Samsung just presented the new Galaxy S 22 line that we already have here, the Loop Infinito on the bench, a unit from the s22 Ultra sealed for us to do that unboxing and they also commented on the possible costs of it here in Brazil. So. Here we go [ Music ] and as you can see the Galaxy S 22 Ultra Box is very similar to the Galaxy S 21 Box from last year and we still have a small compact box that indicates that we don't have a charger inside this continues but at least in the case of Samsung here in Brazil when it is launched, you can ask for the charger up to 30 days after the purchase So up to 30 days that the staff asked I, don't remember the one that was omitted when it doesn't have to be It does not need to be 30 days, so that purchasing already enters the site.

Ask for your charger and everything is ok and speaking of its launch in Brazil. The exact date is and what the prices will be - because there is an event for the fifteenth and we'll even have video here on the channel. So stay tuned for more news but you already have an eye there's one! We have already price leaks, so before I open it and take it out of the box here. I want to show you and then Rodrigo Portela sent me this image that, according to him, in the screen of the crazy Vick.

This internal information from Samsung is in this table and we can see the Galaxy seed two with 128gb coming from 6 thousand reais use22 Plus coming from 76 reais, and this model that I have here today on the bench use22 Ultra, with 256 GB of storage coming from 9 thousand five hundred reais and the model with 512 GB of storage would arrive and 10 thousand five hundred reais. In this unreleased table about RAM - memory - we don't have any information. We will have to wait for the launch here in Brazil, but at least in the case of the other line I think that only one model of this 22 Plus is actually different in price, but in the case of the other line, exactly the same prices as the s21 another one here in Brazil last year.

It is cheap I understand, it is not too expensive on the cell phone for 10 thousand reais. Think you not based this model that we have the certificate here, made in Korea where Junior nannetti has gone to get his first Galaxy - fold? Imagine it is the version with Snapdragon that the big news for us here in Brazil is I was using exact dragon 8g Num although some benchmarks are leaking the Ex 2200mah, a m d, r DNA two seems to be outperforming Snapdragon. So let's go to the unboxing there 12 It's open to talk, Oh And, then look at me, Galaxy Note, which means not a right night. The Galaxy S 22 another one that officially killed the note line and took over there with the SP integrated pen in the integrated.

Don't let me take it out here: it's really a smartphone from the night line boy, how beautiful these cameras and I liked it I 'll show you guys what else we have the box, that is, the booklet. Zinho is made from cardboard here with the USB, type-c cable and the tool to take the operator chip drawer out here we have the cable Take it out. Here you can see here to see black USB - Type c - cable, no secret, there Hi- and this little piece of paper also in the information about the contents of the package, instructions and regulations here. It's not a manual, it's just a little piece of paper here with some basic information and the charger.

If you want to ask for it, if you want don't stay r$ 10000, the cell phone, you have to ask for the charger for Samsung in Brazil the headphones or when I cry but get smart, because in pre-sales they always do some promotions here in Brazil, giving some products they have already given a watch. They already gave headphones, so it may soften a little, the stab of this higher price. It's a box on the Top of the Line Cell Phone today, right? The plug charger comes with a USB cable out. Earphone comes in with AV cable to connect with the TV. Mein first impression when I take it here in the video that it is big and heavy after. The version with the millimeter wave has a lighter antenna, 129 grams, so it is heavy But.

It has a nice grip, a nice grip strong and the design draws attention, right because it is curved on the sides. The bottom part is not because of ESPN but upside down : I think it stays there And there it is, but I. This spine is still there for the cameras, but on the other line no longer has it. Just have the cameras jumped straight in the back that around the edges. It got a little fatter, there is a 5,000 milliamps hour battery. The wonderful kiosk for me could get fatter, leave everything smooth and add more Battery, I. One I think would have a great deal of problems with this design choice, but it was really cool here. The three main routes are : There is one more tele camera And. On the back in terms of design there is not much to say right; we have the crossed sides.

Advertise It can be seen that but we have one that looks like a button, but it is just the contour of the millimeter-wave antenna. You can n 't leave it inside the body of the smartphone, so that s what this is marking on the side. We also have power sliders power, button below USB, type c, connector speakers, microphone, the s pen, the drawer for the carrier, chips Remembering that this model is dual - chip. There is nothing right there ; just a microphone and a detail on the finish that is very beautiful. So, in terms of design, that's Lesbian Kids, as I said earlier, but it has very solid structure in it. The aluminum frame with this finish is good here on the back. It gets fingerprints, so yeah the same situation with my own iPhone 13, and let's connect it here.

I'll put it here in Portuguese that you have asked will work right here. Portuguese start I'm going to do the initial configuration here quickly so we can continue. The video I agree with everything beauty, preparing your Smartphone and then here on this screen, you can see the dimensions and the size of this one Super AMOLED 2 x, screen with 6.8 inches of 1440p resolution. So this kid's screen is a big big screen with front camera here at 40 Megapixels F 2.2 by the hole in front. Try not to forget, like I did the other day on live And then we have the Ultrasonic fingerprint reader here under the screen. We are the home screen of the Galaxy S 22 Ultra, and it comes with Android 12 running the One-Weight Four.

