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[Music] Good Night Friends from stands are welcome to this social change. Figueroa and as you can see today, I am accompanied by michelle cruz and chepe valladares and we are celebrating, ladies and gentlemen, because we are welcoming you to the official online store for Samsung Guatemala, and today we are going to do a live shop, that is to say a virtual store in which you are going to be able to have a lot of fun to make purchases with incredible and exclusive offers, and we are also today to see for the roles for I only have my cell phone the good stuff and the freestyle and my watch, and today there is only one verse and samsung lover.

There are many surprises and, as I said to sell tonight, it will be full of surprises of samsung products that you are going to be left with your mouth open and pay. I am a lover because when samsung enters you stay forever. You fall in love, so many surprises tonight here with us in this live show that you can not wait. So we go from the aunt said the grandmother to everyone who has today 36 installments to be able to buy your things and also free shipping to everything in Guatemala. You can get six installments of your debit and credit cards from selected banks to make purchases as during this period because it is not just any like. The official Samsung online store for Guatemala for all of you, so they are the ones with free shipping.

It is now only the capital for all Matemalas guatemala until the door of your house. But what excites me about this life is that we will not only be able to buy, but we will be able to know all the products thoroughly fall in love with the products and today I am going to explain why I have to explain. He is an expert in all Samsung products in all the companies he brings to us. Like my name, waiting for a show, I am an expert in Samsung and today vicente I want to tell you about the newest and most incredible things that we are launching with our galaxy devices.

As you can see here, we have our new devices from the East 22 series with our East 22 plus and our 22, in which you can find them, are cameras on the market and, as you can see here, we are innovating with a new technology called light or graphic that comes to you when I mention the mind right now, I don't know how I can take photos in the dark at night. Maybe it is, and it is exactly that now with our new galaxy s, 22 devices incorporating night or graph technology, and you won't miss a single moment and no detail even in dimly lit places if I am in a dinner and it's dark and I want my ceut with my boyfriend.

The delay is even in places of low light and as I say all this is possible thanks to our much larger sensors and you will be able to enjoy the best technology in your hand. What more surprises it brings us notice that not only will you be able to take the best photographs from your main camera or from your end, but also we will be able to expand our panorama. Normally we go out on Fridays Well, we're going to party or suddenly we're at a concert to see what happens. We can't appreciate this type of scenario because the light is dark. Thanks to the graphic habit, you are going to be able to enjoy the best of your concert, the best of your party, the best of your family scene or even those unforgettable moments so that they are always in the palmette more.

What brandon is coming to this side of the set I want to tell you something incredible that you are going to like very much to all of you and it is that people who buy their Samsung Galaxy S 22 or their Samsung Galaxy S. Videos will get a coupon for their next purchase. That is incredible because it is even better than the one they are lending for the launch of this product. It I wanted anything in the official Samsung online store for guatemala. Washer dryer, because samsung also has a spectacular white line and well, I'll take advantage of the fact that something of mine has already arrived.

You wanted to talk about the dates that this product has, of course, yes to Blair and to continue talking about the cameras, I want to tell you that thanks to our night or graphic technology, just like the background, we now have to be able to have light backgrounds in which you are going to be able to take all the fis you want without any kind of glare. That seems like the proto to do this with any other visual and fattal phone and shane kill the right one. Then samsung is your best option to take your selfie anywhere and what is even better, not only nte. We are camera and selfie, and if you don't you will be able to capture videos with our new, totally improved stabilizer which will allow you not to have those bounces or those sudden movements.

It has not happened to you that when you go in the car to your favorite song and you go on these and suddenly you see everything here, right? Then, after a trip or something later, it moves correctly with the camera. Even if you are on the move with our new super, which is 52 percent more stable, imagine you will even be able to run. Do this type of movement and in no instance will you feel those bad breakouts or those bad violent movements for the luxury of exercising I'm running like a fairly standard video. I don't know, look like this third gross, correct and well, let's see what you think of all these great features.

Brandon, I love them and I'm sure people will g There are many more so I propose you to do a trivia so that people move in attention to all of you friends, because if you want to win a Samsung galaxy, s2 lost.

What is the name of the three products that we are launching today in the official online store for guatemala, of samsung, encourage and be very attentive, do not disconnect, because through the chat we are going to announce the winner from a samsung galaxy s, plus thanks to our friends from samsung guatemala talking about technology and in what you are still there and commenting I tell you that the one whose hands itch to learn more about these products Thank you very much, let's see and now I'm the one who has to ask because I have several doubts, but first I want to remind you of today's promotion. If you buy on 22nd on 22nd, you will get a coupon for 1,600 quetzales on your second purchase.

