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Hello, friends, how are you all welcome to a new video, because this time we will see how to delete a google account of a galaxy used at 20? So I said that when many format their phone at the time to start to see what happens next to formatting food, to start with the language and all this, because in a few moments, steps beyond it asks them what it would be like to connect to a Wi-Fi network. We can see that there are no options to skip the step, so he asks that we connect to a Wi-Fi network. We forgot the password from the email, and we do not know that Google account that we synchronized to the phone completely. This is for you if you forgot the email address, password and all that. Remember that you, your Samsung Galaxy 20.

This is for these reasons that we will need to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Bone required a Wi-Fi network. Let's hope it waits a moment until it connects it comes out. Let's wait, let's wait a moment for it to connect to the Wi-Fi network, checking the amount What are you waiting when the quality of your Internet connection is improved? To continue then we're going to need a sim card, a card that isn't blocked and is blocked via pin. Ok, if those who don't understand how to lock their sim card.

Normally, the SIM card has only a line that meets a protected ping code Ok, if you don't know how to lock it with pin I'll leave you here for that go to another video, because I am sending you another video that was important, because this we are going to send that, what it would be like to block the sim card we are going to require, and we require it in many other videos to ensure that your life is not complicated. I am not going to leave anything more for you here in the description of this video, so you can go to another video, so you can see how to block your sim card with a pin code. It comes out once you have blocked it with the pin code. If not then put this for this video and go down to the link here.

Ok, once the Sim card is blocked, as I said, once you have blocked the pin code and everything, and once you have gone to the video and you have come back, it will be very easy. Everything like this from the beginning and remember that it will be connected to the Wi-Fi network. Now we are going to place the Sim Card Block by pin. Ok, the pin code is like a password so that they can not use and all this your chip, hale. We will place the chip because it is with a pin code and it will ask us to put that pin code and the phone will go to a type of menu like this one. In this case I put my code 1234 because those who do not understand me can go to the other video and see also very well, in my case, I put the password on the chip.

Ok, you must press the power button and the OK button comes out at the same time that Nextel is turned on the screen because they are on. We are going to test whether it works now that it is off, I am going to learn it very well if it works, if they do it at the same time, something like that is coming out, and here we will have a padlock coming out and now I am going to slide it to the side like this to the side because if we leave it down it comes out a bars and something like this and this this menu and here we will very well click on this option here. We give it to see everything, and here we are going to put it in recent and all perfect here we are going to look for the YouTube application here.

It is, we click there and here we put it in to see where we are I, think that is here and notifications in the application very well. If that and here is where everything in another treatment, historical playback interest is I think that it is about. If I'm not wrong about here, we put the product. I think that it comes out for a moment. We are already very ok here. I'm going to go back so that those of us who give it just to get youtube premium. This is ok water, youtube premium. If you hear a little person, also you will have an option like three dots, which is the same. We are going to terms and privacy policy here, we give you to accept and continue here and no thank you and that is fine.

The question is primarily to enter Google to this, which is the most important thing now from here on. Now what we are going to do is centered a page in the link here. We are going to write gsm prime dot online efe, Rp script, Android 9 and click the go button in the link or I am also going to put a requirement in the edition on the screen so that they do not get confused when they write selig it redirects us to this page in here we have options and we can also create it via Mediafire l' equipe, to make one of the ads and everything is perfect. This time we are going to download it by mega or, if you like, create it by Mediafire.

Only that we have to download the two applications that is, google account and ferb to the country just like this is down here the same to google as ante ferro and you pass perfect. We are going to download it by mega we give it click here Waiting for a moment for this to load and Here give you the option to download we wait for moment. This file weighs approximately 7.9 Megabytes because it is not very light. This occurs in some cases that it does not download by mega. Is that why I've decided to upload it in two parts: run it back then, let's download it via mediafire huggel account. We click on Continue to allow the download is of this coming out. I will close it with a cross here, and here we click on this type of file.