We have a nice experience where that thing I talked about in the Pixel video in which you m pull twice to reach all the controls, but hashtags. The donkey later told me that just pull here with two fingers that everything is not very intuitive I did not know that I apologize there, but there is that option too. We have Samsung customizations like here, quick access and apps for you to put side by side in multitasking and several software resources improvements, including shortcuts for S pen for pens. It has a little button here it is more accurate with the latency there, 2.8 thousand and seconds, right? There will be another video about this science of use, but I want to know more about this model I received about internal specifications here.

Does it have Argan Snap I, tonight include shares delivery. By the way, none, I want to make it clear to my co-workers which one I did not steal and this chip from the event. Ok, I asked for it and they gave it from a Brazilian girl to me. There you made some cool videos and you have your feathers. It is not inside your phone ensure if each one is in a very safe place. I really like this type of message, because this is for me that it is idiot proof to stay, so that you don't lose the pen, wait for you! I noticed a number of things and some of the features there that were worth commenting on. It is worth mentioning that it comes in Full HD Plus to save battery life.

If you want, you can put it there in the highest resolution but as soon as it is HD Plus for me I don't see any defect, so the battery guys battery important but I'm going to wash it I found it here, Uai 1064 for us to take a look at the technical specifications and here in the system we see that the radio is what is right what is wrong. Ah, it's written that or what is good so I have to go or Snapdragon 801 in this unit here And. So this might be one of the options that will come to Brazil right, 10 Gigas of RAM, 256 and storage. Considering that s22 Ultra goes up to 12 GB of RAM in this generation.

Here, technical information, about this chip that has four cores of energy efficiency running at almost the giga-hertz, three cores of efficiency running at 2.5 Garrett and a high-efficiency core that reaches three giga-hertz gives us 88 that had dropped to 2.8. It's now back to 3 drawers offering more performance, right? The GPU is the 730 drain that we have here also and you'll see some more details here or information about the screen that has more than the network. The network has an interesting thing: it supports the protocol with six, so not only with 6, but also with 6. The geek bent here for us here is some information that we have here is also a summary of the information on the cores and when we come here in the GPU part, there is also the Adreno 730 here indicated:.

These are the technical specifications of the model mentioned earlier. We are in a situation where some preliminary benchmarks around comparing the ex2200 with Snapdragon 801 are showing that the AMD GPU has a certain advantage of 25 to 50 percent, depending on the test. In addition to the support from Racing which is a nice resource I think, but it's Perfumery right How many games will withstand the stress on Android I? Don't know if the customer is in taxi I don't know, let's see that perhaps when we finally have Brazil the line, maybe that the seeds 2 ROM Snapdragon has an advantage over us, but I'll not either let's, see how it goes, right, Hi guys, it is happening this month and then we'll see what is going to come out from people's use.

But speaking of preliminary benchmark, let's do a preliminary benchmark since I'm Kong, which lies here in my hand, let's run the mind link on the Snapdragon 8g in a place there that is 22 Ultra, and also here. Let's compare the right ones on the 888 with the example dragon 8g num and a quick test here on the link dente and iPhone too right. Let's run the benchmark there, you see the results and Andthen [Music] and How. Do you mean 888 finished before I understand its state? It will not be that it is running a benchmark on different versions of the system.

It does not really represent an advantage in everyday use, right, not necessarily that it will represent only the experience in everyday use, but I was surprised by the deluxe delivery result that didn't come out smaller than the 888s, A little above beauty, but multcor minor, strange, a delight, a benchmark to eliminate later I will give some more real tests of use and bring to you another one in the next video of the s22. Now that I pulled this feather here, look it showed me a small screen here with some of the functionalities we can work on, including suspended actions, right With the buttons that I think is one of the coolest things and controlling multimedia with the little button here on the sharpie.

Remembering that if you are out of the loop, it's a shame and it's not just styles, right, we have sensors here, right. Let's talk a little bit about cameras so that we can finish off this video right. We have a set with 4 cameras, Having already mentioned, the main Ultra-wide and two Dollar telephotos, I'm. Where are you going to take it there filming us here is 10 times optical with a slightly higher F right, 10 megapixels view is F 4.9, almost F 5.0 be very dark. You know full moon then I think it's going to happen very cool. Even if it is a test I want to do, there will be a full moon next week. Today is aloe crescent, full moon 5 days from now, so I think it is going there and there is also front camera there, which is 40 Megapixels, F2., 10 So.

It is these cameras of the Galaxy S 22, another one will be tested and bring some results for you, Danette will use this phone here and also a 40 days eq. He will take some cool photos on the trip. Another video with the experience of the cameras, because we have a lot of news in special night mode that is even better and I am. Then we look forward to testing it and bringing you a more complete video and a lot of people are saying Ah, it hasn't changed anything much other than people top of the line smartphone. It's small details, small improvements here I think, or the main thing about this product is that Galaxy Note is dead. This is the new Galaxy Note, so it already comes with the trailer. The one with the integrated SPM for the guys here is a fan of the note line.

It's really cool, that's because it is back with the new name, but they explain Galaxy right down and with the really cool camera there, so I think it's a nice product for the price here in Brazil if. It has to be very complete there in this unboxing. I already gave my first impressions, I can’t, right, I can just take it out of the box but I hope you enjoyed this content. Then I'll show you some of the photos from the benchmark contest..

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