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What is going on guys welcome to gregor's tv daily rewind is where we go back and take the last seven days of tech news videos and put them in one video, for you guys and this week was chock full of galaxy s22 series of news.

We also have information about the s21 fan edition and the price for that phone and specs, as well as a new tri-fold galaxy z fold that could come out as well this week and we'll see you in the next one first story of the day is about the galaxy s21 fan edition, their mid-tier premium tier type phone and when it is going to be launched because that date has been pushed up which, for you might be super exciting, hasn't been pushed up a to At least per this tweet from john prosser, I hear that the announcement for the s21 fan edition has been moved to Monday 3rd January at 6 pm.

If you are looking at this nice phone, next up is the Galaxy s22, s22 plus and s22 ultra slash note because all three of these are gonna get a premium backing, meaning the back of it is gonna feel premium. I'm not bothered by plastic at all because it doesn't break it's lighter. I don't think it feels cheap, but with that said, what kind of premium backing could they use in all these, because it was rumors that the s22, maybe even the s22, plus we're not going to have this, and they were gonna use plastic we'll check this out. This is from the ice universe, saying that there is a def definite answer about the rear cover material of the s22 series. The s22 s22 plus and the s22 ultra are all again made of glass, you might absolutely love it, I'm whatever about.

Plastic won't just break if you drop it glass, you drop it on some kind of concrete there's a really high probability that that thing is going to break and you're gonna have to get it fixed or live with the ugliness of that shattered glass. I think in some people's eyes to know that if they get the 22, the 22 plus or the 22 ultra slash note that they're gonna have the same back on the phone and it's gonna feel premium in their hand regardless it's all about the Galaxy s22 ultra. If you remember yesterday we saw the exact color code of what the Galaxy s 22 Ultra Slash Note is going to look like in green and it looked amazing. We have the color code for that as well and what that is going to look like, and then we combine them and go the red versus the green.

So let's check this out again this information coming from our good friends over at Let's Go Digital and they have the galaxy s. 22 ultra on the market in this red color after the green model. Give an excellent first impression - and this is a tough call when I'm cycling through these photos and looking at this. I can't remember though, and then when you match it against the green, that's where we come in like a dude. I like that, and I know you also see the red s pen next to the red s22 ultra slash note and you can see that we'll obviously get those squared edges so that you get the note feel to this whole phone, but also in these just absolutely amazing, rich vibrant fun colors for the s20 challenger.

The only thing that I'm concerned about is that, like sure the phone is coming out in all these colors but watch america is gonna, get only like black, we'll be lucky to get anything about black or, like I don't know, I'm just. I know that I'm almost always disappointed by the color selection by samsung in terms of what I can personally get for the exact phone that I can get. It's always something that is slightly disappointing to me and I can't end up grabbing it. The first story of the day is about the Galaxy S22 ultra and the performance of this phone and it looks really nice with that new snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor, especially when you compare it to the snapdragon 888 and look at this guys.

This is about a tweet that ice universe has put out saying that using the s22 ultra snapdragon 8 gen 1 to play Gen Chen, which I don't play, but I know a lot of people do has significantly lower fever. If you are worried about heat issues with your phone, it looks like the s22 ultra if you get the snapdragon version of it, the hn1 will handle it much better. Also speaking about the galaxy s22 ultra camera, we're going to talk a little bit more about the camera as well, good news, no bad news here and with it we get that thanks to the enhancement of the s22 ultra's new 108 megapixel sensor, anti-shake focusing and light input. Its night tuning has made great progress.

If you like taking night photos, you should be much improved with the new Galaxy S22 ultra 108 megapixel sensor, but you can also think about that. If it's good with you know, lightest lighting, focusing and shaking you can also say, you could also assume. I guess that it will also have amazing performance with that during the daytime hours much better than it did in previous generations. That's another good thing you can see from this is coming from Ben Geskin.

He got his hands on an official s22, ultra and plus poster showing that the bronze color is back on the s22 ultra and then you see the white of the s22 plus and we can tell it's those two phones, because obviously we've seen the camera for the s22 ultra and then you see the squared edges for the s22 plus and the white color, but yeah very cool stuff to see all this stuff really pulling through. This comes from john prosser who says he is told that the dates for the s22 series have been moved. That was really supposed to be like the release date and now it looks like that's going to be the announcement date and then the availability aka release date is february 25th, citing a pretty significant supply chain issue as the reason for these delays uh and then to add on to that.

Snoopy tech said that the same goes for the Galaxy Tab, the production of the s8 series is very low or could be delayed even further. So unfortunately, these phones are going to be pushed back a few weeks from what we may have thought they were going to be, as most people won't even know it's going to be delayed, but it seems from what we've heard at one point in time. I can't get the phone, it's all good at the end of the day. I know I was and I was pretty excited about seeing this story and let's start with the most exciting and that's going to be the official galaxy tab. S8 ultra book cover keyboard and that's going to be 12 for about 250 bucks and that seems right in line with that.

