunately, all smartphones will have their weak points right. There And, as you could see r, is a super competent device, but it is also not perfect So..

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