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Hi, assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, peace be upon you. Hopefully those who are sick get healed quickly, watching my video. Those who are on a long journey will arrive safely at their destination. The video is working, hopefully the sustenance will be added and expanded Amen and make it again watch my video. Up, stay healthy, always better to pass, watch my video and hopefully your neighbors will have good fortune,. May you be blessed with lots of sustenance and health is always different. Hopefully our brothers and sisters who are outside the planet are okay. Hopefully our brothers and sisters who are neighbors of the Milky Way galaxy are okay. Our alien neighbors are out there outside.

The Milky Way galaxy is fine, healthy, always blessed with sustenance and Hopefully all creatures in this universe, only blackback and hopefully all of them all for our unseen neighbors who are all well in the bunian nature of pedayangan. Hopefully the neighbors, our neighbors, our brothers and sisters. I have me again, I come to me, I, I, Pia, again, fine and may all sustenance be given to him and may his neighbors be magical. I have neighbors, yes, I have kingdoms... sit down, the occupation has sat and sat on the chair and the chair is fine, and hopefully the chair will be fine too, and hopefully the one who found the word. Now, in this video I want to anbox an item, it's been a long time, so I'm not unboxing it again, Mister Sir, it's fresh.

When you see it, here I'm still lazy to return this, it was sent from GNC Express, right? The content is in the mystery box. It's a bag, so streaming box installer is really a brain, right? This is a letterlijk Boss box. I bought this because I was not really interested in it, I just wanted to be stupid. BBM, my audience, bro, just. Samsung Galaxy Y, Hi again, the promo didn't reach Rp. See a photo of the advert, but the ad has been removed. It's been so long on traditional goods here until the clan has been signed by you. Sorry, it's in the room, so Alright now, let's anbox with around Rp. 100 gamble capital forgot songs like 20,000 30,000 Okay, under Rp. 100, a warehouse cleaning promo that says Samsung Galaxy Y is superfresh and easy to act on.

These Unboxing files can Reebok. What's in it, And sir, here Rili Rili, balls, l, Librax from cardboard, aka cardboard, it's thin, by curiosity. It doesn't reach 100,000, so tens of thousands of prayers get a box box and usually just plasticised. I got a ginger bracelet from yesterday and we immediately set it Hi Well. Okay I know you are lazy to read this minimize So. If you forget Jake since five years, I'm reading this sorry for those who haven't been lucky, please send a number to participate in the redraw and please give feedback San HP that you want Give a 5 star rating. If at the time of the draw there is no review, your name is declared forfeited.

The redraw every 28 June there is an agent lottery, yes., making content, yes, to fool the audience, I can't joke, now I'm sure it's my audience or whoever it is Yunus, my special video I mean I or the audience or the chain that suddenly clicks on this video I'm sure I already know the mystery of the mystery box. There's a box, bro, whose name is a seller, look for it. I don't use this, ma'am, I'm still more human, I love people, because if you get the axle quickly, you get rich, eh, the cable can be like Those wallets are still used, I give them content, I give them to pious people who need it more in the form of a flashlight package, Even though what am I doing and this video is just anboxing, they say the Samsung Galaxy, which got the Supreme Roll Bag.

You know more about the Mystery Box concept. It's been like this from the start, bro and actually my audience is smart. I'm a fool, I want to see the one who cleans, cleans, watches, but actually I'm stupid, I'm still buying this, right, but I'll come back. If it's not because of the convention actually, it's okay, I'm lazy to buy a gym that I swear. It's still early, I like mysteries mystery at and thank you Bro, for watching until the end of the ad, This is good news for you whose iPhone has a dead battery. The drop is really wasteful. Sari has charged how many times, so hurry up in the online shop, I can buy iPhone batteries. If I use batteries at the store, it's no different, it's more loyal, iPhone batteries have a 100 day guarantee.

If you usually buy batteries online, the guarantee is only three days. 7 days, but in my online shop it is 100 days and if you usually buy a battery at another store, there is a seal. If you forget the battery, if you glue the battery on your iPhone, I can't claim it anymore because everything is broken, but in my shop the battery doesn't use a seal before free to use. Basically, the 100 day body warranty is available for many series starting from the most ancient iPhone, my iPhone 4S. There will also be an Esa iPhone, which is a rare item that is very difficult to patch until the iPhone is famous everything. Is there So for those of you who want to change the battery already feel Hi? The link is in the description at b Wow.

This video is specifically for buying the battery directly..

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