S8 protective standing cover for about 40 bucks, the tab, s8 plus protective standing cover will be about 48 bucks, and then you also have the tab. S8 Ultra Protective Standing Cover for about 60 bucks and then the Tab lastly. No, we've heard it both ways and it looks like we finally get an answer due to some marketing materials that have been leaked uh to let's go digital and you can see it says: exclusive s22, ultra official press image, press image, s22 tells uh or falls into the hands of let's go digital official poster reveals the design and model name galaxy s, 22 ultra, and you can see right there the galaxy s 22 ultra, obviously the name u It was cut off and now we see that this is the exact full image of what to expect with this phone.

It would have been cool to throw the board note in there to kind of make people feel like they are getting official note replacement, but at the end of the day it does not really matter, especially if you can get all the same. Software and hardware features, as you did on previous note phones, but now in the s22 ultra first story of the day is about the Galaxy s, 22 and 22 plus and what that pink gold color is really going to look like because again we have the color code from the fine folks at Let's Go Digital showing off the pink gold of the s22 s22 plus it's fresh and light. The color is looking pretty sweet for the s22 series of phones so far.

Next up is a photo showing how small and how big the s22 is versus the s21 ultra now, when we check this out, this comes from Ice Universe and basically shows that he attached the protective film of the s22 to the s21 ultra and you could just see how much smaller the screen is on that s22 versus the s21 ultra, not really anything crazy about this kind of just wanted to show the size comparison, especially if you're thinking of even grabbing that That will be on the Galaxy s 22 ultra within the camera software that will make your photos look even better.

Now this information again comes from ice universe, says in the 108 megapixel mode of the s22 ultra a new button appears in the lower right corner of the page, which is the ai, also known as the artificial intelligence detail enhancement button. After opening it, your photos have more detail, color and brightness than the ordinary hundred and eight megapixels and you can see it's crosstalk like blacked out, but there is a button down there on the bottom right that will make your photos look even better. I will admit, though I generally don't switch to that 108 megapixel mode on my Galaxy phone. Her story today is about the fan edition of Galaxy s21, which should be announced and released in the first half of january 2022.

So you're basically looking at a couple weeks before we'll have it announced with that phone in your hand and you might want to know what the price is going to be well in America, it looks like the price is going to be 699 for the 128 gig version of the s21 fan edition, so not a bad price. With this remember it's kind of a snapdragon 88- it's gonna have, I think, eight gigs of ram, if I remember correctly, fast, storage, decent cameras, decent display, so not a bad deal for a decent phone. We might hear that might not come out for the near future, but it looks like it might actually come out as early as next year.

I mean bigger and better usually, hopefully, will make sense as time goes on, and our last story is actually something kind of cool we've seen this before, but they keep making these little displays that we can check out- and this is from the folks at Let's Go Digital showing off the galaxy tri fold with its rear sub, display pen, support triple rail, rear camera under panel camera. On the front in display fingerprint sensor and an hdmi connector, I mean that's pretty wild to see an hdmi connector on a phone, but ultimately it's kind of an interesting look at the future of potentially what we're going to see with the galaxy z fold line adding that tri-fold technology so that you can see more area of the screen. The under display fingerprint sensor, which I wish still is on the side.

I don't like the ones on the screen that much, the ones on the side are just so much better, but just cool stuff to look forward to in the near future. For the galaxy z, fold line thanks story of the day and only story of the day is about the black galaxy s22 ultra and we are seeing this in hand, and I can't tell if it's dummy versions. It might be dummies, but I kind of wanted to show this against the red and green and say hey. You know black squared off edge galaxy s22 ultra. I expect this phone to probably be in the higher storage amounts. Probably the only color if I had to take a wild guess based on what samsung has done in the past. If you want the extra storage, I guess you're probably going to end up getting this color of black, which does not look bad at all.

If I had it I would be like you know what that's kind of a dope looking color, but at the same time, when we look at this versus the red and green, you know, it's like Christmas, because we are on the holiday season of Christmas and you just compare that to the black, the red and the green. If I should not say in the past at any other time, I wanted the same thing. I want samsung to offer these phones in the higher storage amount so that we can get a phone with amazing storage, but also in a fun color. Which color would you choose the red, black or green, put it in the comments below, even if you are not going to pick up the phone? Just let me know which color you're going to get and we'll see which one wins at the end of the day.

With that said, let's jump into the q a portion of the video and drop that New York's finest. I take tons of pics and videos and I would hate for my phone to slow down due to storing a lot of things now, it shouldn't slow down due to storing a lot of things if you don't like to back things up to the cloud and then delete them after yeah 512. Ultimately, 256 should be enough if you back it up to the cloud and then delete it when you're done with it, but uh. You could also back it up to something external, but I like the cloud better, even if it cost me money for me, it's safer. If you don't really like to back up your stuff digitaldeath187 question, which bathroom are you filming in so right? I guess that's why I'm here doing the video here in this room, but yeah.

You guys a cool video plus I've been recording things at night. Tasha says: when do you think samsung is going to release the s22 fan edition? I think they should be released in september, but that means they're going to be two f a at two fe phones next year. I kind of think they're gonna start this new cycle with this probably at the end, but I mean that remains to be seen or maybe they won't ever release. Another fan, edition phone and last question of the day comes from tarpa tarpa pili industries is that price going to be a little bit different for trading the s21 plus to the s22 ultra?.

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