We have the accept option, although we wait a moment and now I am going to go back very well and now we are going to download the other application called bypass effect here. If you accept perfect, it is already retrieved. We first install google account configuration. We enable that and we go back very well and now we give you an option to install salts. This is why I have decided to upload it in two files, or you can load by Mega or mediafire that there is not a problem. We are going to open that application and we are going to start as a Google account and they give you a perfect April solution and we click on those three points here above to access the perfect browser that we give you to accept very well now. We are going to put a google account.

Well, here you are going to put a Google account that you know that you have, because a google account that exists is not a google account that has been synchronized on the computer, not that, but a Google account you have to know the email, the password so that it can be replaced by the previous one. Ok, so we have to put a google account there is that account that you use in Google Beach in the Beach Store? If you want to call it anything then email it. Think it's perfect since once you place your account, you give the option to access it here. OK now, if you are going to access and you will see that it closes automatically and it is very good-, do not think what system is everything? But if nothing else, let's wait for it to turn on and then learn to restart.

Remember that if the video serving you is working for you, do not forget to subscribe to the channel, activate the bell so that you do not miss any type of computer, video and all of that, well, these kinds of videos, or also some applications of some applications and everything you can subscribe also. It is serving well don't forget to leave your like below, leave your like with those who need it leave your comment that if it helped you you can and the main thing subscribe, don't forget to subscribe because repair or it had never been so cool. Now if they put it here, they ask us for the chip code again. Next How to see So I'm still connected to the Wi-Fi network, so there won't be any problem and we'll give it the next one.

Ok, let's wait a moment for this to load it's very simple! This may take a while, depending on the speed of your Internet, that you have at home - a little faster, a little slower. Now, if it's going a little slower in your music put this for the video wait to do it quietly story I don't know how long it is going to take to turn this little thing around. Let's wait a moment to see if this is not the complete truth. I don't know how much longer it is going to draw because here we wait another moment, so it's taking and it is taking its time.

I'm going to come back once this has finished loading because it takes a long time to load it up, I don't know how long it's going to take to cut it, kill the bill or what you were thinking of cutting it down? So, ok, here we then give that we left it as an add-on account. Obviously it is replaced by the new account that we created. Click on the option to not restore. We wait for a moment and this is about to end. We very well exhibited in the option to continue, We slide this until it is changed by the accept option, and here we also slide and who will accept perfect now, if the last touches according to the team, let's wait a moment if it takes your time and it's taken a long time here.

Ok, in the option there says "General Administration reset", and click here and this resets values Default Even this is the account we put a moment ago. I am putting the phone like new again, but already from its manual mode and the phone will be like new again and not everything we have installed all of it. The accounts we have submitted are going to go away. Everything has been deleted and all of it and the phone will be like new. We just have to wait for it to turn on, which basically takes about 34 minutes, I'm not sure if the phone is formed in manual mode, then I'm going to remember which video to not make it so long. It comes out now, yes I am going to cut it, because I do know that this will take time, then maybe just fine.

Let's wait I'll put up the time of how long it has been slow to turn off from this moment on, so I'll go back to see what is happening because I turn off the phone. My Friends I'll be back from this moment. Obviously that asks us every time we have to pay or that 124, which would be the same It lays We, the code, the password, obviously from the chip, and now yes, my friends. We will continue as well if you prefer, now you can remove the chip and there is no problem. Now you can remove it and forget the password and everything is perfect here. We are not connected to the Wi-Fi network because we have done just a format and all this and nothing else. We are not connected to the Wi-Fi network and we can now skip very well.

We wait a moment that it will load very fast, because it is not necessary to connect to the network. No. Although we wait a moment : ok, ok c. Risto is normally looking for updates because we find a SIM card and data is activated and normally it would be working, so for greater speed, I am going to remove the chip so that it no longer looks for updates and to make it a start. We will remove the SIM card because the SIM card is what you can look for all these things to which we will go back. We give you here in the next option to skip to install WiFi network and a moment and to more, as you saw no longer, it won't take long because there is nothing to search with, there are no more cards. The quick start continues faster here.

A moment will show and recommended applications will be displayed. If the card without this is much faster, but remember not to remove it before time. You can start downloading applications from your mobile phone. Yes, so you don't miss any other video and then I'll say goodbye, don't forget to share light with those who need it..

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