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Hello hello, everyone welcome to my second channel and in this video we are going to take a Samsung Galaxy A5 332, vc, yes. It's just a shame because explorer was a dummy, install the extract file, it's corrupt, the video is gone. If you use SF or Jamstar Premium it can still not be backed up, so we have to record a bone, okay? So I ordered this from an official Samsung store. Here we are on the channel that is Aditya notebook. It's clear from the Samsung Official Store S Mister warehousing complex [ music ], Hi Angela, SGP Now. This is the cellphone itself, sorry, I just plugged it back into the juice. The original was removed yesterday from OK. So let's open the cellphone, Bismillah.

It's already gone It's been like that since yesterday, it's just like this, it's okay, it's not just this afternoon, now, we're opening it. I'm afraid that with Roshan boxing it will be damaged because the original English is really crushed. Casan sagato, the teacher's way, can't be separated from the outside and Jason's charger whose size is 15, watts, verse, 15, 9 volts. We don't know the government, we will try it, then the police are related. Is it true that it is 15 Watt 9volt times 1.60 7amperes, 91.6ty, seven Oh? The test is successful or not it is out of time about two hours and 40 minutes. The original was 60 and it was torn yesterday because I don't know how to open the case.

If there is a fingerprint, because I already used it, let's open it, let's try it Hah batnun Here is the start screen for Kirby Knox h, ai hi, we're waiting for it to load, it's taking a long time, but this cellphone is taking a long time. It hasn't been a new cellphone until it's been a long time. Now it's directly Wibowo Oops, sorry, sorry, because I have already set this, I've already skipped sorry. Let's start with this phone, the character for those of you who want to know. He knows the senior views, seniorious, note. The point is, know from anime you like. Wow, Hayo, shop. Sleding itself is good for YouTube. Line some games for benchmarking tests and also applications for editing. 60 gigabytes still left around 83-103. Well, eh 180, some later I forgot the specifications.

Yes, that means there are still 100 gigabytes left. Please use 28 Yes, it's still 100 gigabytes and the ram is using 2 Giga Hi Well. Isn't it going to load Sis? There are substitutes for FF and pubg because I don't think that and I'm afraid to wait for memory and innovation Sorry. Let's just start playing the game. Now, that is, we try from so and so, the most recent, Where. Is there Oh yeah, I forgot Let's Popcorn, just a tester. Let's start with my class absence: number. [Music] Hey, just like this, so it's clear, Hi, Mbak, Hi, Hi, CR7, [Applause], Oh, yeah. Sorry if the characters are still short, ikit because I'm a really newbie hi, oh yeah, I turned on the screen recorder too. Hi nah, make your own product.

You can rate the stairs, slow, but I! Okay, the settings are graphic [Music] Hi,. This can be said to be average, just Aegyo vinken. I did this motion blur in the oven, but on average all the highest heights are right. The writing is too heavy for control. Hi Nah Later, the others don't have to be opened because it is not important Baduy. The button is blocking now, we are Steve from here at dusk. If you don't know how to boot, because I'm also playing for the first time and the Wiki tea is out and about OK Mun Can't, you see the discriminant Gosh, because the focus on the HP isn't sloppy? Hey, honey, online set,. Hey, correct the floor of marriage? Don't [music] hi okay tomorrow, there's only one flickering fashion, it's still good to play original Hey.

If it's old from playing Hey pick it up. Let's take the design water first. It's beautiful, just like Minecraft. or there's a charge on your face. Wo are you the enemy, wae kowe Rene Hi, can't it, there is still a seal, yes. This game can be leveled right with gasoline impact, and this I don't have a sensor, there is no temperature gauge, but just keep it warm, sure it's the sun Let's go first with some fruit. Let's try going to a busy place. Let's try a busy place, I forgot, Hi, Tri, Nur Leggings already know how many FPS this gets, but no Lex, ok, nah, [Music] Let's! Try it for a lot of people. Let's raise it to Ultra hi, it's weird. The density of people is already high Jose, but there is no meat at all. We want to go upstairs, it does not matter, it is not a problem.

The uncle, hi hi [Music] Hi, hehehe, dragon, dawet, How, sorry, Oh yeah! Now let's find a seat for me first so that when you come back, you won't have to sit down. Let's try to move to another game. There's no Speedy, aka, no speak no songs., Korea Hi and there's something unique about this Geisha game, Where is the great setting skin Hey app? Let's try to find the name: geunshin empek Nike, yak, 15.30 giga.. Where have you been for three hours? Where's this one?, the screen recording, is still running for about 10 minutes. We play the game and the battery is rice, 47, 47, Hi, presenter 8, The brightness is at this time, don't disturb it. It's active Hi, here, promotions for Teclast, I'm tired, I'm at 20-30. It's only yesterday, it is true, one day was born.

I also have Titanic and Slayer, so skip this. Let's try the graphics, settings. Let's get free, treatment. Come, on, performance or medium three here, Mr. Mu, it's high! It's not supported by the device, Oh, my gosh, it's 30fps! It's gasoline, impact, lol, hi, hi, mengh argai. This can't be high, lo, it is not supported by devices Hi, and here it's also original if I'm honest I often trade, Kumala, Ngaglik robots. Only the sound from the mic I caught Hi, I'm using it, but you can see on the screen recording, not in the video Hey. Maybe I'll make a video Hi, it's hard to find friends, it's hard to volunteer Hey. Oh no, no crying, already Hey card code, Hello, yo wes, didn't insert the card at all Hey.