If you choose to give something as a gift, it is not the bride to her mother because you have to give away the nice things you are going to get 1600 quetzales today, and let me also tell you that you have 36 installments. Now it turns out what happens to me is that when I play on my phone I take pictures of the battery, let me tell you that this is not going to happen again because thanks to our incredible batteries now integrated into our 22 series, you will have 4500 milliamps in your 22 plus and 3 thousand 700 milliamps in your 22. The end is to create streaming content play and everything that you want at all times go and tell me that I play a lot of time this week, number for the game.

Note that this will not be possible from our 22 thanks to the fact that we are now integrating the new and unique 4 nanometer processor, this is going to stay worked and it will not work at all. This new processor is the most powerful and the only one created in 4 nanometers that will allow you to develop your games to the third dimension, and you know that you realized everything we did with michel before. All the part of the photography is thanks to this new incredible processor of four beautiful. The truth is very good, but let me tell you that now thanks to our new totally innovative design, that is it directly connects to fashion to us true generation z that is today creating all kinds of content that we like to always be on top of fashion and everything else.

We are going to integrate additional resistance on the screen and on the back gorilla glass, victus, plus that is, phones will no longer be like cracks. Let me tell you that they are going to be much more resistant to scratches. And on the subject of slight falls, right? Let me tell you that many times you need past, but if you go on the street, suddenly you are in broad daylight. You turn on your cell phone and the screen is off numbers. Special is that the night continues to have many surprises thanks to samsung. Obviously we have a night of surprises o we don't have other products exclusively through like they are today. We are launching in this, which is the official Samsung online store for Guatemala, which is michelle.

If you buy this new tablet today in the live show through the store, we are going to give you a cover so that you are not watered or anything, but it is a green game with keyboard. Logically, this turns your Samsung Galaxy tab. Es 8 hide in a computer dora in the backpack in the purse. You can take it to any side of the screen and make sure that the page for you is appearing. The best friend of the boyfriend sends you to connect to take advantage of this promotion. Well then, in the purchase of your Samsung Galaxy Tab, the keyboard that is this keyboard cover that normally has an additional cost, but totally free for you, friends online for warner.

So what would you think right now if I told you that all the content of your mobile device will be able to use it directly on this large screen of our galaxytab 2000 or better? Since thanks to its incredible screen, we will be able to obtain the best streaming content. We will be able to use our are fully embedded so that you can make your edits so that you can draw, have fun, make any type of document from your tablet so that you can use it at work or anywhere, and this definitely helps us as with so many things, We are going to be able to create what everyone wants to do today is that we are going to be able to do it in a large battery 11,200,000 years.

We are really going to be able to overuse our tablet to be able to get the most out of it, as we all say here about what is most important because in the end I think everyone in this at the moment. It is a Guatemalan product, now if they take advantage of it because they have kan to he tried yesterday with a keyboard and a separate microsoft license with his Samsung galaxy s2 the 1,600 coupon for a purchase, you can even use street. They are still connected, free shipping of acid to Guatemala and ask if they know there are limited units I am not going to repair them either, because this is a raffle that you cannot miss. The person who follows is an incredible device and I really envy guys.

Let me tell you that with your freestyle game you will be able to use your computer as a laptop wherever you go to be able to find all its scream content in that if I want to see the perfect movie at night, we project on the ceiling and watch our favorite movie or if suddenly you are in the office. Imagine that you have to open your excel document, only transfer content from your device to your freestyle and these projects, that's how the feeling is, because we don 't want this to the atheist.

The party is: what are the two prizes, the gifts that they get in the purchase of their Samsung Galaxy Tab? Comment: What are the two prizes that they get the two gifts that are on their list in the purchase of their new tablets? Samsung Galaxy Tab is 8 ultra and the person who commented that I'm not correct that you come out a happy winner of this draw. Maybe you are asking there well, I might have won, but as I find out, you don't worry because you have to stay connected until the end of this transmission, because all our Samson team will be pending and it will notify our winner as the winner. So we are going to see what happens in this draw and you are still connected here in the assignment of samsung well, and we are going to you at the end of this incredible night.

We want to thank samsung for taking us into consideration for this special night and well, You signed up for this live broadcast, I invite you to visit us aground because you can have the interactive experience of samsung here in the Plaza de la Bandera, with all the spectacular that you saw during the transition good and don't forget the super promotions. 36 installments, without interest with selected cards, many selected and free shipping anywhere in Guatemala so take advantage. Take advantage so take advantage, buy and take advantage of the promotions and also look for them on the page and it has product promotions for you so you can't miss them. Let me tell you that we have to go I'm cool michelle cruz del figueroa and see you in the next [Music]..

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