Hey yup, can we not first restart the cellphone, boss, Yu? Let's open this section, let's first check how many people are used a 2,7 9. It's open, Hey, that game was made earlier These warbots, Did you check the Sonic Boom effect Hey? Let's go straight to the battle so that it won't be long before it is still good to hold, just to be honest, Sir, the heat of God, the back on the front, maybe the same as the Oppo A5S. The lcd is getting low and hot. How come you can't get it, friends, hi, tan. Well, finally, hi, check out my comic here. Now we have our hands playing a deadly duel between teams. Use, the weirdest robot, not really, but to get rid of ants pushes that until it's real oh, this is Hi use, Th under, asking to run away, but loyal.

If there's a sworn enemy on the wrong server, let's just go now, let's go! Where is this tea stray where people are. The focus is hard, yes, my life. Let's fill it first, Hey, smart and platinum. My energy is already a little double kill The Hai ndabul. Let's wait until the titan is full. Can we stop the triple kill switch, illegitimate children don't be too right, left, front and back in groups, ah. You can also use Thunder, Ah, don't destroy it. Now we have to be patient until the titan is finished. I use the long-range attack type. The titan isn't finished, we are not finished, I ran away, my father was destroyed, so I couldn't go outside later Yes. There is a connection: I dare to be friends with him, Hey, it's hidden behind the concrete.

Let's wait until the fish I know: Hi uchwah, luxury, duh Nella I've only got a little bit left Okay, the dust can't join, I have to run away. Hopefully Jam Gadang and Ginger will be destroyed this week. Sorry, wrong place to stand OK later. Titan horse is safe, so we will attack now. What, we silently attacked this horse, nateeton is ready, Oh, don't crash! Please help, right? Our Titan is full. We destroy it first from the small at 07.00. The big one is hidden because it seems my friend died. Why does Gom need to drip, two, three, we become vegetables. If I press the wrong button, OK, but aw, it's true, the ton that wasn't us. It is hard to get it, it is just a little related, let's pray. It's fried right now: Hi Nida galasin.

No one has responded to the state wedding - skating - goulding, which one was more destroyed. The army also did not manage to hide Nature already finished. The container is still there little robot, not afraid of demons. Three: We try to clean sagada cool at that time joined the Malaysian one, but accidentally krik out of luck, yes. Unfortunately, this has our ID ridges for the purpose of 669. There are no leggings, because we did not get together earlier, I'm gathering, but actually. If you play this, the wifi suddenly lags, that is usually how it is, but thank God. It turns out that Dede has a very low battery. Drop, has played a heavy game, yes, for about 2030 minutes straight Okay, Now let's try something else, that is, we open the YouTube mix. Hey, let's open it.

Hey you, a kind master, for those who ask how much the editing specs have arrived. This is 8060 vs Samsung, A3 2xxxx decides that we can also record MB QHD, and this is unique. This is TFT service on the bag, but we try to open YouTube, for example. Try the Animated Text key, Let's try to find the fork yes, yes. You can hear the sound, how about it, I'll give you two slides, maybe I'll be the first from this, Om ivory has a copyright, so I'm closing the sound. Story coven, remember recently getting Fed Edition, The default is now the lowest quality. Let's try to check the quality. If I'm not mistaken, swim, 7-20, click Come on, It can be for UK, even though the 60fps LCD fork itself is only HD +, but it can be forkey..

How funny is that? Yes, Versace is good to see and the quality is like orbit. If you look at it with your eyes, it is normal, the value is clear only on this camera. This one looks like Reginleiv is really smooth, even though this is a credit storm for anime or Noko. Has ever been a coindesk relationship, don't take care of your kids ir philitas support guide about cellphones Let's. Try the maintenance, Hey friends, 99, now akb49 giga is used. It turns out that the ship's e-performance seems to be no longer there for video, from 128. I'll record it in the hallway and assure Oh yeah, unfortunately. This unfortunate camera is an AC ant. Let's try checking Pro mode. It can't be manually pulled, OK, the back, Hi, now. The effect for lightrail is also needed.

Thank you very much for those of you who have watched the video this time for the review of the Samsung Galaxy A3 2, the e325 G Facebook itself, OK? It fits Hi, Yasmita, FC and this, even though it's been forgotten a lot, but still in use I like it Eh, well. This also has a stereo mic on the left and right. The speakers are mono, but there is an application that can run. The loudspeaker oil itself is used for the speakers. Maybe thank you so much for those who have watched and thank you also for those of you who have taken your time to watch this video Thank you very much and wassalamu'alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh, don't forget to like and share, okay, subscribe, okay, bye. For now, we can really follow the words people say: yes. Many say this: HP is real grade.

This isn't good, they say, yes, but in reality it is running smoothly. Even the average memory is wide. If you are not used to the amulet it is really good to use, it is suitable for original editing. In the problem, so it's worth it for you to buy it, even though it's really enough in the long run..

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